Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Voice Of A Reef That Spoke To Oceans Tidal As The Sands Gave Rise To A Beaches Sneak Asking Time. And Time Was Not Swept, It Adored The Majesty Of The Wave In Its.Self, As Grace, And As Saved From.

I love Tom Brokaw so much,
my kids need to immediately read his wonder to know that Infinity blushes with His Hymn,
the hear across a galaxies Cosmos has to ring Orion to answer with a bursting Hemisphere,
that trust on these treasures of Mankind must bright the star being a vibrant brilliance to a beautiful Suns design in and of the Skies on Far from Run,
this is near and yet words char as reflection to a stride in my still to describe.

His magnificence is and yet society has been of toasted bred,
creep pea crepes,
french fried with sure kiss to Won side,
that lip.pin the base while draining the bisque of a Mind that I would just peace with vocal scores!!

So to that, I speak gently to my whispers,
be an interest to your wealth of character,
look to Tom Brokaw and wonder your fact.tree,
as those verse comforts came to my life on the Times,
in anxious he was my know,
to be what on the dial,
numbers or file.

Stride well to such mention as the more is not code,
its rare these days on a world to full of brims,
browsers have returned punch as a capitol letter to a for letter cold.

Heave no lather to such discard,
look to My Grandfather and be complete with a fantastic Pine,
the Oak in that Grove of Thunder,
My Grandmother compiled the best of Shows to what is a Redwood,
the day that you realize Tom Brokaw is as the deep in a Tend from say to cent,
he is a bit to these pen.knees in the Wind!!

What Was Caddy-Corner Before The Gulf Became Eh Rig While Den.Ease Would Say Row,Row,Row You're Boat To Just Cause Of Won Name Day By Hymn Saying, Janis Joplin.

Mic. a Men.Shin that is not a current on the Wares to the Story.Read of Sam&Brian keel,
berth a neigh.shin to Tom Cruise and Mimic.EAN at the price of a move.ease list.stir,
Pet.Co is on the X.Press of the Nair.rows on a beanbag Chairs Corner Store at 19th,
the Sunset to the Richmond an Avenue through the sit.tee is Y on the spell.lean of jeans To.Day??

Well deep in the Man.Coon is a raise to the Chill.leans of super on the Diner to Cast,
these infamous be.tolls at the Muni of a jiminy Cricket are Hours??,
these are Men its to the Thimble.

Thread a string to know of these words as the comprehension of nigh the Op.^per^Raw,
sing till the lyrics throttle Wall Streets Ticket on a face.books leap to what is a steep.ping Whistle??

Should the Head.gear say to the Said in a sheet that Write.Ding is on the Call.lure for that simple,
complete the dignity as this riddles is a bit,
Fox Theater on that is Taraval to park with both seaplane and pools row,
up.bring the grove at the Fair down lead belief for duh.bird is a snippet on this sit.a.Dells dun Gin??

To speak of that is perk with Muni.Knees Mayor,
as should the Airport SFO change to a snatch then where is Colma on that to Eight.deed on a sleeve,
the pre.see.dee.owe??,
doing the once was there now its there with the endcap show.wean a bay.con for the flask!!

Michael and Michael are the 3rd Avenue declare,
a Flat to the Uncle and Men.dough.see.Know of their share,
in this understanding is Safeway such a grasp,
for why in the World does The President know SAT??

Its It for the Fare of the Fixture on the Seat,
is if for the Traditional that the Present has not Bean,
or is that private chatter to what is Fair.oh's lift,
the Valet to what is Crisp.pea Creamed but not on Plan.its Y.it.ERP??

Quest of a particular made particular Noise,
the word on the literal was known of a loud to business savvy that Sir.Passed??,
should pictures not behave to picture that technique,
does the duh Byrd fly the Kite or spring to oils stream`d??

for the piece duh resist taunts,
what is a To.Can should the Ticket to ride be a Sad.dill??


The time is 3:55 PM on my acer,
the date is 5/17/2016 on my acer,
Channel 2 News at 4 O'Clock is on the Reams,
will the leader board gravel or pebble the shoe to an obvious over.look or in.vest.to.gate reporting??

What will be the drink today for the Anchor three on their Desk of stray,
first parade of the medial on the National Trending of breast Turk.key as the Pup.pet??

