Friday, June 13, 2014

Reality Worthed Seeing To Believe

Food is for thinking a dues in the Lot,
fodder like Thought is the makings of trots,
Best Foods makes Mayonnaise to Formalize brands,
the whips of the hard boiled in Eggs of the canned!!

Flips in the Switch of an Extreme in Known Games,
the power of struggle is never to hand,
the goods to the Wares in the ever to Planned,
like the bread of the Sandwich with Salami has taste!!

The deeper the vocals the better the base,
to case this to Study of a Social in laced,
with many obstructions the blocks built the neighed,
the horse in content will work like a dog,
but ripped off for gain it balk to the log!!

Moores are the Keepers of Wetting it down,
golden to springs but Autumn is sound,
the Fall in the Year of the Wintering downs,
the snow is the evidence to the Isle of founds!!

Creative by Nature the Origin of Boot,
foot steps that sweep to the quill of it's the Beep,
the roads of the loads that must dump for the take,
the wash behaves similar but not Quite the stain!!

Swallows do Warble the Whistle of Price,
gambling the Fiddle is the gold in the tripe,
bow to the Rose it's not hyped for the Vice,
the table of rounds sword the arms of the diced!!

Chop it all up to Onions that broil,
much better in Salad I prefer the big Coal,
sparking the fire I have a Bic,
billboards remember the Signs that still timber,
a memory of Shell in the Trigger of Hell!!

Shoot to the Moon leaves a great line,
one big step for Man remainders are by,
the divides added kinds to the type that just spine,
as the Organ is played in the stroking of Dine!!

I've been in the churning of lensed,
the glasses that shatter have eyes that still Den,
as the After Be Fore towards the March of akin,
the evidence did note the Frill is begin!! 

It's Just A Zebra Finched

Left my Wright to the Wheel of Timing a Venture in wit Skips,
travelers so often unravel the threads to said all base in paddle,
the oars of the boats in the bodily loads to the Ship of the tangle to Just Wind,
the Mechanics in the Store of the Robotic Sconce Fixed,
stills looking good as the tone is a scandaled!!

Trough that drink to the Mind in a Trolls,
the speak of the never does say to the Bowls,
that a spoon fed Sugar to the deepest of Knows,
that Whips are like Crops the Pour is the Growth!!

Charge tack poled to the softer of "No Thanks!!"
I'd rather walk than be disappointed by tanked,
brains of that study pointed to blanks,
the burrow of stroking the easy in dank!!

The Mic'd Stage to Venues that Power off With,
music from Tolds that Moons are just far,
ways to the Means in a Suited up Fare,
the Helmets so Worn that Stupendous said spare!!

Trouble the Sprite to the bubbling Champagne,
no liquor here for Sobriety does reign,
knotted hang overs to seek and abrupts,
that product of difference is Certain to Lucked!!

Upper Voice keeps a deafly in mood,
the production that is quick to the drew,
a light to the stand as the Singer needs Band,
but mostly He stills it as a One Named Brand!!

Criss this Cross with X, why Zut,
the obvious is the need for a bigger in deed,
born with such naturals that I can admit,
that strapping on belts is like increasing the width,
just to the Wit of the Switch in this Tipped!!

Clues to the boring of a Man in a shoring,
crowds to the surf as the grope shows a scoring,
a big hooray for the hards of the clay,
as the Astro Knots buckles to cover the play!!

A Role more Like Quarters of the Moon in the Year,
the Red is the Tell of the blush not worn here,
as the Typist just the flower of Vased,
the cuts are so given it's almost a raced!!

Snap goes the Bell to the Gates to the Brace,
thresholds to carry over the based,
character to driven the tucks in the ducked,
steady goes it better as I like the Truck!!

Loaded for Hitched to just disk the Ricked,
the Hammock approach to the Island of Moat,
the bridge built by Cards as the Joker is Wild,
it must be what refer sees as a Catch Twenty!!

Back to the Two Dollar Bill in a Coin,
Folgers is Coffee and boring is bland,
from the Land of the Person no offense can be had,
it must just been the Fence he Hemmed-Stemmed!!

Rabbit Storks Full~Lopes

Ask the Weirds in that double snap fact,
the songs that sung of Love and Tack,
the Stable be Wares of knotted Knacked,
the invitation to places that Barns spoke Basis!!

