Saturday, February 7, 2015

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learning is not the stunt as Myth has brought such times to Front that living is a Tale,
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collect the tendency to speak of frequency for in the obvious it's just a job for us,
the gates that shut so long ago became the ever me in goat another measure is just A rule of Thumb.

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the journey in the actual being of a bearing not a sting has brought my life not clues,
to tangle knots from Social Plots is truly more Blunts cup of tea as it seams so does it Stitch.

It's A Whole In The Wall

Ask San Francisco for new building permits and the read tape will bind the factory to all ready,
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to know of the Christmas Tree Lot that made certain no fear I tax only the slinkee,
 the stare Case is At giant Value or Value giant 'cause coffee got served on the corner of catch 22,
the meeting however was settled not on the call rather the invite to polished,
The Copper Penny directly across from Sears the whereabouts use to drive on dumb^bart^ton,
the now exclusive Track to ride the Muni while going to see the providence of a wharf,
all for the love of my brother whom worked the steel glove as an Oyster Shucker.

What's Up TOK

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Car^Mc Locks

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Buy Owe Logic

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HI Rises

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