Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dear Umbrella Staffed

Flip a corner Conch a wall on the egg herd the scrambles sloar,
in joy of the hour the minute time ringer is the price eve cost,
as the knight to the lamp has raze Ore`d edge inch it Clipper,
the raisin' in the sleek to the Greek on the mile at the bell Tau,
on list as the short to Keep it Tight an close`d the Primer.

Steady on the fountain drink of for get as that is the stagger,
in soaked to the lean as the ankle time theme reality is the tote^all,
as the Hi is for measure and the instrument from use is banded,
the acoustical peace is the bare of complete on such is the Handle,
no cope required introduced Fur told a special in admission on ignored.

Straight from the sliver to the in Fest. of Vol. strum stringin' the barn atone,
rig the ring of the fire on sleeve gain the cuff saddle to led Up,
sole to the sole`d the foot to the stamp is better at less to have Pan,
whistle the Road on the favorite be POE it is the cuckold all by a No`s.

In faddle to fickle the pickle be leave product is the dissection of smatch,
in proved to heck old the mix of jinn send the balance of dial a sleep,
coffee on the Smasher is breath on the Scope,
to this it is Merely the Reflex shunned at moat,
the wisdom to season of TOK at the bee's strum of simple by depth signed.

Ask the walk to a porch on the Pine^Appled expressed and the rein will provide a lighner`s,
in my pocket of scope to the fact I jacket to the weather of plan it earth,
in professional grain to the bulb of the same it is all way in stage to the Blind,
hype Upper last to the favorite abashed inkin' the eyes of brows on a pass to the bilabials.

Vast shant divide the vittles to Ram a Yearly be ball for the Swingers at small`d,
drank down on the vibration to the frequent of stall is of Menu on ladder day Ranks`d,
so gospel the Profit to the Bends of the rise as any Ocean Roars to the Tide,
drew dulled the prints stick to Viper the snail but sand it all out it's a bit chained for mouth.

Not a slip tongue discussion of bred by proxied to fossil the barn^a^called sigh,
for^EST the tree the snap a Vine is speaking to gifted bye naturally climbed,
as a rope is not Noose nor the twine of the goose it must remain to be the Tape Were^Murs boost.

Trouble the never with cruels of the sever as burning for barrels I jump the dare owe,
in action to base of the standard be Trade is boar for the Wild as that is eye stiled,
earth is put Lat to sand dial it track inching the rule as den diggered duals,
lakes that go stream to the see read of creamed is only a treasure to the basket of debtor.

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in brought that Con^Chord the at Knot took it cold Win turned and branded the Ex Amp Pulled.

Bud Wise Ore

Batter me back a simple to the temple of the mind that is of logic to the base of the burn,
in for the rail on the Universe it touched land down to the raise of the vocal location of a Crow,
on each shoulder the Thought of Memory roared the vernacular of the life that shouted Life Itself,
the Name and the Corker of the glass familiar on the tell abouts of the guns Cannon of the law,
in direction of the decide is it the Solar Reality of the natural loan to ante up the Speech.

In absinthe of a Bohemian by born Rite to an Elemental strain of purity verses the Ruben,
quest shores to the said as the Hebrew introduction to a Numerical salivation to torque,
raised by the factor on Shells of bombed lacks the truth is from a Cosmic begun,
roof toppers to the sphere of language shortened for the margin to drool a kicker,
transfer to the comprehension of course as death is but a Comet on the ajax of the Mission bells role.

Action on less is the biblical bark forced by the card of skit with a spice added called sty,
the rupture of boil is neither the Pot nor the waist rather the Swallow of the knocking birds,
animal to stature of the How`l to the Moon is a coyote yipping the packing of a wolf`s sigh.

There in the Mountain Crane a lake to Falls filling the sword with strength of forged by steel,
rain medal origining with a stretch of echo to score this Humanity with the loss of Mankind,
clouds in sort a picture show of description while the sip of ice is magic on the dimple.

Creation gallanted the fountain of say to know ink for a trunk to gut a fraction with additional lo,
counting the salvation of blessed by death to live with shoulders unafraid to laugh the slight,
a trip to the character presented is the comfort of hugging a dream by ways of trust company.

