Friday, February 7, 2014

The Wash Of Bearing Hymns

This Earth, the Tree, the Life of Been,
in balance of the split,
the Feat of what must have kept,
the answer asks the river met,
the icy chill of know.

Why do you flow with H2O,
the element is from,
the Mountain melts,
the snow that fell,
in midst of Winters come.

The Ocean fills,
the salt in theme,
the brine of what does mill.

The voice of cast,
upon the sea,
the whether of a Cause.

The Season of,
the changing tide,
the ebb and flow of rise,
the Wave from Rogue,
the ship of mount,
regards these other times.

The blue in mighty boisterous roar,
emptied for it's wealth,
the buried treasure of the hide,
deeply seeded and in this guise.

The chimney fluke,
a Planets proof,
the mass in vast display.

The Globe is Venue,
yet we're not bound,
to meet this face to face.

The outreached hand,
of Natural stands,
the balanced turf of Verse,
the broth of only learn.

In greed the lust,
of take or crush,
Pandora's box of dues in rocks,
the gems of what is creed,
the blast of talk, the Mic of walk,
a Universal plead.

Stop the press,
the grinding fight,
the pepper is the spice of life,
the taste of better case.

Approach idea with point of fact,
the red in black of soup extract,
the dying days,
romantic plays,
the singular is clear in paid.

We came alone,
we go alone,
the Galaxy a Cosmic Roam,
to Elemental out.

The hold to cry,
belief in try,
the truth delivered spout.

The best resolve,
in Standing, Stall,
as opportunity lends,
that nothings real until you feel,
the death of life in trend.

The keel of a cringe,
I still fight for 'All' of them,
to put it frankly,
I love Men,
the Flame ignited Send!!

Broken Link

The streaming of consciousness,
a Mind in a Storm,
the lightning of strike,
the thunder of roar,
the plural does frenzy,
is it a door?

The writings of read,
the type of pen lead,
a written resistance,
seems futile in systems,
where keystrokes are just listed.

The everyday life or play,
the clambering of the crowded stay,
the script to know that notes are shows,
I speak to those that dream of prose.

The well-worn paths,
the spoken lad,
the verse in lyrics bring,
the thought of more, 
the working team,
delivering a common theme.

The dizzy clause,
to cope or pause,
the simple tact to wrinkle back,
the bounce of what is thrown.

The interest drawn upon this Pawn,
is in the 'Match' of bet,
the rock of dealing for only healing,
the lives of past in said.

The audience that life does bring,
the silence of the dream,
that while we breath,
a common being,
will balance this missing piece....

called love. 

The 'Collective' Bucket

To think is to drink,
the Conscious Mind express,
to stream is to place,
the speech is too rest.

The path to a find,
the dream for a time,
the words to the proof,
idea's are the sign.

The doubt of the Self,
the sickness to well,
the depth of rehearse,
are words that just fell.

The practice to slow,
thinking too fast,
information is being,
a life with sum tracked.

The construction of sentence,
a difficult find,
not only in Poems or Riddles that rhyme,
but in the addiction of Texting in time.

Main Line

Reality is,
the bitter truth of such do's,
the Script of know form,
develops a storm!!