Monday, August 4, 2014

Bit Shoe


Good day to know the Arch of Loud,
in the equal of the Wind a storm Rails,
tracked to i.d. the temper is the breathing,
such word of sentence Sheets.

The lend of worth spent returns,
to the pictured in the silence the fig moves,
pouring method diagram slight,
in body the dressed are shakes peered.

The house of Cards deck Tier,
center piece of Cafe Trade,
the course of a tip in the Wait,
oar thee Patience seed tide.

Human Boardwalk

Puts up the Mind to the dish basket of Fruits on the table grocery,
the steam in the shadow of the auto Ice that performs to Mystery,
engagement of Automatic in the steep hill of gear trains Pick-truck,
stop at the sign a Clutch to the hand stay moves to the grace of know shift learned.

Sake the practice to Baker Beach in a cold on the Wind of Surfers suite,
push the sand around with a Coffee Can shovel built a dam Castle fun,
the Tides that rise to carry the Ocean that the Moat trays,
back up on the Shore it's a Viewed day in the Nudes of obvious Sun faced!!

Run down the Dunes to the Beach told,
the laughter in the Roll is the place in a Told,
fall and the hill will play sake,
taking the body in the great lakes,
walk on the shore it's a Bank Account to Bridge Told.

Look across the entry to the built came with Anchors to the Clay,
gravel in the base to Cable of the show the drive is a Work state,
change lanes as the miles are the steer,
shields that the turns are the Doyle gave,
the shoulder on the curl experienced saved!!

Below the topper is a Cart stern,
harnessed for the steady the bridge breathes,
the life of the walk brought teach & Tells,
words that book opened are a Chapter Chart,
the Verse of the name in the in a certain Fern.

The Island of the land that a Yaught played,
acting to the Coconut of the Palm strays,
funny are the lives 'til the best gave,
the Hat of the Leader in the Band shaped,
a Microphone to the Tanks that the Waterfalls echo a time in a Life of Trait framed!!

Post Audio

Pave the Concrete back the Tar black tops,
curb the side of Walk the System talks,
safe the Corner with a Three~See light,
cross the White the City speaks Shored.

Trade the Lanes ships Tug must in,
grade a Value with a Shim level,
the structure of the Hi Rised,
spin the Machine on Hot topic the World breathes!!

Suck the Organ with sound Pipes play,
pedal to the base the Stops pull,
music on the Place sheets display,
the tunes of the Character an Author say!!

Bank the thought to Mind sculptures stand,
museum in the Hand Notes post,
ride the chord to Audio speaker hear,
turn the stage of learn the Graduate Peered!!

Natural to the knowledge of the dig deep,
seat of the Tabs a Computer learns,
apple to the State it's the Ashbury tie,
Haight is a Street the Filmore plays!!

Advertise the Order the Blind den,
dungeon in the Shades a Movie booked,
write of the Master in the Whips chain,
linking every Worth the Trust braked!!

B.D.S.M. an Initial to the Pyramid rote,
walls of the Condor the Piano stayed,
red the tea from the leaves laid,
speaking of the Garden it's a bridged Park!!

Hedge the trim to Trees the lot sprang,
munches that the Tribe already shade,
crops to seeking out entered shrugged spray,
a Fountain in the youth address a City Brave.

Tweets Eat On Living Greased

Thread the Folklore I am a Live,
spell in backwards I see Their,
in church wise the Steeple bell,
chime on the Vine grapes Tale.

Pair the Center an X beals,
stride the A turn Style,
court the Event a dressage breast,
motion of the Cycle in the Peaks bred!!

Lean to the Motor the Two wheel,
steer to the Rails a Train Sounds,
switch the Arm at direction the Tracks change,
curtain in the Chord a Stage Presents!!

Up on top the Chill the Glacier melts Spanning,
earth the turf to filter the Rock drained,
sand the Arena with a Quarry site,
dg wrote the review in a living lace!!

Type the Writer to the Guitar pick,
strumming of the breeze it's the lyrics lead,
sheet the Metro to a Tube the Video breathes,
millions to the Answer it's the Take shaped.

Publish proof of Save the barker raised,
city from the Airplanes the light scraped,
tall the Ferry Building a Boats face,
ticket to the Ride inks the Varied placed!!

Streets of San Francisco a Union blocked,
digs from the Park in a Drive laned,
strip the Way with the Boulevard paved,
two directions on the West coast of Golden Gate!!

Swing to the Zoo there is Snow flakes,
box the dry soap the Laundry spake,
cleaner to the Dry the reversal scrubbed,
wrapped in blue paper the string plays!!

Spoon the lucky strike to at True North,
compass to the guidance of the stand day,
baths in the perfect for Scene came,
waking from the Sleep it's the Ayes State!!

Degree the thermal in the long Wears,
clothing for the Coat in a Room blared,
singing in the streaker for the Game Times,
now the archer brows to a dare!!

Swim Meet

Perk the filter in the Bean strands a string of certain Bay,
cross the Number with natural Primes the lit Flames,
candle the Wic to a lighter a Tunnel brakes,
drive in the path of a Twister the Eye day,
gear a Spinner in the Open a Shark votes!!

Gum the Feat the shoe Plates in the Investigate,
credence on the Track a Race coursed,
Polo with the Mallet a home goals,
stick the Carrot feed an Apple the slobber lates,
bucket to the Bask in a Moon Wolf the Courting of the Buffalo in Plain!!

Sweep the the certain growth to wheat seed in Oat baled,
water to the Field on the farm of the Ranch heard,
echo to the Reins in the Lunge,
tie the Rail with the Halter state,
a Stable in the Mid`barn of an Aisle played the Instrument of Opera!!

