Monday, May 18, 2015

Hoo Needs A Tight Toll

Grab those Reins and Increase the Haunch of Master Read its the Fleet on the Sailings Aye`t,
disgrace is a bearing of the Freezer frighters but Win the roads are Formal travel its a Bet,
that those Stop Signs are a Three Second California Street!!

Learn on the Lake its the West Clay Park on the Ricktor Scale saying Speech,
An accent Over the brake is a Full-Stop on the Playing piano Theme like a Duet that I've Known personally,
turning No pages as the beauty of the Natural Is the Beauty of the Oak on that cool breeze of An after Noon.

Loving the Pump Organ in My Mothers Front Entry that is the Memory of a Circus stile of Luxury,
it is The Beautiful Elephant on that Incredible Jaguar as A Panther graces My Hip Hop on the Mile`d,
touch the Tenderloin it is A Story time on the Ryhmne,
Dock Tore Zeus but as the Sun to is the Tut on a Great big Brother Named: Eddie is a a Blast eerrrrrr!!

He balances Every action with a Smile on the Faced and breathes With the ease of a Lion on those Rocks,
lucky Strike is At same On a Mission to spoke the Wheel as a drivers Climb 'cause People have paved the Rub burr,
to that Understood there Are these long Distance dialers That block Corks in Stake it Sham pain`d,
so Once upon a Mid of the Sky in the relaxing Calm I was roster`d In as a Term on the ability,
to the Games!!

Hi Way to the Concrete is the black Topper on a Bowel Bow Ah as a Faced to blanket stock Awe bee,
that is the Clover of this Offering at the sweet!!

Sugar Beets and Rue Barb wire that Tongue to Ignite and got Too saddle the Squire`d,
in the phat of that Spook I Crated the Snail to a Tigers Razor on the Zebra of the Inspire`d,
lets garden to the time on the Crow to location Locale on Locative locamotive Trained,
Now Move to that enter State from the streets of San Francisco to Gough on the Haight its a Raise,
stick Shift to a Hand break as the Intro. however I was INN spaced and that determination Was of`d.

In that Slow I preyed to the Sneer banking that Three day Squid for the Octopus on the Inks,
a Wall lets On the Initial to a particular Dressage halt is An the portion of the Test its Self,
in from To the Arena of the Stadium a Cross^Country on the stake House was a big Lift closed,
no bump just that squirt Up On the syke Got A Performer know I am an in Hands Sir,

Sure the Dee Oh dur Rent and that Parked a Concerto on A symphonic Tone,
the Radio edge to a Skunk on the Cat paint,
dear to the Antler a season on the Rub,
starch is a Cattle Man rides But Chaps thats a Bit to the Bridled holding the Impact of Collection,
leg On,
take that jumper and lock the Half-Halt to a Check scope for the stride french the Bounce to deep throaters.

Swallow Spout and Sword this Fires Flicka 'cause this is the Wrong Tank to pet Troll,
know that the spread was Well defined on back Rose to parks Out at the division of Divergents.

There I talked a Bridge explaining With the Communication of a City kids crop the Light harness`d,
in reality Blocks are Avenues How's The Sunset choke on Stonestown go to Serramonte Car park.

Daily City had a U.P.S. and That Was Called Mail back in the Play for the Go Troop of the 10th Avenue,

on 9th And Clement the Homer of a bar spoke gently to that Bowel boa Address true Ignored,
sew Than the threads said to the Need dull I am a Silk rider and That is not a Gate its a Chute,
on the Track its a powerful Trivia to feel the Horse as that Momentum begins to say Harbor,
leggings for the Bright a good Clean tally for the Told just Makes this a Hell^Owes Honor to Grow`d,
there it is the Tale on a ball for The Pitch got its Arm and I heard Mel say Swing A Way so I did!!

Over Hill UP the the Spade and Grabbed Myself a Parade flags Flying the Colors of When`ers,
Boom went that drive Oh how I bay`d Howling like the Coyote on my Morning in broad day,
under Carriage to Top Gear I found that collection to a Full Bore Peer,
its Called joe's Special & I know that Love is the Purple on the Hat for All days of My life At Feathering A pea Caulk,
its The Plum purr!!