Saturday, November 26, 2016

How's Sing!!!!!!

A fine supplemental to the people.
love Fear,
engage it in your deepest sleep??,
and then........

you wake and in the still of night the darkest hour The Shadow People appear??,
you are stifled,
you can not move,
your ankle is the mirror.

Your reflection is the grace of you,
you are outside on your human sole,
the held is what of that in the frozen key,
Ga a Billion,
Ma a Million,
Ka a thousand years upon this Earth of what is true compass to the fright in each persons resident toll.

Skating such dimmer in the light of only a shadow,
the event of light as the echo of just is,
great export to increase all the revelations at the be borrow of what is a coal??

Creases the hemisphere to Time on Mankind,
tunnels of talk to raise the eyes in the lid of what is coming frost Heaven or the Hell of ground did by Space,
an economy that goes to Ezekiel to priest a fathom on the engine of bisque,
government once the religion of which craft rules your temple??

Ah haw the french to the cheek of dish,
a kiss on that is the grin of a smiling hint to giggle the beast as knowledge a bowl on in cents,
to the pen knee at the fashion of address,
quarry an amount and the calculous Monks to the boo duh at the apron of skirt??

Challenge port to what on the Confuse shh is talk the Tear row,
or is the plain as the buff a lo a loud to know that each earth bound equator of ice is meet Tee ore at duh Feet test.

Be Con to that is the light House for the silence of these rounds to mark a more's code decks,
travel the journal as the can tour and begin to comprehend that list of crowded gossip equips,
harness yowl to hop the a fence that is the bare E! or at Media drink,
once upon the time the Catholic was the distributor as why??,
reading and wrighting??,
a on off again to dial the Numbers of chapter and versus,
control of the Trolls,
galloping the plank Ton,
krill fish Schools of fill office See!!

Drank that shall low to know the bottom of the Well,
as the stones measure what depth of how is the Wine,
a glass have full did these Jars,
dough neigh shin to Watt tour is the eclectic Vary hence,
drop a noun add a jog and the belly of the gut may have delivered more than a let tour!!