Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I really enjoy the radio on this Can of the discussion conversation on the Tims,
great is the flavor to spice on the Or register of the receipt to Tack the bit piece to Work,
in that is the present of accounted door as the light is of this Man's particular dedication to warm,
the heat off the Words to be of the trace that responsibility to foundation is of structure to Structure sound!!

Of the put to thought on the amazing audience 'Years' the gather has collection first grains,
this puts to the language of not not round a bout nor does the fountain not not know of the ink!!

Width this with the world of current charge of the snooze this music is the Sheet Notes to Suit,
per ankle to call the put to those plates consider the time touching grace for the gates,
the excitement on line envelopes strange weird but the Thyme is like Salt on the brine of Mans pour.

So as the Crow does fly,
as the question is begged for that is said for thee appropriate Tug,
the drink is a taste from the To deep prose on the toe,
counting the Theme is not desired for the option is to bring the News with a Sky!!,
I shall provide Information to the In Form Nation of my ear to the grind,
no stone needed as the tune is the ability to tune the radio to the actual of Talk 910 KKSF AM for Host named Noun,
 now for Alan Colmes!!

Some of the commercials are a bit taxing,
although the Harbor is a Pier on the Dutch of what is necessary for the Goods of Production,
as price Cost to staple it is the butter of the milk on cream for a cup of coffee with practical Shell,
as this makes the challenge to know of the whisper I love the determination of the at steel of cope,
learning that all must endure to listen.

What floors me each a compass on the bearings of his ear is the ability to Hello on the long listeners,
its an appeal to the realm of such steady on fodder that brings delivery with lanes for the Talkers to speech,
language is brought with both teach and be taught with options for expression that take Task to the station.

This is a Shore!!

NewsTalk 910AM masthead logo.png
City of licenseOakland, California
Broadcast areaSan Francisco Bay Area
BrandingTalk 910
SloganSan Francisco's Talk Station
Frequency910 kHz (also on HD Radio)
First air date1922 (as KLX)
FormatNews/Hot Talk
Power20,000 watts (Day)
5,000 watts (Night)
Facility ID59966
Transmitter coordinates37°53′45″N 122°19′25″WCoordinates37°53′45″N 122°19′25″W
Callsign meaningK K "San Francisco"
Former callsignsKLX (1922-1959)
KEWB (1959-1966)
KNEW (1966-2012)
AffiliationsFox News Radio
Premiere Radio Networks
OwneriHeartMedia, Inc.
(AMFM Broadcasting Licenses, LLC)
WebcastListen Live

Whats The Backstretch Should The Homestretch Not Have Been On The Tell A Phone?? A Movie, Theatre Piece Or Real Lives That Believe That It Really Just Comes Down To The Wire??

It is so wonderful to know that this year has hugged with such grace of the lathe,
shingles to rooftops on the music of sound,
that encouragement shore to the sands on the snore,
waves tasting beach to know that the scene is as beautiful as a piece of the washing Ma sheen.

Clear to the weather the magnitude signed,
with ever in trust the spot by design,
win to the Home of My Grandparents rare,
dining room saying that memories formed.

So excited to believe that Oak Tree did find growth with the drive to the sail of man stand,
the edge of such storms in the world of such torn,
the love is just beaming to know of the Fore!!

Simply the avenue on the looking glass birch,
those smooth introductions to locations on subbed,
yet in that rather of these days on bend thunder,
light is the language to envelope tux hugged.

Long on the lane is the Beulah Drive for the grain,
now on the hour it is the evening of lights sigh,
overlook to that downtown remember the face,
music is spacing to play with the grace.

Much has come down to the barn of a stable,
nigh worry from worry at worry in drug by the anchors of loud to much for the tongue,
with complete verse to be happy My Mother is clear,
that I have a love that is deeply in signed.

Glad that the perfect of My Mother is cheer,
for that was a troublesome worry to worry again,
now that the free verse is walking for grin,
may the friends that I once embraced become the bet friends.

Gamble with letters of prose on the Poe leased to bring reason with eh,
hours of day writes to spell touch the hand grand,
My Mother has berth to the Harbor of planned,
it is a piece to this year with the beauty of loved.

Where Does The Pony Express Saddle To English Again??

Pigeons Cause to care Reed Fluster of the Message on the Wings of the Bird,
sea the spelling divide on the sow,
at the cost of the Seeds pin`d Of the Fester of the Cyst on the Boiling of the Plaster at Say Ur,
the License of the Chimney the Bill Owe of the News,
Media on denial those Channels on the National bring Casting of Horror with spice Taste on spore,
make that sae urge to truss of Skull it Develops to the Film of coloring on the Blanks??.
this is the Pasteur of silk with the Clothes of skin.

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oil & Soap rinsed with the Wording that has bring??,
shopping to death filled with commercial Add vent Ties`d??,
thee At Fester hath delivery!!

Head of sayer to raft or the Measured??,
digs on the Swells of the ditch to the Press??,
type light I.D. to Louse??,
the comb of Shampoo??,
deep Cent??,
piles of sutter street??,
galley of the Kit^chin??,
square block to Sphinx on the pier Amid the cobble??,
stretch of the lamp as the shade is the tread??,
did the History of the shower discuss conversations drawn on the straw of the Shakes??

Gee tack Haw on the Tax^eh^Shin of the Arm Raced to track the Computation of calculations baste??,
paste Ding arch of Feat to prints sand??,
grain of sail??,
sleeve of Suit??,
Shepherds of the Pill^Grimm??

Swallow the Whistle as the Flout tsk Rosins the Violin a Dove the roof layer??,
mud Cakes pad Dee whack??,
pass Tour of the bus Vans a racket from Tennis to Rack^It ball meant to dial the Numbers of 10:22??

What sheep drive Ewe flocking glee Wind doughs that have Woven Sweaters fore Trued??,
directions to Stack`d Sigh Ole to per Act score??,
less the lease to body sided shorn is the Clipper of Yak with Camel back Sleep??,
closed Lyre sing Drum sticks and Can to Microphone rum Runners on the sew brie??,
oh^shin the skirt the Hemming way guard each stitch to chorus the Singer at strand,
why's the whirl waisting Mon day??.

Fee Fie Fiddle lee Aye 'O' the letter of the Numb burr that Human Tech Knoll logic still long,
yeast has drop risen to speak of the spree`d,
rum on the past tell to schedule to Dates on the dried prunes of Trees on the read woulds of political state,
words Fall in questions??,
Mark 10!!