Thursday, April 21, 2011

What I Know

A time will come when Men will know what you have done,
with your gun.
Pretending not, 
to do those things that I would fear.
No way, I'd get caught!
Bragging rights for blow jobs Dear?
Embarrassment would absorb my cheer
I would run if it took a year,
to do the things that you do smear.

I'm so tired of listening,
to Woman that are not glistening,
but would rather speak such dread,
sex just happens in my head.
 What a bore,
I now snore,
why waste my time,
when what I adore, 
is scoffed at and abhorred.

God forbid,
that someone did,
something different with their Rib.
Basically, in woman's mind, 
they can screw for all time,
if they get caught for apple not,
the tree, the snake will take the blame,
and then they'll say "ruin the game".

Somewhere in evolutions skin,
will blink our eyes and know their care.
Sex is boring 'til you know,
a narcissist and where they go.
I was born, it is a shame,
brought up with men that do use chains.
Ropes and pulleys to stop the bully's, 
I'm not one, 
I give up! RUN!! 
Do you even know what is what?
 For sexual roar can be heard, I tore!
and I was only four.
No one helped me, I was young,
I was trained by men of Tongue.

Do not judge after the fact,
at least they cleaned up the apple rack.
An original Sin,
I was told by my mom
"I was raped",
Raped by who?
I questioned not, the affair, what? you were willing, were you not?
Confused about my origin spot,
don't worry women you don't mean a lot.
Lies you tell with simple truth,
to bad your mind speaks louder, rude.

To tell a girl,
so many times,
that she is spawned in Satan's ties,
gets old and frightens only them,
that did not stand on the feet of men.
I looked to see what name I was,
determined woman, were not of love.
Left to Men in Masters after,
 knowing that it was here-after.

666, tattooed I feared,
dogs did growl and showed the mirror.
Looked for the number, woman sneered,
rival fear I felt was near.
Growing-up was awfully weird.

Karen A. Placek

What To Fear

Fore do not grace the fear of Race.
Close your gender and no not the kin.
You have been in the reckoning of Men,
my only relation of BDSM.

My sexual transgression of only health I know,
put to the test and grade to show.
Began before my "no" could be,
held in single Liberty.

Norway, Causeway, why the frown?
Trained from within the ground.
You all will only know defeat,
for at least my childhood held, don't reap.

A kinder, gentler, man I know.
Masters, Tamers of a wilder show.
Do you wish or selfish this,
confusion in your mind is, twist.

What to think? What to say?
I don't care, you only stare.
Look into the heart of yours,
understand you just aren't there.

I would rather be downstairs,
with men of wonder, men of wares.
Obedience, demanded there,
is better than the whippings here.

Don't you wish you could record,
all the films of  childish more.
You had your chance, I was young.
Walked right by in stylish, run.

Reckoning will be for me,
for the Men who really see.
Nothings wrong with difference,
in your own Sexuality.

Karen A. Placek

What To Dew

You cry to know that the tears are the salt that must come from the earth.
You taste the wealth of your pain.
As the tear drops roll with know name.
A memory in Vain.

Dew is in the morning, the earth must have a third eye.
Does she also find the time and cry?
Ripped inside and driven by you on her turf,
the air in the outside vein must wash her from her own tame.

Wild at a monstrous birth, we dig for the evidence in her girth.
We dismember Pharaohs from their graves,
laughing at all of their sage.
You have moved not Kings nor Slaves,
you only became men of robbers, thieves and graves.

How sober the moment it must come in fist,
the day you die and pay for this,
remember that myth is only hist,
for they are the ones who paid for twist.

Wash your face, cleanse your mind,
for you are the ones that go in nine.
Your mind is only a simple syne,
to know regardless of design,
that it will be mazed by time, regardless wealth.
They will find, the ones that have been left behind.

A royal wealth of a higher kind,
sweeps into all that mine.
Guilt will be left for you,
fingerprints and judgment too.

Pyramids desire not,
spin and see your handy trot,
looking from the after life,
meet you in your own strife.

Dating for, 
December whore.
2011, 21st,
I will see you all, in your own Hearst!!

Good luck you will need it first.

Karen A. Placek