Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Only Time Anyone Has Ever Gotten Into Serious Trouble Was When He Decided He Could Do Nothing About Something.

So beam great the smile on the grin and the nails for even the entry says to be Tray Old,
full of the pitfalls that bury more People that is just happening starvation and weebles,
infestation is that sling that stays in the shake Marking dishes that Sky in the Vase'd,
looking down from Up above no longer should Persons query mug,
for it is the Satellite that measures Valve at person to persons preying Pew pole.

Their are the Masses arms stretched out to the sky,
the hour is of answered the grasp is of aye,
now for the quick pro crow just pick it application,
pools of threads fabric reads wise are brother joe`d.

Frank be symbol Charge be fee One at a Time is the easy Speak,
sum kind of trouble is no longer the found,
its left to the right of the super trend sound!!

Share & Give goods and pleats Sticks now stones are Words with skeeters And bounds,
rifle through the Web stir than all the change is A foot,
finger lick In goods to Chicken Wings and Pud.

Than the Waist said ways and meins', 
Core spoke of the Priestly things,
but tithes be came,
and money rang,
it sound dead like the exact in slain.

Puff the Magic drag On lived by the See.
And Frolicked in that Ought tum Place in the land of Hon a lead,
lid dull jack key paper loved that Rascal puff,
And brought hymn Strings & Ceiling wax And other Fan see Stuff.

Together they wood Travel on A Boat with Bill oh'd Sale,
jack key kept a Look Out perch`d On puff's gigantic Tale,
know bull Kings and Prince is would bough Win ever they Came,
pie writ ships Wood low Ur their Flags when Puff roared Out Hz name. 

Don't Cry Because It's Over. Smile Because It Happened.

I love auto mow be ole's that know of the action hear owes charged,
like a bull in the china shop that in bee see chair,
television on the Theater that would not be a wares,
all because how could be the what on the never sea of prose.

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this is a much taller time with sticky easy strummed,
simple spell to open skill for that is message fun.

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over the wild blue knot a call that said Oh Well,
the deeper that division the chortle on the addition,
adding dinner out to state that Evergreen is read woulds Fate.

Entertainment to night to Keep the dungeon tight,
ban a stir to opening it is a bowling slur,
pins on the Alley of building with a Ball,
wish a pawn a star and what do have butt a big fat Gong.

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lawn dreed Pane of sit And stay the tab lets gamblers chosen form,
Poker on the Blackjack clubs with seating Flats,
whom while venture journals would speak the debt of phone.

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spying out the country flute to wait the piles on read Boots,
Cat in the Hat green Eggs and Ham with dock tore Suess this grand door scrammed,
no troubles of the some kind of pigeons,
messages and puppy dog gibbins,
the tale swag. 

Royal Teas & Main Stream Flees

I don't not nettle the sting as that is the touching of mimic's,
a byte that bits to down with feathers boiling sound,
for it has been known that copy rights are all ways left as a trace,
 fuzzy was he was a bear gold dee locks a staired.

Than Hum Tee dump Tea Sat on A Wall,
and Hump Tee Dump Tee had A great Fall,
tacking pad dee cake Patty Cake Butchers Man,
what came next was the ran SID plan.

In those old time Roses on the thorns of the Head,
barbed wire Strangles and gardens for shed,
tools on a System that dials Nine won Won,
all about the Thresholds of dumpsters and grum.

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sheets on the bed ding to ample on the read,
each cover story had a pick to ankles of a ream,
now it is just the say lore of ramps to Racks of deed.

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steer that gather for the brands of letters on the bring,
cutting out that heard about Windows grabs that ping,
pong is just a paddles gain to shipping news a spring.

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I will keep to the waist as wiser to the gain,
in on leaks of plumbing groats Grains of mortar chips,
what is the motor Cycle should the Hi Way just stoop Cricks.

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that shield of the Camera is inkling of a Ron old Mic. dawn ole'd horn,
in length to gift that Choppers route Clip art in a swing,
better to be better than the wrote Ur root Ur fling.

