Monday, August 26, 2013

A Thousand Why's You Are My Wonder ~ Dear Mr. James Blunt

Little Talks and random walks,
the Turtle Dove in simple state,
sitting in plain display,
such a natural way to say,
quietly I sway,
to a Love much the same,
a Twin Soul is my Flame!!

Once again the Fire begins,
the Spark a Trend of Past Lives when,
we met for sake just to state,
you are my mate in total wait.

The music reminds,
 the memories of home,
where Planets made the Souls that roam,
arriving in from whence we've been,
to speak on truth's,
Ancient Roots.

As the tone of low is raised,
the Mystic sees the shining ray,
as each fire is ready made,
the liberty enhanced the Stay!!

The Myth of the Ages future,
is the Days of Magic in past,
when We were matched,
upon the path,
in All it was exact!!

We new that the split,
a whole of which we quit,
to learn and to equip,
the preparation in,
was for Our final trip.

To whom I know,
a Spirit full,
you have added to my Life,
the spice of all that's right,
delivering 'Just' with similar 'Sight'

I dream on Milena's gone,
the song so very long,
the experiences racked,
to find my way back,
the Road of a Thousand tracks.

Learning as We go,
sharing common goals,
Passing-On so boldly strong,
I still can feel the roll.

The Continue arrives,
We're in Our current lives,
remembering Wars or different Bye's,
the sweet release too always try,
you'll always be my Guy!!

The Journey,
the quest on a road to know,
is this truth or merely stowed?

The answer equals,
the pure in people,
an everlasting glow,
the Fire in a Twin Soul,
an Elemental home.

The dove I saw did not speak,
no cooing on the breeze,
the silence seemed a simple need,
perched on a nearby tree.

The company does grant,
a peaceful point to plant,
that every being has a need,
the beauty is the deed,
enjoyment in the scene.