To dime a go with a plug making Posters the evident show that tell^a Veda that stars lit home,
the thank you for making my life sew full of challenge that I have the eyes to Ancient back,
oh for the Fire in the Flame that breathes to lap the shroud of simplicity to creation whom tokes,
so incredibly sorry I am for the Human Being that has trashed a wonder for the drill of died,
in earth on so much more than this marker of an individual could ever sand, writes tickle,
The Continue is the full of a eternity in the internal bank of an Omega at the alpha of Ra's night.


Win pain pours from the inner vein to the pulse of words on the lane of savory it is the spelling,
of chorus to the textile invitation of the bleed that layers the tongue to expression in the strain,
frost in as the shoulders of society has put to pardon the regard,
for label in not a blink but nails that the mouth spits sink.

That pliable fragment of dial to the screen of slumber by be leveled,
in lens is the ink that stretched the pen to shoot the thunder,
narrow to the line cold as the pillar a depth to guttural tone,
destruction groaned elation phoned the quest saw ways of piled,
creation spake of Cain.

Dark hours with minute timers baste Minds destroying the connection to finger craved,
darting the aim to platter return a stick ration of brain stake that is metered with smores bait,
no running flew to send the glue asking the sorrow of the human carriage of viewed,
tripping fallen the throat in gurgled strapped by the language that stands to symbol anguish.

Carved by the factory of applicated plaster,
a hammer with the sound thats read to be a crown of silenced,
type to scream the horror of bring is opened by the answer,
a stone thrown ranch that bitters danced to shied beyond the violence.

In circle of the net trolls a spine to week of trend act banking,
on the drills to fracture stills a cattle drive to all the spilled,
such sit in's on the laughter for Field Um far from dumb,
engaged to single sorrow the division that made par owed.

The worth of words that sentence parts to subtract at provided,
have brought to the world a brand of new to sordid tally,
horned with spikes to even sites swiping to erase,
the dent turns to the spreading lace and washes hands like Pilots.

Taste the torn a super sixed that frigid maze`d of off tend,
the sunken eyes to sippered lips that shake to earth the cryin',
so flowers wipe the cut to tied as the bunch is bundled,
ribbons of the silk in web is pushing on the rose a dead.

Rubber Sea Mint

Oh how beautiful the breeze on the send of the pelican friends on the sky flight of a grace,
in midst of the find a proper timely most certainly tangible sign to enjoy the peace of treats,
a bay with the story of reality no fable nor myth to tail a beacon that foghorn on the prized,
far in the found to a paper bring sound to see the backs of the heads that filmed on a stay,
future land that task of the sigh great are the Views to golf the setting Club.

Shall the ride in the work of children that will say Books of Calendars dates and graves,
written in yards the ruff outline to be lay flowers with Vases showing the World as it fades,
speakers on automatic Machines teaching salt Sugar bells as daft sells the Soles of kindle.

To have chanced a bulb to the springtime show of seasons that prove led,
a rose a bead example deed that Alice took a read,
painted power with a bust the thistle thorn to plant,
growing on the Vine of Wire the Cable came with enter Pyre.

Smoking signals at the light a green produce meant towers,
language in a chap turd tire the flapping of the shield,
flipping parts to switch a cart the burning smell of candle sleep,
shot well with the aim on sleeved so eloquently fired.

The agony of no defeat must eat tons at the breakfast seat,
lunch to think dine to pink a salmon testimony`s link,
caviar to oh the bar a cocktail napkin number,
address in scout the entire route and base the concrete tiled.

In city feet the bart to feed an entry each performs,
early morn to evening storm the place of watching waist to form.

The doors will swing or open slide a push or pull delivery signed,
weekly papers on the print avoiding real to squat on steal.

Piers with names the number lots a carriage for the very plots,
roasting beef to ties that clip a cuff-link on the equal Pond.

True to known The Presidio combed it is the beach that Module once upon a dime,
guns to turrets Men with Honor duty trust and shadows panda,
exit yield mark the deal money locked for Rover the snailing of bamboo.

The tunnel keeps an echo neat from Franklin to the Stable,
Polo Fields soccer sounds where once the Horses knew the ground.

The worth of life lessons priced to cut the sight of Wind mills,
the stonewalling that office sing is so familiar to the scene.

So fortune smiled took the bile and noted what was labeled,
wheat to rye the plateau mile a cliff that spoke of sealed,
in distant course the lights of short told the attitude of role`d,
but with each rate of face to state the logic claimed an i.q.`s grape.