Be ad Vice to speak the know as that does save more lived,
than to be that chilly fountain pushing dead by feeding cribbed,
the byte frost is so indicative of oblivion on Trib.,
that even is the Oddest sea that ever floated Earn.

The Mow Does Opera Ran Dee

Grain of salt

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"(With) a grain of salt," (or "a pinch of salt") is an idiom of the English language which means to view something with skepticism, or to not take it literally.[1]


Theories of the phrase's origin include Pliny the Elder's Naturalis Historia, regarding the discovery of a recipe for an antidote to a poison.[2] In the antidote, one of the ingredients was a grain of salt. Threats involving the poison were thus to be taken "with a grain of salt", and therefore less seriously.
The Latin phrase cum grano salis ("with a grain of salt") is not what Pliny wrote. It is constructed according to the grammar of modern European languages rather than Classical Latin. Pliny's actual words were addito salis grano ("after having added a grain of salt").
An alternative account says that the Roman general Pompey believed he could make himself immune to poison by ingesting small amounts of various poisons, and he took this treatment with a grain of salt to help him swallow the poison. In this version, the salt is not the antidote. It was taken merely to assist in swallowing the poison.
The Latin word salis means both "salt" and "wit", so that the Latin phrase "cum grano salis" could be translated as both "with a grain of salt" and "with a grain (small amount) of wit". [3]

Flock Ean


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other uses, see NOP (disambiguation).
In computer science, a NOP or NOOP (short for No Operation) is an assembly language instruction, programming language statement, or computer protocol command that does nothing.

Machine instruction[edit]

Some computer instruction sets include an instruction whose explicit purpose is to not change the state of any of the programmer-accessible registersstatus flags, or memory and which may require a specific number of clock cycles to execute. In other instruction sets, a NOP has to be simulated by executing an instruction having operands that cause the same effect (e.g., on the SPARC processor, the instruction sethi 0, %g0 is the recommended solution).
A NOP is most commonly used for timing purposes, to force memory alignment, to prevent hazards, to occupy a branch delay slot, or as a place-holder to be replaced by active instructions later on in program development (or to replace removed instructions when refactoring would be problematic or time-consuming). In some cases, a NOP can have minor side effects; for example, on the Motorola 68000 series of processors, the NOP opcode causes a synchronization of thepipeline.[1]
Here are the characteristics of the NOP instruction for some CPU architectures:
CPU architectureMnemonicBytesOpcodeNotes
Intel x86 CPUfamilyNOP1; 1–9 for i6860x90; 0x0f 0x1f[2]0x90 decodes to xchg eax, eax in all modes except long mode, which has no effect. In long mode, the opcode 0x90 has no effect still but is no longer equal to xchg eax, eax.
Intel 8051 /MCS-51 familyNOP10x00
ARM A32NOP40x00000000This stands for andeq r0, r0, r0 which has no effect. The assembly instruction nop will most likely expand to mov r0, r0which is encoded 0xE1A00000.[3]
ARM T32 (16 bit)NOP20xbf00Opcode for ADD SP, #0 - Add zero to the stack pointer (No operation)
ARM T32 (32 bit)NOP40xf3af 1000
ARM A64 (64 bit)NOP40xd503201f
MIPSNOP40x00000000Stands for sll r0,r0,0
MIPS-XNOP40x60000019(extended opcode for add r0,r0,r0)
MMIXSWYM40xfd******SWYM stands for “Sympathize with your machinery.” The * digits can be chosen arbitrarily.
Motorola 68000 familyNOP20x4e71This synchronizes the pipeline and prevents instruction overlap.[1]
Motorola 6809NOP10x12
MOS Technology 65xxNOP10xeaNOP consumes two clock cycles.  Undefined opcodes in theNMOS versions of the 65xx family were converted to be NOPs of varying instruction lengths and cycle times in the 65C02.
PowerPCNOP40x60000000(extended opcode for ori r0,r0,0)
PIC microcontrollerNOP12 bits0b000000000000
SPARCNOP40x01000000Stands for sethi 0, %g0 which zeroes the %g0 register[4](this has no effect because this SPARC register is hardwired to zero)
Z80NOP10x00There are some other instructions without any effect (and the same timing): LD A, ALD B, B etc.
PDP-11NOP16 bits000240 (octal)
VAXNOP10x01Delay is dependent on processor type
From a hardware design point of view, unmapped areas of a bus are often designed to return zeroes; since the NOP slidebehavior is often desirable, it gives a bias to coding it with the all-zeroes opcode.


