Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just A Call!! Ring-Me!!

As 'Life' introduces Challenge,
I feel the pulse,
the Beat of a Rhythm Sounding!!

The Song of Choice

A deep tone of relief,
a decision to be felt,
enjoy the dance.

The steps seem so unknown,
unsure and unused,
often referred to as absurd,
but I learn, 
I go!!

To dig down into the depths,
this I know,
my Mind I have kept,
free to be accountable,
for me.

With nothing more than an Opportunity,
present Yourself without Lies,
know your Thought,
support Self,
and with the evidence of being,


The secluded factor of 'The Idea,'
a Rafter too Support,
by Structure and by Design,

You are not blind,
be free to 'See',
to Chose to Build the Framework,
the Foundation of a Plan.

Difficulties produce our ability to further growth,
privately and within One's self,
gather the strength of Tact,
select unto You,
'Importance' great,
repetition unique,
an accountable deed,

Confidence in this said,
further yourself to progress,
'Accomplishment' is met with,

Failure is not easy,
it is a Reality,
it can be a 'When,'

A Win provides satisfaction,
a Loss is a Lesson,
do not dismiss the Class,
it is an Education,

The Instructor will last,
for it is You and your Past,
lending a View on how to Improve,


Don't erase this path,
don't lose your Self to wrath,

To Walk, to Run, to Stop, to Breath,
to not rival a need,
review the Want,
Grade yourself with health,

Of Mind

Thought is Energy,
be 'Well,'
don't Wallow in Negativity,
be 'Better' than the best you can be,
embrace your Destiny.


Take a Grip,
it is only the Self-Doubt that rips at our fingertips.

Speak with Value,
the require of the Mind,
should be of a positive kind,
to Heal, to Identify, to Produce, to Show, to Example,


You may not agree,
that is O.K. with me,
I seek nothing more than Tranquility,

A Point-of-View,
to nurture our existence,

To stifle thought,
to condemn what equals growth,
shuns Difference by imposing 'Told,'

All Lives are of importance,
unique unto themselves,
the common denominator seems the sum,
of this particular Run.

The Toll if undivided,
is the enjoyment of the outcome,
'The Try' will be felt in 'Done,'

Good Luck

'Cause regardless,
it is a Hell of a Ride,
and this Life will deliver,

A 'Given' Rite, 
to Be, too See,