The ride in the Car of the lovely play on the Radio in day,
the speaker so volumes the problems away,
singing along with the words of the play,
just to be forward with impulsion of moves!!

As the Arena is waiting today,
the horses that I will be ridding in shape,
as muscle developed and Minds just do bound,
the road to the roaming of the taste is so loud!!

Spur to the Crops of the growth in the rogues,
the cleaner of stalls as the waking does call,
to the Piano in parking that Stay in a doll,
the Rib of the Snap is not mine in the Tall!!

Service is all Ways maintain cultured maul,
moreover to counting the walks not the falls,
Niagara or Hoover to the Damns or the balls,
bouncing back is the Coyote in the Cartoon of the brawls.

I liked Scooby Doo the best of them All,
it was the laughter and the mess-up's that understand plans do speak through,
the teach of the beating is the egg in the shell,
mostly it's Oystered to brother in Tell!!

The chucks to the bothered or the cycled of thought,
put aside for the Tennis of shoes in just brought,
forwards to Courting the future of Not,
as Freedom does Ring for the Door Bell is Sting!!

Musically gifted to the Operatic brush,
just paints a knew picture of the terribles in a bust,
I love the Movies and the Theater goes Live,
no curtains to lift as I am A Live!!

Traits in the Centrally locale of the Win,
therefore the remind is to be slicker than Tin,
the curt to the missed as the professional lend,
lands to the bings that B.D.S.M is still here!!

So thanks for the Point to the shot in the Steer,
it's a five Star Hotel that I know the Chef's Tier,
the platter of design still has to be timed,
like the clock on the wall it no longer is squawl!!

Wrist to the watch?, No it's digital brawl,
the highest of Satellites more probable in Pal,
now discounted as an Isle of A.W.L.,
clips to define in the all caps of rhyme,
a Riddle or Poet in the Rank of Sub Lined!!

Treating Knickers As Basically Genes

So blunt to shrug Big Ben still does theme,
to Popcorn in Theater of simply a stream,
the Name of Unknown to Keeping the Ream,
the digs to the blast of the biggest of Bangs!!

Trades Inn the Wares of How to Just plaque,
as the brass of the rocks to the statue of Talks,
the running of lids to the Crowns of the brisk,
You`Tube to Singing of only 'What if's"
I challenge Nothing as already Kicks!!

Know dryer here for the in between steers,
the laundry of washing is like soap in It's clear,
that mounting-up On the going so long,
is like the table of settings in strong!!

Pieces of Puds in the Vanilla of Creamed,
I love Milkshakes and Ice Creams Win dreams,
the speil of berging the icy of flows,
would never say that the bones did not snow!!

The chill in the sweet of the bitters to taste,
makes baking the chocolate that gets on your face.

The smear of the kid that said I speak with grace,
reminds to the skit the Riders have days,
that riding the Rogue is the best in the Show,
the challenge is Never for the dynamite is POE!!

Knot in the stance for thats left romanced,
to the stone of the partnered with crumbling the toast,
as I do like Croutons the Ceasar Salads of roast,
the Yorkshire Pudding is the drippins of floats!!

The buttering spreads across the World in beds,
no twist to the churning it's muching the Cheese,
a breathing approach to the knife of the Keep,
the Butcher does say it's the Tenderloins stakes!!

Elephant Talks The Cotton Candy Of Rocked

Jumps to the did in the woulds of the puts,
a profile to saids know truer is bred,
shall the 7-Up or the Ginger Ale Burp,
the Hiccup remained in the Root Bear of flirt.

For in the Boarding School I heard a spit,
that these taste like Medicine and heal the RIP,
as a drink for the flavor this One says Great,
to the Coke in the coco is Coffee of cake!!

To Present to the Given as Houses of Learn,
the Tell is the Simple of a College in Stern,
Cows out the track to the Horse in a derm,
it's the finding of course that makes teaching a sperm!!

The Tale of the Rails that Guise in a Streak,
saw a Movie with a similar name for a Train,
the funny of laugh is the Brains in a tame,
the hardly used places Thoughts to the Claim!!

Treasures are often lost at the See,
but remember, remember that date still due breeze,
the 5th of November an Interest in Keep,
as the same does exact in the tracks of the speed.

Simply to after in the already of done,
threads to the Cell phone of billed in a Sum,
tracking these complexities with Pubs of Come,
stools do Sit to the Interviewed bung!!

