Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pass Owe Robles Horse Park`d

The brilliance of the land It on the Plan It of the earth on the land of butters Up,
that is a simple steam of kettle dreams but the reality is the hugs on the scene,
a great hello the excitement of the beams Lighting that Face with smiles of greats!!

To task the term of the agreement on the shallow has brought to the sentence a supper on the done,
in Pleasant to tack the Horse on the Form looking to the Onward Forward wonder of a fantastic real!!

The storms subject no blanket the Open Venue to A growth,
it is the sunshine on the horizon that dawn of lathered reins,
this bridle of fantastic the braids on the shown,
mills to Rice and Roams to trail blazing this World of the drone`d.

To laugh and speak with Met the search is to be ever so grateful for the port,
a good pine on the Jung in the bell of the Free is the length on the lanes in the Energy!!

  1. **Robles Name Meaning. Spanish: topographic name from the plural of roble 'oak', or a habitational name from Los Robles in LleĆ³n, named from the same word.

The Jack Russell Saddlery Company

Business Growth

Market studies in potential demographics will determine locations of *stores/*barns/*stables/*clinics, *etc.  Once an 'area' has been chosen, the following will determine the pattern of growth.  One *bricks&mortar will be opened not exceeding 3000 sq. feet for 'Hard Copy' stores, subsequent locations will follow; A map creating a virtual circle, connecting all the locations (Ferry Transfer recommended).

Not less than seven or more than ten sites will support the next move.

Choosing a center of all Locales we will open a distribution center.  We will supply all the *stores,etc, in the area from this location.  It will carry an inventory level of est. $800,000.00 dollars up to One Million in Cause.

Each store will support an inventory level of $150,000.00 dollars and not more than $225,000.00 dollars.  The 'distribution center' will also be a Retail Store.  All merchandise will be displayed in the same fashion as all stores I.E. *etc with Vast selection being the draw for an Equine customer (take a grain of salt)!!  Included in this location will be a Three to Four Stall barn with An Area designed to accommodate proper fitting of Saddles for Horse&Rider.  This location will be in a rural area and within a 200 mile radius of the *stores*etc. it will support.  This location will be 25 to 30 thousand square feet.

By implementing the above plan for growth of the companies we will enable the companies to increase buying power in an area that will ALREADY have established business.  The ability to supply the customer within one business day will separate us from our competitions.  We will also be able to tailor an area and target a market on specific discipline for the Equine customer, with relative ease and low cost of movement of product.  This savings will be passed on to the customers.

The distribution centers will also not sit idle, in process the distribution center will produce income from the Equine customer who would like a vast selection of specific fittings for their horse or person.

Furthermore this location could support a Large Animal Veterinarian (Only) and A Shoer if the designs were put in for 'each' venue.

Grass Roots Growth

A 'Trailer' with our advertisement prominently displayed on each side will travel the Fair and Show circuit.  We will go to local and State events and supply customers with Equine products and a visit to 'The Fox Hole'.

The Fox Hole

Tea & Coffee to go.  Crumpets croissants, bagels with cream cheese, cookies & other baked goods.

In The Off Season

Scheduled visits to Horse Barns.


The current market in the US is 112 billion dollars.  There is one mass market retailer State Line Tack (no longer applicable). Due to the reputation and product that they carry this will not be a competitor but an ally.  We are able to monopolize on the fact they carry products that are below the standard.  Although this does supply a certain customer base we will attract the customer that want to have the "old time" experience.  State Line Tack will supply the market we are not interested in, such as product with expiration dates.  State Line Tack has been perceived as having low prices and now that they have opened inside of PetsMarts they have the generic, low price, warehouse mentality attached to them.  They do run occasional sales which are far below market price structure (i.e. vetwrap, wormer) however the pricing on all other name brands are not competitive.  The only product below average market is State Line Tack brands; although this does not sell well and has a high return factor due to poor quality.  They are moving away from State Line Tack brand name and returning to name brands.  They have found Equine customers are name brand loyal.

There are no other mass market competitors, only small ones and two store independents.. Their fear of the giant State Line Tack has stalled in there current growth.

**All estimated dollars are perked to date appropriates of Futures on the gamed because this Business Plan was written on scratch paper in '06 while I was drinking coffee at a local cafe.

A Bookings Stir^Upped

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