Sunday, December 21, 2014

For The Love Of Blocks And Papa Finding "A"

HELLO! spoke with power ink ask the word of Loss,
about a Sparrow or wise oh dove does Wing flight,
chance to speak question spake source Wheel Balance,
shore sky so hi how is thine arc of Choice,
thou Creation smile cork a Bottle evolution sigh,
ground Place put Thee sound to depth of know the Plate!!

Swallow 'Crown' with Fire Frost cow Hollow,
prey upon meet in dust of freeze,
crunch crisis charge eclectic wrist an energy persists,
with apron-ribbon taped,
video of the shoe, face proceed, walk with true do not fail shell,
a body is a clue.

Court 5th port to Six degree A quarter creek,
shaking continents earth of loose will you shiver,
thee prime of plane to solar shy great change a feather flew,
reign storm sharp hail cuts no pore the fountain in this plu,
divide by ox sheer wool of sheep, blades have short discard,
but shall an order reach the sell the book will be [of spelt!!] a Tell.

By flower tree of budding bulb thy head shoulder,
which carriage is the harness Blind that Puff,
in cycle clay those champion of Mud, to dirt of Thought,
turn aside these feeble hides embrace the door of Ki!!

In Breathing Forrest exposure friend no Waist is left behind,
the mind to tend a grocer blend task upper to the Lie,
a spend at real thorough park to learn the pulsing pump,
ache bone on sage crank wisdom whir gears of label flough.

Travel spell these deed of worth, a Work to chain the mute,
in grass the wheat bale speech at tractor its a Speed, ALAS! oh belt of Ore I on Whilst thou favor dip,
shout from grape in vine my scout the liquor is a suite.

Journal once the Vine in Sign 'signal' of a Coot,
thus pigeon squab of chicken egg thy lay is crackled shoot,
ink skeet on walls of ancient lore directions score thy light,
Nor artificial, Nor artist, The Measure is the Crane, A Piper in A Fluke!!

Entity of spirits way does path of road anchor to vast roar,
grant simple thing to organ loop digestion inches jar,
the jug of tit touch milk of lit it is a candor bile,
in stance of rest the pitcher desk dippers are the falls,
up Rising with know human a resistance of the Stall.

Circle would the Wheel built with handlers in route,
shant not the clamber of the sync climb limber to a Die?

Of course the standard by the construct base listing to such Being,
no lean requires counter shed for Humans have the flu!!

In sickness forward Health of slight do Changers clique to Few,
oh dear to small with pebble pore the blood is not of stone.

The flesh of sand is granule and sugar marks the best,
a pastel of lives in mile bye's, formation started loaned,
To Mill of second branch at feet, a walk tell running bare,
The Leaves to Ankle to The Shores did not Pass 'Gates' to Stair.

Upon the golden Platinum the pour of placing care,
compassion denied for mortals tore to hatred all the Core.

Discounting resolution lasp The People travel past,
but dimensions closed the Speed & Liars wore the keyed.

Scarred crates wipe subtle memory refusing to admit,
That with every each an Order Writ Traditional was lip
oral integration CROWD AROUND the lapping pit,
a curl of the picture scene look Watch to burl sit.

Perfect the 'Rings' in Shapes of Things,
the change, the drown, the soak,
How more in dilemma round must human broth Than R.I.P.!!

Tell 'The Method Logic Force' a birth is of Aloud,
outer Realm to Earth of Form, the Arms, the Legs, The Shroud;
these will Put "To Place" the Maat a Trunk Represent,
that spiritual is not the same as religions truck,
from Order to the 7th Leak 'An' 8th will 9 Talk 10,
Within 'The Number Back to Spine' 'The Vertebrae is Yuga'.