Sunday, June 30, 2013

Provided Tact Concise

To readdress a given test,
to live with freedom,
to actively being proactive.

The Constant,
an appeal to know change,
does not discount what remains,
present day play.

Forward Walking,
a step or a progressive movement,
inspires countenance,
to believe the heeding,
a collected tip.

The prose, the quench,
of a thirsty day,
provided sustenance,
without a trip.

The frame of what is heard,
of interest not a word,
years will speak,
a natural leak,
the time has come to leave.

The End,
 is Just....a Deed.

Knot Ready

the Key to Unlock Humanity,
without the certainty of the read.

Trust the Scene,

It is a need,
a sort of Deed.

In such devise,
the reach equals the sum,
to balance the measure,
in what is Rare.

Ability of the Pragmatist,
envelopes the charge,
to create "The Do,"
delivering the interest,
to think!!

An imprisoned mind,
will halt the cognitive find,
a collective divided into remission,
the principle article removing Viable,
to introduce doubt.

Based on a Calculated Response,
the effort will discount the try,
in more than what has been,
 and less than what will be.

Truth in Reason,
belongs to the meaning,
should Insight produce believing.

A sorted Innocence,
reveals a mounting dread,
when the principle of Self is undue.

The Mend,
is not the Heel,
as mistaken appendage could bring forward a reverse,
to send again,
as an excuse that has already been,
reinvented to gather rent.

The Pardon of Actionable facts,
distributes more in wrath,
than the commerce examines,
a radical task.

To give not to take,
still does not equate Receive as a faith,
in the days of tumultuous Wave.

The Tidal pool of a Seer,
teaming with the advantage of the tides,
to both Hide and Expose a given Life.

An extraordinary show,
to identify difference,
the Ebb and Flow,
the Under-Tow.

Swept out to See,
the beauty is the root of what will seed,
a question to answer,
the Deed with Know contract,
'Being' exact!!

The formal Evaluation,
to accept the situation,
lies in reality,
the pity in dues.

Reforming Formula,
the brake, the wall, or rein is not to stop,
but to restrain the impulse and know,
in difference of a collected result.

The impression of the Print,
an ink-filled dent,
is not to drink or to vent,
but to bring what is Sent,
a Messenger lend.

Written by Karen Anastasia Placek