Friday, June 28, 2013

Digitized Read: A Lead To See

I Looked to See,
to know what will be,
a scroll rolled out,
in three dimensional shout.

I stood to look,
the trajectory good,
Past on Left,
Present straight,
Future Right.

Whoa!!, this Scene!!

Turning from,
I gasped at done,
to finish Seen,
it was a dream.

Boggled Mind

Once more I took my stare,
to sight what I knew was there,
upon completion I thought alright,
time to walk,
safe in-sight.

The impact of such reveal,
stuck with me,
a sort-of deal.

Waking well,
coffee in hand,
I sat outside,
examined planned.

Great relief involved my mind,
a final way to know designed.

The Rate at which this Download-Made,
was an Ocean,
an extension flowed.

The scene in night,
an interesting plight,
to explain,
such plain Sight.

Shot in front of my eyes,
the angle straight,
it had three sides.

The Scroll was tight,
the picture fronted,
two on sides,
with the third show centered,
certainly trumped,
the root of ventured.

So quick or fast,
neither compared,
the speed-of-light could only have dared.

The simple Text spun out-right,
the numerical chair of symbolic night,
the second glance showed this fight,
made evident this lurid might.

I am glad it's settled,
much like Rad,
the need to know,
it summed this show!!

Not before and never after,
I accept,
it's in The Factor.

Proof Of Interest

The Hypotenuse to the Square,
the value of the measure is obtuse,
in the calculation of the summed repair.

To equal the subtraction,
in the addition of despair,
would then be divided-by,
the Difference

Scene in the Land.

The Tone would become,
the rounding sound of time,
to absolve the equation.

Nothing more than, 
greater than or lesser than would result,
 in this War of Battled Doors!!