Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bud Wise Ore Is A Rink??

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as the Geological Time Scale puts to the Plates the Noun easily spoke In: A Wheel,
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in which of Craft thee Fossil of stand is At Pier a Midst dance call lean the Human brain,
function of thought to temper of pot is that the fertile eyes Ur will blast to the boned!!

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rinse to that understanding bury the clam Dig to the Oyster and muscle its Tone,
grip to the Pearl lead than dump Stir more Toll,
train to that Pedestrain 'till the Vent is the Lane!!

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mash the Poe tate Toes to crunch the gee dust on the shelves of Humanities flew,
chimney the lumber barrel that piece Puzzle the riddle and seal the tripe,
that is the stomach on the die jest Shin of land Mark King the base of the basically spanned,
rounds to the Fountain on this 1000 (Thousand Year) band Striking the symbol Speak of the canned!!

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echo this tunnel and beast this a brand, for being found out is like being dead alive!!

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well on the Revelations to accomplish the Fear breaking the bot Deed to wince on the stick,
travel the language to scalp of the Pole,
christians are stocking the beak on the stein!!

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is it the switch to stip. in the Lip or should the a pock a blank veal the cramed,
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sew remember Remember the idea of the slope Its a slip to the Skirt on the Hem mean of Spanned. 

Correlation chart .................... ...... position in the relative time scale of geology is difficult. ... *Magog slates; in his structural interpretation the Waits River was older.

The Grade Of Teeth Is The Land Ding??

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umbrella skull at the shoulder calling the wave to touch sound on the shell,
round the bent tack a foot camped chuck a deep duck.

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found twas the star on the sky to seal,
running boards showed it sum barrel,
this rinse of the pebble did lane.

Creeks Uphill to see,
waterfalls crashing what was the flame,
fire roared to be Teak,
people were the suck.

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noise to that build ding was a Threshold??,
Well back Inn the flake it snowed on the stop,
the rein beget a sort of scene,
told that a cloud treacle Sir UP to be on the ground.

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mouths of open See ports spelled lay goons,
the ghosts swore that the letter printed in the head,
just then on the spring bubbled owe ill and sprain,
steady said the arch was a Feat.

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how ever the flood of fedder and ditch to disk gusto to commerce,
in that the growth was the for EST yet Tea brought this bud,
strange in the Few chure Chores tongue spoke of simple notions and stains.

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geese flew with signs to begin the spelling of the speak,
won to three odd lead,
but the length of the fine just betters this land on the cold blast of Human air.