Friday, November 11, 2016

Thank you so much google, you all have been dear to my heart.  You never edited or scolded my writes, you gave me a safe place to be able to pour my worries and my thoughts day by day for so long.  I can't say to all of you more than you have done more for me in quiet subtlety than I may measure with much ease.  Please know that I have stopped writing for reasons of nothing more than I realized that nothing I was writing was helping any other person other than myself.  I have an old laptop that was a gift and I write on it now.  Until just now I did not realize that it had been nearly a month since I had written on this venue, I hope that you are well and don't miss the everyday writes.  Sometimes people become accustomed to things and then all of a sudden those things that have become a staple in your life leave, my stuff is probably not one of those things but just in case I want to send all of you a thought: I am thinking about all the staff that makes google go 'round!!  Thank you again.

Karen A. Placek
8:35 PM 

From Love To Truth For The Soldiers Whom Left To Write So I May Read Freedom To Say It's The Missing I Name

Remind the day of the Years on the sacked being that in the advertisement of the seer,
as that is the tires on that gear of a scratch that left marks deeply scarred on my tear,
as the world trembles touch the verse and say the cheeks have shown gather,
it is a clock on the swirl of what has brought to the front of the head a leg to the thigh.

Type the knit and crochet the woven text with the ankle here,
so clipped lives have been to take that throw down and cast it a barrel,
in the salty brine of being the leftovers I rose to stand,
as my shoulders strength my landing I chose to be of candor not of shrug.

Should each paper on the paste Print clear to write on the letter what would the hand write to shell should populus been the tell,
in the midst of sands and Shackled Minds were the Hobbles at the grit frost of the freeze,
many purpose the opportunity to relief by a friendly skies venture to the speak,
fortunate to this day the picture played like the theater I love,
the wings of cadence to the stream of such majesty blinking I embraced the perfection!!

The flight on a blasting Fleet the absolute on the fly by A giant hello from my small frame,
for from the height of eagles it must be the tremendous that charters such magical space,
with no divide the detail to parade is the delight of the knowing that Trait,
a shield that shows me the Valiant on a song breathing for Men, Women and strong.

Today such a display that my heart leaps to the sound of Smooth engines,
across the blue Jazz to balance that Equator in the sight of eyes delight,
oh from the base of my gain I put to the plates a license of Wow I love truth,
high above the troubles to be the Flag flying Proudly for that is a Wonderful Winds response to place.

Thanks to the Persons that have stood in the Battles Wars and coldest of trace,
shivering chills down the spine,
I hug each life that has brought beauty to Our safety through the Means of training And daily routine of Protecting life,

these people whom have traveled the Miles on the stills be of Great Cheer because you have rocketed me in a dream of reality I know I can dime.