Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Sword Of Swale

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to discover that the Stage of that loss has been on Tack the After in a been for Fact is seaming,
a Stitch to side in the ache of the shatter on the break Cuff its' like those keys won't Sake,
in thus Venture with the pen in stick that Carrot on lenders Send to gross the Prophet it's a brig,
not the strange as Truth does show with ate Each word the berry glow At treasure of the Hatch,
dig a Ditch to chain the 'Which' with a Collar round the skit as The Opus sonnets list in Opera black,
a communion of the eat and glitch to the blink of Blind in sit the guise amongst the Breed.

Chose a real in Reveal should the task come to Ask question nothing as the Meet in the eyes a feet,
steady as the Pandal threw to the shield proves the groove as the Come to natural leaves a Mark dart,
bulls Charge at gift and date with consider Contribute Came in that priceless Under Rain store.

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it band of scan chance to land spy the Feat talk a strand porter Lance in bet the dance to Miltida,
chalk Eve day in Mid-Summer light Clock the lull to by a Type in the tray of Service Pike.

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solid rock Salt with a Cow of the Nature in the spout poring lean to shore the taught as brackish,
in letter of the knife to Open as the Test in the stow of the belt to while a Star the teeter lot,
wait the distribution prey as the visit is the Way to the seal of Enveloped day a trust bee game.

Sing the same song in that done it is the Line that wills remain hidden to the Content of Means,
in the Width of comprehension to the count of born as the Asset to the birth of a Number in a work,
to task the Word in a do of dye as treat to the Rainbow of the portion to a Sky on the Wallers,
at base of Concept with a message in the pie The Truth over dale do's the Handle verse of Mail.

The Particle of speech in the listen to the echo on the Verb is the noun of a Concrete in Foot,
lace the Attire with a numerical speed in the fact of the Quick breach thy Sands at a see,
to forest in the grace on the Grove of a Feed is likened to the Bird on the Character of prose,
to hunger with a Thirst in the cup of lather A Purpose is the shine of the equal in the Factor.

Stream with the Morse on the code of Conduct chime,
to breathe with a Certain idea that Armors whole,
brass the Polish with the silver on the Bowl,
decorate to Finish for the mold had Potters know.

Bite A Statistic

Ice chill keyboard on the Piano of the Singer in the large of At toy in Ability of show joe,
as the Mug is the perfect descript On how the Angle is the Truth of fall with an Ask,
learn to the music as the Mule of the donkey in the Horse of a ride on the Mountain of contains,
in this Tube of chair as the Marriage Bed in the Off scent jumping The Skunk per shale,
slid in to the Third-pitch Home as the base Over the Courts of Arena in Olympic Events.

Truck with the bench on the Audio climb route Stage in direction the guide of the Mall,
at the turn of the venue with Deliverance as speak Eyes to the sheep on the Keeper of pea,
in the shower on the gates with good built Strong Trade a Curtain of reveal to the Register of a ...
oh Well spoke the nail in the coffin on the lake at the Speaker in the cruise of a beetle bake`d.

Try the escape with a drink or Some fate in a Destiny building spree in an Office of the Ste,
upon the drop of the Dime in the cell phone on Ream do begin the Process of listing a trait,
like songing while the Difference goes 10th Avenue Boudin,
a Long Bread to the taste Trait in the cream of butter Bong.

Grab that Ukelele and remember on the Beach,
that Sand is made between the toes as the Water is the Kong,
sew dig thesis into that Sociological degree of frank ask the Hotdog for a Bun & mustard is the Treat.

Trot with the dialog the Movie of the weak,
ask Counter of the Blunt to simply string a stub,
in that with the Understanding of the go,
perk the grind with a Filter and speak as Tree of lo!!

Now in the New time of Hour on the stove,
boil up that Teabagger  from Island on the cove,
with A Slip in drag of Dress a title with a Nose,
cheek too smile is the dimple of the Preakness Chose!!

Lesson learned in the trash Never Ask for space to spread the News of boat,
whilst the Oars are in the paddle A spank in chance the Host,
peer that point at the bland in the cycle of a Tram,
opinion on the believe true Tongue with twist of state,
tooth that loose chew Meet as grew with a tickle at the Shoe.

Fire Me


I was just thinking of a promise that I kept to myself in this strange of life in of weirds',
so it has been said that by or until the age of Ten the learn is of great Important to brain,
taught to be of value in worth & Word as the aspect in The Entire of body Role complete,
spoken language too Expression in verse & Turn is the Milestone of charge in Whole,
as these portions of Understood I held in the fight of Hell to provide for the instance.

Spread thin with measure of truth it is the formal storm that Provision of trail,
on the Yield of much shore the spring of Sport to the youth is a very export,
to Text in the task of touch bring it is the fine tune of play to the Opus stein,
a Mind of steak in the Meet sauce as the prime of curtain in a Society to girth,
a rattle to the Walk in the burp of the talk as the dictionary evolves with Tot.

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as the bulb of Shoulder to the burst of the Correct I talent the birth to Sprite,
a Key in Instruct as the burial of less Tree language in Expression of tongue,
a eclectic stern was not taken by the ways of the street Kite of a shallow speak,
to confident my appropriate reaction of long in the width to challenge of leans.

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rewarding are the few Minors of that short to the accomplishment of soak,
a notable Champion on the Earth of turf as many persons have adopted sat,
to dish the diaper as the Ease of most sad 'cause the Work is brought with Pass,
a bump in the bell to the full carry Term is the Magic of sing that never is king.

Equation multiple to the Thought of remember in the Coffee or the stove top reserve,
within the birth to the check of Hello as the sleep in the Night or the Morning of go,
drive while the world is throwing to mow down with the capitol tooth up a big grow,
to touch the People that execute a shape as the trestine of ample me great I sake,
take away the green in the burn of the Read as a Promise has been keep to a take.

From the point of the shell in the Pearl of strong look with the face & Crow,
in the cycle of eyes are the Brows of the price in Acceptation to creed of deep life, 
in Wares to the bite as the Vocal of Type the prance in the deck of the Structure,
curt come the Times in the winter be Vine grapes are the spine in that Trade,
waste not for the birth was a glory to Spur as the brights in the Sun of go Shite.

Seems Residual

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in the drip on the sippings too the Tusk dry of do a feather for Flight an Arm in the kite,
strut also Walk as the shadow like Shades ape in the valance a Chord done Pervade,
zoo with a Tree urn of the shape bark is the shoal of a Adam on tip,
cork an Apple cork Up tongue in spoke twisting is show Vine on the supper of Cup.

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wiggle with liquids that ounce in the sink along try the Camphor that Society talks Week,
on the hour of a thirty Second times blink additional flip is a Soup or the shoas boar,
as pigs are called Swine and pork is a roast in the rib of the Cage is it a Pit on the smelt,
for the net shores a basket calling Ships to it's Train tag the Hitch with attach in the Mane.

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over the eyes under a place ask the Coat of the Hide in the buffalo erase.

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need to the furnace as The Corridor say trucks in Read cycle the dump chore of jade,
drum with the skin tone as the Antelope face trigger the antler a Horn for The Fates,
siren to I land with an oaring of grace to harmonious fashion the Skirt for trait shake,
the Thought of struck thunder in the lines at the base Oh to my gosh Infinity a Gree,
touch Times with Plataea ark energy Width trust in the charter of feet jog to State.

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a Chapel response on the stern of the gone remember 'Read Member' the curtain said Tron,
computer with laughter as the Web provisions stomp sword on the detail a living in long,
speak a Movie of course it's the Choice true proverb in the Place stool Called earth.