Sunday, March 13, 2016

Awl^Len The Fact Of Trust & Travel!!!

The pow were of in tent shin is reality of the plain lies of words to touch lyrics,
as the floor eh duh keys to the *Harbour Island shell the clam say Conch to fantastic bread,
made fresh at the locale of Island to specific,
a Moped to the traveling of the sandy trail,
down on the is The Pink Sands for a Library at The Doors!!

Trip pen as a journalist to describe snorkeling as Singing with the Streets on a pew,
to the flavor of banks as the Reef and that Ocean side of the smallest Waves.

Take down the value as a great Doctor visit for the Strep Throat,
the Office was WOW like a certain Oyster that being said to tote Tolls,
great private See to swimming with sharks,
Uncle Sam gave the lessons that can never be forgotten!!

...this is not Uncle Sam but definitely has that grand smile that Uncle Sam would comfort me with.  so you will just have to go to Harbour Island drop Allan Malcolm's name as the owner of the Pink Sands back in the day and maybe just maybe you will be as lucky as I was as a teenager on the learn. I did call a couple years back and . . . .

Spear fishing was a Treasure to learning the underwater toe,
like the bow and arrow with moving animals to I would rather see that Parrot once again,
land be sea and ride be boats the Airport on Eleuthera speak in my AM Mi touch the drive,

a taxi from to the house of Mal come??,
no it is a one word noun to the dial of soap on a box that once knew the Tides,
owe what a gem!!

..we stayed in a old time summer house on the North end of the island,
the water cistern was completely reliant on the rain that fell at a storms convenience,
so we had to be quite thrifty with our use of that precious resource!

I was the Flower girl at Allan's daughters wedding in San Francisco,
age four I sync the church at the corner of 10th and Cabrillo,
sort of cat deed cornered to the addresses of 811 And 815!!

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