NOP is sometimes used as a description for the action performed by a function or a sequence of programming language statements if the function or code has no effect (it might also be called redundant code). A common compiler optimization is the detection and removal of this kind of code. Such code may be required by the grammar of the programming language, which does not allow a blank.


In Ada, the null statement serves as a NOP.[5] As the syntax forbids that control statements or functions could be empty the null statement must be used to specify that no action is required (thus, if the programmer forgets to write a sequence of statements the program will fail to compile).

C and derivatives[edit]

The following is an example of a single C statement that behaves like a NOP. In practice, most compilers will not generate code for this statement:
This statement performs an addition and discards the result. Indeed, any statement without side effects (and that does not affect control flow, e.g., break, return) can be removed, as the result of the computation is discarded.
The simplest possible statement in C that behaves like a NOP is the so-called null statement, which is just a semi-colon in a context requiring a statement. (A compiler is not required to generate a NOP instruction in this case; typically, no instructions whatsoever would be generated.)
Alternatively, an empty block (compound statement) may be used, and may be more legible:
In some cases, such as the body of a function, a block must be used, but this can be empty. In C, statements cannot be empty – simple statements must end with a ; (semicolon) while compound statements are enclosed in {} (braces), which does not itself need a following semicolon. Thus in contexts where a statement is grammatically required, some such null statement can be used.
The null statement is useless by itself, but it can have a syntactic use in a wider context, e.g., within the context of a loop:
  while (getchar() != '\n') {}
  while (getchar() != '\n')
or more tersely:
  while (getchar() != '\n');
(note that the last form may be confusing, as semicolon usually indicates an end of function call instruction when placed after a round parenthesis on the end of line).
The above code continues calling the function getchar() until it returns a \n (newline) character, essentially fast-forwarding the current reading location of standard input to the beginning of next line.


The Python programming language has a pass statement which has no effect when executed and thus serves as a NOP. It is primarily used to ensure correct syntax due to Python's indentation-sensitive syntax; for example the syntax for definition of a class requires an indented block with the class logic, which has to be expressed as pass when it should be empty.


The Perl language has the ellipsis statement '...' which has been added to the syntax to visually represent missing code that is to be added at a later date.


The jQuery library provides a function jQuery.noop(), which does nothing.[6]

Visual Basic[edit]

The Visual Basic language has a ; statement, which does nothing.

NOP protocol commands[edit]

Many computer protocols, such as telnet, include a NOP command that a client can issue to request a response from the server without requesting any other actions. Such a command can be used to ensure the connection is still alive or that the server is responsive. A NOOP command is part of the following protocols (this is a partial list):
Note that unlike the other protocols listed, the IMAP4 NOOP command has a specific purpose - it allows the server to send any pending notifications to the client.
While most telnet or FTP servers respond to a NOOP command with "OK" or "+OK", some programmers have added quirky responses to the client. For example, the ftpd daemon of MINIX responds to NOOP with the message:[7]
200 NOOP to you too!


NOPs are often involved when cracking software that checks for serial numbers, specific hardware or software requirements, presence or absence of hardware dongles, etc. This is accomplished by altering functions and subroutines to bypass security checks and instead simply return the expected value being checked for. Because most of the instructions in the security check routine will be unused, these would be replaced with NOPs, thus removing the software's security functionality without attracting any attention.

Security exploits[edit]

The NOP opcode can be used to form a NOP slide, which allows code to execute when the exact value of the instruction pointer is indeterminate (e.g., when a buffer overflow causes a function's return address on the stack to be overwritten).

