Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Sound Of Loud

Too forge on,
to sing a song,
to take note to what became 'Notable'
the support?,

The Choir of Silence,
roared with direction,
not North or South,
know Compass ruled,
just directed with quiet repose.

To thank what became a great strength to me,
would only prove,
I am at a loss of words,
for such moments delivered love.

That presence in my life,
proved that not only 'grace' exists,
it's a Alive and a Way.

I saw it each and every day,
no ifs, ands or buts,
just was.

What an incredible example of how to move forward,
without resentment or the I should haves,
just go and know,
"You are loved too."

Life Is Certain Too Stun

Once again life is no mend,
the factual basis of only pain from the begin,
retains itself in a strange sort of blend.

The on-going symptom of only done,
is the commonality of a well-strung sum.

I hope for the World a date to hold,
to keep and never feel sold,
to shield myself from what has been done,
I simply say; 

"It's no fun, what has been done."