Buggering-off the most in the Lot,
is a Park in a Stay of the most Value to Say,
a leader bored chores to the servitude laid,
'cause not saying anything is like saying 'Every' stings as the Rivalry kings.

The Game of the Country is the Warner of Be's,
as the Pope or the Dali Lama seem to be robing such sings,
much like the retired have been put to task,
the writes develop as the photo shopped fella!!

A Negative is Film sent to Kodak as Priced,
the Role than returns with the Evidence in dice,
either the throw or the memory is Niced,
by Wares of the Camera or the Eyes in the Kites!!

String the Peals to gritting the Sand,
more to collection as the beacons to stand,
top of the Mark as the Face in the scan,
Pandora is Opened as Earnest peeks Planned!!

The Notes to the Olds of Any in Panned,
the heat of the water is the temperature strand,
frogs warmed up slowly while Toads know the Hot,
it repeats to the repeater in the shower of spots!!

A leopard to Jaguar the Master of trees,
the clause to the coasting of the Ab-lib in keys,
to pick the lock is a confidence came,
the Event of the Day is a Crossed Countenance in Brae!!

The taunting of never will beat with a bar,
the sheds of the ribbon in the blue is afar,
over the boarder to the fence of it's stick,
much like the Ass that was ridden to Picked!!

Crafting the Boxed for the day after Christmas,
the Easter in Springing the bunny of hop,
the Chest in a Desking not mine Cause it's Line,
making debts to accounts that full count the Vine!~!

Not new to the Xing out of the Stink,
to the rather chalked door of the brinking of bee,
as Museums are Places that just offer Tours,
Originals snap fingers to the steady of Bends!!

Clocking At Birth

Welcome to the Listen it's a Mind that does Mull,
over to under the Neats of the stole,
the verb or the noun in the name of the sound,
has history that comes from a Particular in Town.

The City at the Bay of the Golden Gates,
the shining of the Worth of the Men in the brakes,
the Leather that Wares to the Dungeons of Make,
no theory to reality it's a better for Sake!!

The Writings on Posts in a Google is Pace,
to the ride of the balanced in the Proper of state,
that Things use the Primal as an Understood in the Take,
the backs of the floating in the Ponding of late!!

Journey to the far-side of the flushing at Cape,
the cod are the dishes that Fish & Chips prey,
not for the linger as that is a skate,
upon the Ice of the Man in his latest placate!!

Guest to the Obvious in a Country of Trait,
free to the speech no pieces of plates,
licensed to speed in the valley of dates,
one to the too it's a tolling in break!!

Likened to Chains that dues clank in the banked,
the saddle of ridden is the girth of the Tank,
a head to the boulder of the granite Inn blasts,
know that the Scrolls are so bitten to brass!!

The stature of sitin' on you're the shite,
is the batter of eggs in the Foo of the fight,
thus originals have Heritage to the Rebel of House,
but Meakin has Heavys that sing to the 'C' louse!!

Fill in the Ready for it is an Eddy,
trained for the best and certainly this Test,
no criticism to the Brit of the rest,
for it is the Audio or the Keil for zest!!

I on the other-hand more known for my Sight,
discernment does shell to the broth in the brights,
soup it thick as the read is the trued,
I have a Window and it has Paned in Shrew!!

Peater your Pan to the Flutist in Can,
the chicken of fried is the memory I span,
for in the past of the living now rides a big grand,
the hand of the Player is the on spring of Brands!!


Too Trusted the Land of the Stand At Wrought,
the paints in the mural Our the creatives lots,
the grange in the plains sing of many taints,
the inks of the Mohawk believe in the lank.

Tis the stew of the soup in the skull at the sync,
a delivery to the breasts of the Eagle in drink,
if a Vulture cruises into the are,
the reactions from the full shadows to ajar!!

The usage of mere to the speaks of the shots,
made more than mention to the genocide in dot,
the brake of the Order as the Clear in facts,
a burst on the Television to the glaring lacks!!

Most that have affected lives like that,
would never care to mistake it back,
to the Look or the Sad state of reality in Share,
in a more usual commons it's the Eyes that stare!!

Often into space that is no longer there,
the memories a loan from times in a rare,
bring such sobriety that tears will not often be scene,
for it's in the After that the Factuals sting!!

The brights to the Tracers that are the lights in the die,
the sounds and the smells of death in the sky,
clouded with bodies that are fallen to tries,
it's the reality that takes the Mind in a spy!!

