Thursday, May 29, 2014

Band Sheets

What frothed Insurrection in the Slammed,
is Tis drawer Bureau High boy ran?,
the bitter of the tasting fee,
for thou art the settling Lead.

Hover distance to the Lamp,
usage volts thru dove tailed branched,
burrows barrel two shots planned,
the i.d. that Sets a Speak.

Th cubby for the Hats in stand,
fits to make ensure a door,
to width of built and height to brand,
is the would knot for the Land?.

Mirror of Vanity atop it's side,
the ties are rolled or hung in freeze,
not until the dressing coat,
the proper is the butlered more.

Free to be the dignity,
resting is the ease of spree,
stood in difference Maple made,
in the Cedar the Moth Ball paid.

Fellow spoken bringing vocals,
cast out to the spinal trades,
in the Loin of livered strung,
the frozen food is the funny bone.

Shines to Shoulders Elbow pokes,
do you have hands or Dicks to stroke,
master-cation chew your Cud,
the bubble pops it's chewing gum.

To the Corner Store on 10,
on the thoroughfare to the Park to prow,
they sold rabbits foots to show,
not one nor two not even three,
many did hang handles tree.

Speeding on my bicycle,
up the block around the spore,
road to mid the Fountains pour,
plopped right in and road some more.

Water splashing swish swish swish,
the sound enticed the real wish,
when times the bandstand filled with this,
a Man whom held me side in sits.

To say that upon a day,
of many many Bands to play,
before the fight and after say,
he took me to the cradled bay.

A big and booming voice he made,
an out-stretched arm pointed See,
leading with his locality,
up above on same stage be.

The deepest low of tonal read,
the comfort I do feel from steed,
no matter what they tell you babe,
all of this is yours today.

Tomorrow when they rob us still,
remember Dad said it's just a kill,
the balanced difference came brought with Bill,
never can they take this Mill.

Again no matter what dee say,
it is all yours I gave today,
to my small frame he called me baby,
said the words and they were never maybe.

Oh but for the Orchestra Shell

Full ~ Steam A ~ Head

Singer burped and sent a blurt,
two negate the third erupts,
the sprawl so seen it Media bleeds,
yet with the rough comes Means.

Such I scrawl upon a Tag,
the trip did not beget,
the skill to open eve hello,
to see the eyes of ...
I don't know.

All Emergence Broadcast System,
the Science in the Brainwaves glisten,
to the share no discipline,
he'd rather splurgy the lacking,
to bites of striking,
the coil of the Rosy thorn,
says Crown has picky Feens.

Chickens do so cackle,
the bark does speak Tree,
the rough of Entertainment,
must be the 'Oops' of scream!!

Charge the Site to Venue,
with the words of trend,
quality control,
makes mine a better Win!!

I don't get the Male,
take and to due a Tale,
oh wait I think I lied,
'cause it's Beautiful in the Training Ride!!

Caboose Tsking!!!  

Red Light Green Light Know Engineer Is Full Bore To Clear

Sew stir you're thought the Cobb webs Knot,
tangled in disrepair the lack of Human touched,
whilst left without the body shout comes to say I'm out about,
to know the broader lays.

To the Art of B.D.S.M. a shower is a storming,
the lightening bursts are thunderous kites,
electrical 'cause the string is Mights!!

Arms that hold not shut the sold,
will come to envelope not seal the well-Up!!

Stones to brick a concrete stick,
dungeons have their Lairs.

Chocolate entices the ice cream Nices,
to speak the tongue in communicate lung,
as rhythms to the feat.

Standing a loan with singular shone,
the speed is thrown to the winding tone,
that Men should Cause concern to Pause,
especially in production past on Video path,
showing the Restaurateurs.

World touring to Band,
money in sand,
grit to grinding queer,
definitions are stolen changed to hate,
expressions now put limits wow,
one less in per year.

Original price to know a Vice,
the guess is that I'm fee,
to speak of on or steel the Song,
the difference in the stock is feed,
the Cow makes great for Butcher how??

Books are written bound by leather,
saddles are made out of same,
times do change the riddle came,
now Bridle is a Rein of tame.

Since the please to meet was read,
a letter of the enter tree,
saved to grow like red would know,
without the alterations doe.

Wide eyes to look in person,
a thing that no one does for curtain,
leaves the Show to whom will fro,
and not just post the hey are you,
protection seems a clue.

Connective tissue to the crawl,
make way for what is knot small,
for touch as youth was not received,
the hands delivered thoughts perceived,
the film of rinse through such a Lens.

So Dear Guy you sing of try,
but counter in actual the failure is not I.

The Continue of Venue with slam dunks adult,
remains to be that little girls lead,
the tears of joy are good to breath,
a sort of final moment need,
to see if James Blunt is real keeps.

To his fault the measure will go,
'cause I've been left so many throw,
understanding that I don't know,
it was just a hand or meeting go.

No mention of this forever stuck,
the Cause Affect I see the luck,
to inspire the persons that need belief,
that Two is Three in Zero Deed.

Sense creates that blocks are crates,
to pack this in a rook sack pate,
responsibility shant not declare,
than the run becomes the dare. 

Chicken Wire Honey Combs

Every Beginning has a Start,
the state of Sorts it's Blue,
the Key Inside is the Trued,
I say it inside of You!!

First there was a matter,
than there was a bird,
whom gave to the feather,
the quill to hallow sip,
a drink within the trip.

Second a big brand,
than there was sum land,
whom gave to spake a way,
the equipment to the day,
a Swallow within the kits.

Third their was division,
than there was a suite,
whom gave to argue points of due,
the strokes to Set the Trill,
a simple within the skip.

Shant the calculation,
consider Means in Tow,
the Mind is Seated in the Brain,
the searching of the Crow.

Dance the fruits in Song,
the growth would have agreed,
that 1st theirs Seed,
2nd to Sell,
and 3rdly remains the Deed in Spell.

Instant each a bite,
the chapter of the trite,
a thought removed would Cave a Stand who?

The Bee does do the Sting,
the hoarse has no more Hoof,
a spinal tap to beyond the sap,
introduces a rhythm wrap,
expressive to just whom?

Part the beauty Sea,
in Ocean of the Wave,
the Tidal came and said it's Spake,
I'm taller and I move.

The Sky does speak a Cloud,
in Stars we've known a Sound,
the acoustics are controlled,
by the biggest microphone!!

Eclectics Cross the Source,
width a spacial zones,
reason Science to the phone,
the proof is wildly combed.