Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Farewell To A Friend, my last one.

I have lost a dear old soul in my life.  He died on July 11, 2012.  I just found out, on the phone, when I called to see how he was doing.   I feel empty and with no ability to fill such a void within my being.  This man's name was Don Garrett and his son was my best friend and confidant.

Don has known me from the time I was a very small child.  He would play the guitar and sing to Davy and I.  I lost Dave in the Nineties.  He took his own life.  I guess my loss will be his gain.  Father and Son reunited in the "Halls of Time."

Selfishly I cry and cannot find any comfort.  I scream in the silence of my mind to only know that they are gone and not to be known again in this life.

So I will grieve in the quiet of my home and know that there others walk this planet that I can enjoy and never experience any hurt from.   They strum their guitars and sing from their hearts the same way that Don used to play for me.  Here is to you, thank you.  You are bringing to me the memories of old, with your music today, so maybe I can heal.  I guess than I could say in all the honesty of this moment, "You make me feel a little less alone and I am very grateful for your existence on this planet today." 

This song reminds me of Don, I can hear him singing it to me should I have thought to ask in time, but I didn't.  I was told that he wrote me a letter before he died.  Supposedly it is on it's way in the mail.  I was given permission by his wife, that if I chose to, I could post it on my blog.  She said that he had given me a raving review.  I miss him to much, I'm in pain.

Rest in peace, I miss you!  Be my friend in the forever that I know is there.

Love always,