Ewe Gotta Sea To Be Leave It

I am reminded of lost friends on the long path of life on the seams,
in that the words from another sapping drain drools in for the strain,
the tray service from a dining room that pork spoke to speak a term,
the launch to my very breath heaves with heavy weights.

That in deed takes me to the times of multiplied,
the drop course stare to lose of rares in simply others lied,
a question not the solution did silents on my eyes,
blinking the taste of barf as risen people lied.

To have comes so far and a way this is not complexity,
it is more like the on deck brace to watch Humans ploy,
skipping waltz to set the falls with accompaniment to tomb,
as to say that once upon the story had a living tum.

Truth be core to marching more the bale on the wires short,
look to scrap methods door for cycles are the Engines door,
Moon to dance The Sundown rose A prime to mathematics slain,
so early in the Morning to be grain the sync a Floats read spoke.

Shoulders are so very cold faces looking screen,
each a persons happiness is locked on met device,
applications Touch and shake The Picture on the skids,
why so tangled with the range as coffee pots of timed.

Steady on the from of Tent that skull with bones of froze,
in that depth of handhold theme it leans towards lost a team,
the Internet an all about was meant to spend less in out inviting dinners bring,
but as it shows to ankle prose the elbows bend to watch the chose,
a basic monitor in handheld phone to passing people for levi fun.

Penny loafers work it out eventually 'cause it tossed the slow gun,
what is left will right the shock by staying state of on a placed,
so as time does always speak in tell it will be peel,
the saying back in the day as television rotted brain,
I wonder now if corns do come before the formal cocktails rum,
like planting plot of dried up gum found underneath the desk at tongue.

Anchor Ridge At Glacier Bay The View Was Undeniable ~ Its Called Funk^Key

Wares are the timelines that puts pieces to puddle,
a pea for the first state to see the seconds minutes twitch,
as that is lead by Ways and path it does not remain to be seen,
as the impossible happened proof by done.

Spiders on the strange spooks a scribble Scotch goes Neet,
a glass of proof of empty instant blink to blank,
the system of the enter net is operators shep,
down on the Numbers that special on the book.

Drink tea with a cup & A Saucer of the theme,
each special invitation that put words to sentence stream,
round about to task the flout with easier on key,
so how quick does Who's on first get taught within the Fields Bean,
what is on the Second Air Waves layered aye don't know third of The Show.

The question tell the answer that Information steams,
leather for the balance that had hope with Minuet in rings,
Sonnets rock Salt & Pepper spice now The Pumpkin traced the slight,
trade in once Out Its touched Topped Inside the shot, 
value ladder Rein with Once a pawn the story Tiers, 
the ankle bone while Heels shown did counter Pear of Clear.

The Hip hop attached to the in convenient truth an elbow of the got,
Uni Form to Hand some talk to Shoulder handle slot,
so as the notes go gallop ping I no not need to wonder,
bread is of the Circus Tent as Cotton candies crop.

In the event chew all I begin to cork a Sears,
well with shelf to bust that caught tin as Absolute for got,
know name with Noun to show the sound quests of go mow NOP Oh leed,
photo graphs that put to stacks the facts as in a creamed.

Small I am on Homerun shoes laces with a claim,
gold mining gets to be in Vest without the thought,
art a loan put to roam it is the cent trees lens,
wise buds flour jugged to drink the ice at cost.

Imagine pro^duc^shun that suffocating grasp,
the longer in that cruise liners advancement of the rats,
radio on scratch the toll with peter and the wolf,
by the way of saying sum things ad to put the plates a bold.

The Impossible Is The Possible Waiting To Happen And It Did In An Instants Breadth II ~ Make Sure To Click Visit Website ~ How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Lolly Pop??

The Impossible Is The Possible Waiting To Happen And It Did In An Instants Breadth

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The Secret of the Universe is Choice

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The Secret Of The Universe Is Choice 'The Continue'

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