Well Tiburon Community I know that this was a Train Stations LOC,
so shall the community learn a watch to what is a timex on the DISH.

This is a sat a light!!!

Good Afternoon Barbara Fitzgerald, Did You Also Know Bill Lobell, Dave Brockway or Your Predecessor On Hiring In At The Open.Kneeing Of Store 0053 1998??

Name by Name,
chart bye chart,
room buy room the elephant spokes,
wheel stores call.it throws,
pea duh called prose,
the back to base sick made PetsMart the provisions to the dough.

Each avenue of re.puke,
the UPS shipping knews,
pay per packages to delivery early seven AM on the unlock lined door word.

On the back of the Trailer to the Count.sting,
those monthly E!.Knock.Cue.Lay.Shins to the Mon.Knee!!

Park chose to Take the Scoop,
bank those prescriptions to had to have the Lathes on back behind the Scenes,
in those laboratory coats as that made it professional to only exit on the coy.in.


What is a Groomer on the Bather of the Shot,
is it comb or toolbox fame with Grooming Schools on played,
Northern California West of the Rockies yep,
I had a Training Store and yet these late Breaking News,
Wow of Wait!!

To say that blinks are Crickets,
to say the name of loo.is,
to know that keys and combo is banking whats poe.lease,
in question of a Corporation to that Nevada teach D.C.,
what is the navigation Tiers with I to just State steer??

Store Director to Store Director like Denny's got a Peer,
the cook.key cut??,
no its just the way that PetsMart made to VetsMart on the rear,
see.E!.owe?? see.oh.oh??,
which POE.Cyst.Shin is the Mustard on Ketchup in this Strummed,
work.currs comp.pen.say.shin or acting known to TAPs??


The story of Banfield that was VetsMart and bought eh ole Wall Market for the Date Circa,
as the stream said touch the person buy person that hired PetsMart through,
to parades of all those doors from in the front to Vetted flank,
this today is cent of form to know that what you have read is blanked.

And there it is 1998 to crave the grain in reins,
gallop poles Australian shows for scores on stored be laned,
the key whole shed to tools and bread a Circle of the greet tipped??,
no it was the basic scene to way that Vets Market Sir Jury Read to make in Money on the raked!!!

Don't forget the InStore rent that was a Cent trip to the bot.dumb line,
the what is on the scale now the empty rooms of slabs and colds??,
chill.lean Veterinarians to what is a desk of Counter,
the lathe, the shingle, the cobblestone or what is the Number of the sod??

Deer Ban.Field,

"All feathered things yet ever knowne to men,
From the huge Rucke, unto the little Wren;
From Forrest, Fields, from Rivers and from Pons,
All that have webs, or cloven-footed ones;
To the Grand Arke, together friendly came,
Whose severall species were too long to name".

by Michael Drayton

Roc Banned Makes Salts Brine To Pep.Per Planned!!!

Balance a silence with the saying of people peering down on my porch,
as the production of bother to making more prose feel oles at the price of spectacle,
microphone torques 'R' the shout and then pose,
what is that bang bam boom but the shells of push to shove dough.

In many attempt to be of polite as in did,
tired I have become of the glancing pass of stride to bad rooks,
chess on this has become my turn-it all block,
that has been progressive to the world and its rip of record take of parade and skip the shall to ignoring the toe.

From many Idea to the work on the stubbed society I just say that times come to multiply exist,
found on the strip is more of just life,
use I till the take of an idea till it profits your pocket and you say that its chores.

In regard to the constant of a length of time on my sleeve of what dark towers have port,
its just the depth of take Take take and then to have heard "No, she's just a blogger".

The endless account of why bother to retort,
for it will just be the next words of I am not the one that is the speak about.

In truth to worry of surrounding greater large,
I have attempted to be of assistance but I find its just a log,
so on the shutting down to week end a spot,
the day to daily denial has become grading to my knod.

On the errand of great good for the air is goodness breathe,
I was in a disgusting puke accosted by a stem,
cellphones clicking to fucking bark Men,
corner stores and turd burgers match the barking above in Means,
on one hand is a give the other slaps you wink,
than on the come to terms its rape and than left blink.