Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why do we remember what we could never explain?

I saw you in the hint of...

Time, I do,
I have the pace to say,

"Work Me."

As the World crashes aside your existence, I say,


I stand to speak on,
Past Lives?
Reincarnation? I wish.

Try Me!!

For He shall not, not be,
what you wish,
a Scapegoat for "All Time."

I resist.

The way around:
We Dance.

Go for it!!
I wait for my Twin.

It is still HIM!!

This Life, or, the Next,
he speaks to say,

the voice is one from the past.

lyrics from Today.

To Think Upon A Millenia Song

I think upon your Strength,
and, I know that I can mend.

Not years, but, Millenia have passed,
since I saw you last.

As it seems much the same,
the differences are palpable.

I do not dream of you on such occasion,
instead, I know, of only Self.

For in the Time before, a past-life gone.
Discouraged for Spite.
Nobody listened, I did deplore,
as people lead with a deaf ear to all you said.

So Sing!!

On this return I only point,
at nothing more than their "Same Mistake."

You were clear,
 lost your Life while stumbling here.

In this thought, I still fear,
 repetition seems so near.

As before, a time that is KNOT!!
I'll hold for you, every Man shall decide; For Ride.

Right or Wrong you were clear,
"Stand or Fall: The faults on you."


A Blunt Review, From Me!!

The Tunnels of Time, Release You Yet Again?

The Race "To Know" before we go:
Patience should enhance your Stay.

Do we have within our own person,
the Courage to Encompass the dynamics of Life?

Here or There?

The Complications, the Facade, the Innocence,
a sustained faith?

I fear for the Souls of this World.
I see in "The Continue,"
an end.

I am frightened you will be lost,
in the tangle of no belief,
negativity and sin.

I Tout,

the ones from below are calling out,

"Are we only believable when.. or upon arrival?"


The pillars that hold my desires for your touch,
crumble into the structure of my faith,
in a Dream for You!!

I spur the tangible into a wish of nothing.
Just knowing that you dance into,
an affair of the sensual kind,
delights my mind.

Tingles my secretive thoughts,
and heightens the release of innocence,
of, meeting no resistance.

To advantage myself with the flow of cause,
reveals the taste of,
"Reality Bites."

A simple way,
to say,.,.,
"make hay."

I Am Guilty of Birth Itself

To break the chain!!

In this Life,
In the next,

Punishment for what I've done,
feels like a life-long run.
I'll explain.
Now that I am alone,
It is time to say,
"It's O.K."

I have waited, I have watched.
Kept an eye out for what I missed.

"I'm What?"

 Horror, Possessed with Demons.......and...
Oh wait there's more.

~ 666 ~
Spawn of Satan's child....
..the Beast!

I'm sold.

Never did I understand,
the Hatred mixed me Wild.

I'm ill with puke from a child,
projectile vomit ~ I did bottle!

Exorcisms, they were done;
I witnessed.

Exorcist death:  I watched!!

Pistols held to my head,
"Russian Roulette"
I was not dead.

Tired you grow,
running from the excuses,
they're thrown.

I am at an age,
I am a Sage,
a Seer to my own.

Gifts in abundance,
it hasn't been much fun.


laugh away should you wish,
or, just plain hold a candle in the wind.
Either way I will blow-out,
the time will come;
Just when?

News Flash
We all Die!!

I'd like to have it naturally,
to go as I do sleep.
To dream of things that comfort me,
not a Snuff to get your fee.

To overdose with Happiness!!

No person should take note,
for I only learned by Rote.
My death should cause no dread.
It shall come when Time does save,
to put me back to places I say.

Months will pass,
I bet that Years,
it will end up to really be.
Before you even notice me.

 I never thought to much of Life,
for Death has always delivered right.
Peace of Mind,
in this I find, deliverance of anther kind.
So for the people who advantage you,
say, "I am so glad you have allowed me too."

Thank You for your patience.
It has been making little sense.

Dead on Arrival:
It is intense.

I feel compelled to share one last thing.
I knew before I came.
My view of you was so UN-true,
I had to actually meet each of you.
I told the ones to be,
Controllers that "I see,"
"I must know evil personally before I kill for thee."

Now that I have shared,
I feel so much better there,
I must include one other last thing,
selfishness did rule.

What if I were the Evil one?
I would have been destroying myself for them.
That would have just been dumb.

I apologize for this never,
for in the immediate sever,
I discovered that I was free,
of this strange, but lurid dream.

I ponder to only me;

"Do we have past lives or future Sees."
I do not really know.

 I took no chance,
 I've danced the dance, 
with strangers in a stance.

How about YOU?
 Are you a Riddler too?

 It may have been,
the in-between.