Sunday, May 17, 2015

How To Property Yore Hoarse

The midst of the midnight song,
a very particular value.

In the dance of the waltz to the 'til,
a feeling of the just, 
a feeling.

The counter of my gut answered to the duck calling in a variable!!

The Product of Experience,
in the person of the first is of the second on the moment in the Oh,
how beautiful!!

Balance of the hug,
relief brought more than what the letter speak as what had happened of what happened in the nigh.

 Of ever worry Concern spoke to self, 
for why's of stress can take the best and freeze for the sake of text,
a rather worry to the Worry of the worry In the worry carrying worry to the good own fret.

To be of the simple in the Simple of the Simple with the great on the desk to subject worry
is the foundation of the foundation At the foundation of not worrying over the foundation of begin!!

Say that the see was to bark at the Tree but the tree was the Moon in a life before Sun,
as the read went to speak in a Peach of an apple the Orange would than be of the same in the rattle.

Grade this done,
to the Confession,
of lung as what is of life is Life with some fun!!

Happy Handsome to communicate,
hand is the thanks,
of the Walk,
the relaxing at Central.

This Is A Picture Of A Writing Lesson ~ The Saddle Is A Chair However Did You Know Its An English One With A Western Substance Seated At Stuck

The reality of My candor to Talk the calendar of a Home owe Phones do Course,
the event that Natural connection reads the Magazine Racked with fill Instant,
the Subject Matters in that Photo Pushed to the NetWork of televised by Still Graphed,
as Morse Code is an define to a Deer I could Also employ Dren As Name to I.D. of word Origin`d, Change the L for An In to the H of the Case then h is Edited to enhance or deed Nan to the Wed.

In Aspect on Knuckles remember the Month memory on 30th to that February Nut,
how is the Day of the week to the Year inking that Avenue to the Placed on the crane,
lift in that the Monday At Pealed is it off to the Job or a Make jung of the Caved.

Is the To's on the Tues Play an A Tude E.T.@spelling Define Kneeing the tongue with a Bit of the Swell,
than do Wii groovy the label Once said As the recording of T.V. at the Cable more's Feed,
a chord in the Sing touching Remotes on the pea Creature gone Feature know Time of the Played.

Bed time for Bonzo is that Clowning around cannot the Make^up be going to Loud,
Kid napping Gently that sleepy Say tea are the Hours on minutes for Exhausted by key`d,
dancing Or gym Bells that Walk on the teach Tires are Running on the role`d bye The thoughts,
can Sir be of Read could that simple be Sting a Hive on the comb or the Hun Knee of bone!!

Now at the Pictures I LOOK to that plant In aghast at the Cycle of granding the Flout,
to Have been toe Familiar to landmarks that Breast now on the language the Pictures shed Clocked,
the Lombard bull La Vard that North bye N. West south to the Sick in on the Product of bred.

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to be of Such anger that The Beach went Too Scarred now that the printers are Global on chain,
the leash with a Bump laugh Tell of the Steer A View with Ridicule to the Cats on the bagged,
in edit of my Entry to Poet A horse the University sailing That toast of the Say,
rickets is A leud disturbing Not scene For Working with Horses the Van is a Game.

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can Is on the A of the Is a spur Grain take in the As bin or the Informational Tossed,
shall The Ton Nell of same Grained be on the Reversed is Satan than Blamed gamed to Outer the pier.

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is Rabbit a hare or the M&M speak than of Course prince Was a Sign now A name.