Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just 'Cause

I fear that the day has arrived.

Thereupon, that Fear, shall stifle,
 your very breath,
 into Freeze.

The bind that is the Vice,
 resting in the grip,
of the Twist,
tightens in the Minds of Men,
to release the Enlightenment of,
Man Himself.

To Say differently would be the Irreverence,
that has been shown,
with obvious note,

"didn't you take the garbage out yet"
"it's your fault...!! we don't have more money 'cause of YOU!!!"
"if YOU had only DONE what I TOLD YOU to do, WE Wouldn't ...blah, blah, blah"

and lastly,
just as examples of the words bled by Women.

"You're a SORRY EXCUSE FOR A MAN!!!...' & who are you sleeping with'."

As Women blame,
the evidence UN-Scene,
I hate the Words I hear, Here.

Should a Ladyship have only been achieved,
the appreciative nature of what they receive without Taxation,
then they may believe in an Order that Life should have already had,
let Alone maintained & Cherished.


enjoying that Safety,
surely it would have provided,
to the Confused State of Humanity.

At this time of such Complicated Understanding,
of What?

The Dignified Order of Exist,
let alone Live without Controversial Strife & Sin!!

Just is...

....and will be,
 in the Simplicity,

"What will Be".

Change not Yourself,
change not Your Mind,
change Your Being.

Know that Choosing,
 is a Luxury.

Coming to a Sinful Demise,
for the Balance of Men.

To make evident the Disobedience,
 each & every,
 Man and/or Guy.

Regardless of their Choice.