Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Worth In A Site

The lure of the verse,
the script within,
a ream to be held,
as words showed a voice.


The dialect of a twist,
held to resist,
not fall create lift!!

Thought through Expression,
an arc of reside,
the bridge that will build,
a life too complete!!

Eyes fill with sort,
the content of clips,
the production of render,
belief was a mender.

Deeply penetrating,
the scope of the loan,
moves know to respect,
all that vastness is debt.

Moving decisions,
the power of yearn,
learning advancement,
is aptly discerned.

The formal design,
to carve not alarm,
the sand-stone of lives,
the balance sublime.

Future History

The World takes no time to recognize,
pain and suffering becomes the brine.

The Ocean of Human Beings,
no water to make tears.

Eyes no longer blinking,
stares develop hate.

The sum of all,
breaks too fall,
the global range,
of nothing changed.

The Earth in Death,
screams not met,
collapsing star,
puts Moon in tar.

The black of not far,
enhanced more,
rage took the place of happy rapport.

The balance was off,
the switch enhanced state,
the color stopped red,
the coffin is set,
nailed with just let.