Saturday, February 1, 2014

Life Is Just A Moment To ......

Timbering Times,
the satellite,
the style of connect.

The type that leads to complete,
not be bound,
by past lives met.

The release of any deed,
the basis of a thread.

The bridge to built,
a composition.
 life instilled,
in death I'll know it's said.

The intellect,
just said wreck,
the block of talk in played.

Attraction came from the sound,
 the deep tones that drew me 'round,
composed from when I felt,
Time was just a Lend.

No confusion, life is doing,
speaking thoughts, feelings brought,
across such grace in find.

An elemental burning dues,
to stop exact of what might be fact,
repeating life's mistakes,
until we fix the pace.

Future Lives,
released in Hi,
the trace of a goodbye,
the better path to reply,
in peace and not a lie.
The freedom from a promised run,
the state of what was done,
now played back,
securing track,
to gallop far from pact.

The trend of what has been,
to halt what seems a blend,
to find a door, a threshold for,
to never dual ascend.

Stolen Text

In this Place of Life exist,
move in quiet written mist,
the fire of flare,
ignited rare.

Never did the tears roll down,
in such solace I felt the fan,
aye only sound the strike in stand.

Events in time, a Wish, a rhyme,
working through,
to know I'm fine.

The horrors, the acts, 
the failure smacks of what is back,
a herald cries to open eyes!!

No longer I,
it's you that's due,
the debt of paid in truth of viewed.

The Mind or Flash,
the bulb in task,
is to light a Way or Path.

Each step taken,
not a crack,
a careful road,
as Life is Cove.

Across these mentions, I.D.'s untold,
I build to understand their role,
comprehension still in mulled,
not for bold but why we fold.

The state to create a future plan,
to deliver health with outcomes well.

Thoughts to Self I read to ground,
as my Feat still miffed the found,
pleased and proud to knock me down,
truth is coarse, a thunderous force.

The task in this release,
requires faith in belief,
 that pain will end or at least,
 produce a venue to put at ease.

To such Persons whom still enter life,
as you bring a planned-out strife,
 I disconnect from immoral sent,
the obvious does clue when it's vent.

Asking questions of surprise,
in a visit realize,
this is no happy accident,
it's meant to cause a demise,
as the words pour their "Oh, my's."

A toll to control me still,
I guess that it's the Cult in thrill.

I have spoken in riddled facts,
the pain dispersed is in exact,
the verse in freeze from way and back,
the driven ideas in mind I tack.

Not to mist what is resist,
instead I mean to know the Hist',
to let go a memory flows,
the melting ice right to the bone.

A life-long battle with those that clamp,
upon your mind the vice of plant,
mentally killing what I am,
escaping that is ever-planned.

In the random of the day,
never knowing it's just played,
like the music it just came,
scripted by the ones with claim.

Broken Art A Lark?

The look alike signs abrupt,
around the World scene,
a venue of the Sting!!

Poetry in captained brings,
the read of only pings,
a theme of person deeming,
no on personal things.


The Script of the Moat,
an island home,
the oil slick approach.

The slide down hymns,
the music moored a choice.

Deciding difference never kept,
a name providing noise,
the core of source is in the lore,
a machine mechanics met.

A Planets Station,
the towered wave,
the titled air in each,
the coat of ruff,
to protect or offer,
a jacket, life afloat.

An idea of what's been cloaked,
the mystery of the stun,
the bars of music played the notes,
the symphony already sung.

As a fire burns with inked,
the pen-king stole the offering,
now the frankpledge too.

A 'Head' in Scenes,
a Moon's Eye view,
the space in time of crashed,
the granules net the chatter,
the sand of beaches shored,
decorum becomes a chore.

Hour-Glass Spun

The granite earth,
the stone of come,
a mortared brick in sum,
the one-way street in wrung.

Addition tract,
railed and fact,
the life you laddered punned,
makes better than what's been done,
an example originals plumb.

Know Reconciling 

This piece of dowel,
builds a worth,
a laddered path,
to a mountainous climb,
that an idea had a find.

The juncture of expensive cusp,
the cuff link in extract.

The ironed why in life passed by,
the wade to roads of bridged,
the Ancients spoke,
there is a choke,
volcanic plume of smoke,

The rash of hot,
the lava spot,
 poured archaic rites,
the value in the hit or missed.

The rocks do crumble in liquid rift,
the valley worth repair,
a pair.

The hardened crust of Man's despair,
a flare in only broke,
makes the wares of 'Only' write,
the base of all that Might,
fly a natural spoken kite.

Locality of such exist,
the real of the trist,
lyrics merely copied,
the menu caused a shift,
curtain lifted,
it's a myth.

Crackling Flames Post-Laced

The treble cleft of the Bass Guitar,
music drives,
the acoustic plays in the star.

The tar of black,
a midnight spark ignited par,
the words in lyrics speak!!

The badge is sworn,
to a thorn,
the prickly may be cope.

The loaded gun,
the shot of stun,
the written talk triggered brought.

The invitation sealed sent,
a letter tones the type did loan,
the venue of the bone,
a light without a hope!!

A person,
the depth in made,
the sound was leveled by the personal reveal,
nothing gained only healed!!

A string quartet,
the kite in met,
the thread became,
the blue in vain.

Voices work in spoken-verse,
the singing of a lane,
speeding to the move in game,
the check of watch demise.

The tempo of a metronome,
the click to post is heard,
the ripping off of all,
made easy by the fall.

Treasure chest Pandora's mess,
the singer of a day,
the lilt of Albatross does play,
the Alto's rouge in say.

The sword revealed a shield is real,
the drums of keep,
beat the seat,
a chilly freeze to meet.

A lovely piece in riddle steeps,
the choir breezed,
made easy feat,
to take and never deed the....bleep!!

The New Age of disbelief,
the strike of only xylophone leaps,
to set the tambourines to team,
as absolute in rythmed brings,
that paradox of an orchestra's score,
is only important to whom does roar!!