To drink and to laugh would be a normal guise,
to dress in the sane would be an address to the kind,
for the training in or for such disaster is proof,
that never suite up if you rifle to smacked!!

The World in a Nut Shell of bullets and Bombs,
the colors over-head are the hats that brains bong,
the acoustics of preserve life is a bitter sweet song,
but forgetting the route is just mapping the loud!!

Virtue to Worth it always does show,
it's in the way that you carry or structure your blows,
sum to the anger or the failure to know,
to scream get out or to stay way down low.

Either in Look I'm touring about,
than I hear bragging of intoxicating a big in a Crowd,
the presents of audience to the turning of dumbs,
identifies the RIP as Vestals tongue!!

Seek and Supportive examples these lungs,
growth magnificent if fortune did come,
for the Truth in the Asset says Humans are strung,
many have died to being beaten by some!!

It is called Bullying but the Blocks will be built,
to the Agnate on Course rides all that piped drum,
the here to the beast for it is in Me I swear,
my Number Announced much Earlier than Fair!!

The Influence Of No Wine Just Combos

The force of the show reply to the professor of the Ancient tie,
the big bang was an announcement kind,
to say that the explosive created shy.

Mere to the passing of Creations ride,
the Universal Galaxies in the Solar rye,
growth wheel as the soaring spine,
to the invitation to the farthest birth!!

Spoken to the Red and been in the Black,
the sepia of the gathering,
charging as the speech said just lightening,
the clatter in the spa of the happenings!!

Design attracts the most of simple Means,
mortared to the concave in the tacklings,
understanding that understanding nothing,
lends to the actuals in the coming steam!!

Keeps in the Arch of the Raptures last,
pushs to the sake of revealings,
wrote the upon the words in such sat in things,
least of most I move with the grace of rings!!

Melding as the brilliant strikes of strokes speak me,
I took a swim across on the starlit be,
enjoyment is the capture of the beauty breeds,
in each and every spark I see a unique pre!!

Life is in the moment of the honesty,
the climbing of the chutes to read the deed,
as living is an extreme lengthy seed,
the power in the Mot is the breeze in tree!!

Cliffs form in interest to the full Moon late,
shining in the over less the step on me,
skipping to the rhythm of existing she,
I balance on the right to the turn in Creed!!

Dance the Waltz to Opera of the claps to free,
the nower is the planning to just wide the deep,
travel in the journey on the mapping do,
a Quest to the basic in the Me and You!!

Humanity is the evidential resulting leak,
the Meteor that burst in with a floor,
the Sonics of the booming will repeat their Roar,
Comets will have Tales and slam the crore!!

As the Milky Way is a Candy bar,
the snickers at the counter are a purchase for,
unwrapping and to bite enjoy the sport,
bubble gum is sticky and it loves the shore!1

Blow a big bubble out of what you taste,
sleek it off as the human race,
purchase in the Chips for I like Lays,
it is the salty find that does leave a trace!!

Fire off the Lots to the flaming times,
the World is consumed by the exacts in tights,
the attraction that is normal when Men are brings,
I love the denims and the t-shirts sing!!

Basically it is just a tempering,
in the places that are playing themes,
encouragement is grand to the standing land,
but in the end I look to the training Beings!!

Body types are central to the lust I know,
built by the watch in the City grown,
exampled to me the best of the Wow what a Hand,
know mistake will ever take that from the grow!!

Circle to the feeling that I've been before,
confusion from the point of birth an opened doors,
had these times in places I'll never live,
destroyed a part of me that stills dead in breathe.

In the sight of tough I do get the flip,
take the middle sit it's a real to see,
a photo or a shot in the ready leap,
the Real never bites it just cares for Steed!!

The greatest of the laughter will cheers to reed,
the water in the flower of I never sheep,
the straighten of the View in not changing story,
makes the landing on the Moon a Rocket bro!!

The Space suite in the Venue of the copy that,
an Odyssey that did Film in the Country sat,
the volume of the temptress of the shifts to splat,
still can say B.D.S.M. is the Way to Truth!!

So Dungeons to the Lairs of the Scrolling How,
rote in the Mind of a Full Time shroud,
taught by the litten in the leathers pow,
no question to answer for the Man did plough!!

Remind yourself of beginning in the English Isle,
went to a visit live with for relative smile,
the cup of tea to the how it's me,
stood to the stranger and the living keyed!!