Sunday, December 7, 2014

Equation Courts Simplicity

how what why where

the endowment of a dream is interest this A.M. of a window steam to the diamond rain,
a shower of the clear on walk of movie film with syn ink at mind for Thought of Time,
after wake the shape of draw was finger tall in character of Word upon the offer.

Symbol to an Ancient write of simple darning sewn pen direct touching book of frame,
to delight on connection would be to pleasure the ankle asked the Walk,
from road to turn on bend the built was odd a devotional scene yet The Trouble calming.

the template being saw Floor on path Mountain favor delivered Truth to view atop Vista,
scenery actors of paid relief Borrow was of lens to grass on The Float of humanity dived,
so plank bundled further to wheat drinking Calendar as if waist of fluid Irons.

Dew pane nigh of Blow a gentle sleeve in thus I grow,
wisp as Rye to task this show for the Verse was writing slope,
nor steep nor sleep nor unbalanced nor unthought know rehearsal was the shock.

At base of Pagoda, Structure keen, asking, Question answered, Orient by daoist seen,
in separation by joined Watch an eye is center Peace to knocked as the knuckle equals loc,
in discussed I listened still Reason shaped the shadow Care buddhist born a friend in corn.

d.g. central asked my Sing not silent nor shifty thus course of spline,
crow to text a message send From a careful letter Bring,
vast in Many my finger seen again Again a Gain to beam on pane the fog no Mystic saved.

With cadence of a ghostly sleigh I Vapor for the theme of say,
more of moist to Steam the outdoor construct work of clay,
to belief The Actors courted the diamond window shaped display with nearly touching Out line.

To have looked at Moment face broke no mourning instant core was query soar,
eyes held Mind of ponder Brief second to design ask Reel Can the sound tick a tick e click it tee,
glides of myself more of stair leaned towards no Note despair as the dawn was horizon paired,
the number of Equation on Prime chord purple priority of Sign to spackled sphere.