Sunday, January 24, 2016

Where The Cent Is A Price To The Board Or Patrol Duh??

For a Thousand Years the words on the Chisel is the Wall of the desk script to Symbols of clue,
a Law Year to Thou Sand in the Granite of the subtle Nuisance is of the seat to speak Sea,
as that is a Wave to Past day on A Walls a Peel than the base of the rubble is Cobble groans??,
that being crumbled to the Whether or Weather??,
Piece EAN by Buy Price to a Platter of Math as the Pi??,
to Whom is the Lawyer pronounced Loy Your or is the Ink on Hancock a Toy let??

Described buy times multiplied through equals bigger than less than What is an Equation??,
should the worth of were thee that Inch to a foot Is Feat a chorus Once thunder??,
light kneeing a Skunk to sweater the Wool as sheep in the Pass chure is Milk??,
butter breaking the swirl of Jam to grape as the Wire in a board Dure deep lei??

So therefore to the Toads on the Sect shun Ole what is the Sew fa to the Music of loved??,
that is Nigh the quest chin from the Boarder of Price,
as Apples are not Oranges how ever in California??,
those fruit flies have Plagued the groves??,
the ground of the A Mond to the A Corn or is it Sir UP to sad dull of what can not not be found??.

Hour the drive to the Oregon cross Sing of Cal a for knee Ya to answer,
at the Toll booth a Man did Ask for the basque It to put to a tale the rice,
on the give know take for the bugs and the Festival as Food is Avocado to whom loves the sound!!

Should the cost of the Honey suck Ole whistle to the Thorn than now minute a Mexico shore,
for should the Roseburg Oregon deliver a grow Sir how does the department quarter to Meet??,
the compass from Too that register Receipt in My Mother's hand is an Old Timey stand??,
even on that Blackberry Can the Jar is of Kitchen home Made for a grand??,
dime to this Coin as theater to beast,
crossing with Maher A Wanna to knot Men shinned request From Bill is his Birthday off deep Tide to In vest,
for the hurt of Know Answer groves My Own steep its the X site Meant to speak to the goats on the Typed,

Remember The Fight Keck Key??

Does the Crowd just not Register,
did the Audience ignore,
how does John Oliver An sir the Fair??

For that is the given should My Mother declare,
turn over the Want as California deep Stairs to Supply and demand!!,
the understanding Makes price to the Law of the Land,
now what is Traffic should the Drive be of Canned??