Monday, June 17, 2013

Sometimes It's Done Before It's Over

MUSE: Changing the way the World Thinks

How does it work?

It's comfortable and easy-to-use.

1. Just upload one of our custom applications to your smart phone or tablet.

2.  Pop on your Muse. It should rest comfortably on the upper forehead, and sit behind the ears like a pair of eyeglasses. Clear any big tufts of hair out of the way, so that the earpiece of your Muse headband can make good contact with your skin.

3.  Pop in a pair of your favorite ear buds and start the app. The Bluetooth should connect you once the app is running.

4.  Customize your app--choose the length of time you want to spend, the soundtrack and, when applicable, the type of environment.

As you explore the various exercises on the app, Muse provides personalized brainwave tracking and performance tools to guide you . You'll see these in an activity meter, and in metric reports, during and after each use. By introducing various activities and stimuli, you'll also see real time results that can help to make it easier to achieving your short or long term goal.

You'll likely want to use your Muse at home or at work first. It's good to start with 10-15 minutes each day but you'll be able to customize the time you want to spend. It'll take time just like learning any new task or game. The trick is to keep at it.