Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Truth or "The Consequences" of War?

As we plod along, I ponder my existence upon Mother Earth.  Appreciative of my ability to still breath, I can slow my pace to a steady crawl across the floor.  Exhaustion fills my being and yet like a Machine, I continue.  The ready pace of any pulse beating rock song, shocks my heart into pumping out the beat so that my life begins again.

The beat of a brand new Hymn.

Musically challenged, I sing to the howls of the Moon.  Looking only for the Mate of my Calling and finding that he too is held in the brief instance that the chill of reality seems to deliver to you when you blink.  Looking around, a normal, yet seldom seen reaction to extreme trauma, I wonder.  Do you ever look at the Sun and say, "Thank you for being so bright and warming me tonight?"

Amazement at the walk of Humanity into darkness and despair Halts Me!  Why are "The People" so willing to sell out anyone for their well-being?  Do they not realize that in life, Death is watching and in Death, Life is carrying on with its daily grind, called, business.

I must respect the Men and Women that have belief.  I see that type of passion in only one place on this planet.  It is the curious part of myself that raises the eyebrows of most anyone it seems.  I am prevented from doing what comes naturally to me on a daily basis.  Instead I am hammered with questions. So, once again I must move my place of residence. 

I will one day find that these simple things that I have written down will be the words that move me around to convey to you and many others that fighting for existence is not a waste of time.  For without existence you cannot learn to live.

One day I will wrap my arms around whom shall be the one that decides I'm not such a bad person.  This Man will bring the relief that I need, a partner in crime so to speak. At least that is my hope.