The humor in the Black of Comedy backed,
verse as the Script of a Letter laid,
keys in the typing of the board cage,
popping to the rhythm of the Lime squeeze in a Cocks roof raked!!

House of seeing by be gones has loaned shake,
pier the adjust to the galactic Cosmic Space,
jump through the dimensional 5th rate,
flight of length is the better Plate,
no breaking requires the Rogue Wilds 1st stake!!

Journal at the Pace of a Stream Mind in Consciously holds,
change spurs to the beat of a drum in the Ancient day,
first that did thump for the Indian up the dress stayed,
skipping 'round the World in the Two that always show,
the Sun shines the Moon to the shadow of its Revealing.


Hot the time on the half Five a Tell spoke,
loose the thought in a dream the Mind spells,
wake in the minute of a Second shelled boon greats,
tread on the Ice sheets page!!

Live the correct in All ways,
Z four A the Word lapsed,
team the arch to Angle craved the Bow C,
no wire in the V a strike drank!!

Litter the ounce streaks a decade state,
sing to the Muse a Rock pots,
queer to the Smoke the Box crates,
build by Structure the Sphinx deeds!!

Dirt the Mountain the Wind strongs,
breach the Valley a trail songed,
bridge the stream a boat craft,
pour the Cloud in dry rigged a Fire flares!!

Cut the Forest in the Burl speak,
coffee for the Glass of the Table legged,
stir in the Iron of a Forged nail,
the Hammer in the Store is a Brands Fate!!

Herd the Cow to Meet the sheep rate,
fly the rows of Sentence a Worth greats,
flow the Ocean in the Type Ranged,
Teacher puts Professor on an Isle Sake.

Dim Switched

The Live touch of truth is the release of a Handle,
upon the times of Age Changes.

In vinyl Records the spin in Reverse often spoke,
  strange Odds.

From addressed to repeat the circle of a Start the needle of the Players Hand,
traits to the plates of Shade,
 the Counts Volley Tennis.

Sike the groove,
 the learn teaching.

Stand in Life the feet walk the Storm stride,
in debt Karma is a stage reveal,
Venue to a write inking the Tattoo,
an Island Plane!!

Search the Mechanics of an Engine A Feather is a Fire,
paint a Horse to trade the bong teak is a grove,
speak a Language archaic the Text lots a Post,
breathe the Air a trees outage in done.

Vase the drawing with a mud lanes Wheel,
brush the Design to the Ancient Time,
picture a Cell ask the Shed,
rye the Catcher to the pitch streaks of Tar pits.

Joint at the entry a passion in the love tack,
saddle the Girth by ways of jeans the shirt traced,
photograph a Canon in the Bird,
wings Attach!!

Journey at the shine of the sight Two sharp,
break in the level of a Scream an Eagle Crows,
talents that take the Measure,
sync in the Volumes of the Atllas!!

Route a Train by the Tale springs,
never a shave in the Razors edge,
perform with Naming the perfume,
the Cast creations Evolution straights!!

Cyber Stock

Time subtract ask the Fern to palm in the foot of a stepping Cleat the Boot pre,
negate a state to theme tusk an elephant large barrels the Coffee Tablet loom,
spoon use in sweets a tracer to the boon,
lever a C prompt to the stack to tabulations at the Aye dot luck.

Crisscrossed forkings slice the sculpture to a Cheese on butter slop,
drip the argue to learned the Set plot took for gaining Freeze,
still the sheet as the Down comforts the goose to planned,
equate the found in the Tights of a sound.

The biggest Loud changed the pitch to profit Shell,
in the ink sand Rock of a feather tipped scoop,
the Dip is sunk with responsive Action to speak silently to bitten,
Horns on the Antler shed the growth for Fall spoke.

Winter the thermal as grizzly appearance the Brand,
dry the river in Mountain lyre the snow fold rafters,
bend the Earth to shallow birth,
circulate a Sky in the Red Moon say.

Works in the under dirt Worms are to lead,
drop of the open Turf vultures in eye tastes,
belly the bite in stole spins to the grass,
left are the side lit nights that bring Fire!!

Put field of Plows to sheath the Swather of by supply,
returns to the Grain Silo the feed ankles corn,
paddy in the Wagon form,
circles are a Sign. 

Star Charters

A Tell in a story is a Tale of a problem of Math,
"If" 1 + 2 = Three than is Calculative to Equation,
sense I watched Sesame Street an age of Impression,
than a Triangle enters Line that is a Circle.

The measure in Change of Ion is a Fable Zeus,
introduction Theory than Plato is Theme of Philosophical means,
as recorded in Specifics the scrolls are Fact,
thus division of Reason addition wisdom History.

The base Root of mapping is a Point in exacting position,
the Compass of the Mind in control is set Point zero,
should repetition in worth of Word be conversion,
the Science creates a detail in the Proof of objection.

Seen as Core route in percentages greater than,
it is less of coincidence more in happened,
visual adjunct confirmation ignoring solution treats,
the sentence solvent is the variable of Just happened.

Provisions allowance taken from minute Time,
gross a Number conversion to divisible by Primes,
in even their is Odd dot trued to equals revolves to said box,
the eight of Zero to one is Alpha omega beginning ending.

Reverse the experience in example 108 to bean,
Nine eleven is the Time of the Fell,
in Two Operates the letter shown in book Nostradamus comb,
a Seer in backwards while society reads forward stream to place Value.

The place to design evolves at a spin Sign,
light cannot be held yet it Bells the toll scene,
alarms that are heard standing,
steps in patience revelation the Table real.