Wednesday, November 9, 2011

James Blunt, my Darkest Lord, you have stolen me from the start; I swoon to Knight!

I growl to know the taste,
although, I halt to "No" the vow,
a show, a sin, I swoon for the zoom of lightning strikes to know!
From the depths of where I cannot stand,
I fall to see you are know Man.
I'm damned. Betwixt I am.

My being has been touched,
in imaginative thought,
 I rut, I furrow for a sexual plural.
I am struck by a sense of morality or is it mortality?

Each time I think on this Man,
a man that sings in the verse of a picture,
I hear and whoa! I halt myself to "No."

"Stop!", I say, I do cry,
not in tears, in loudness of, "Oh My!".
He complicates me with deviousness and sensuality,
I sigh to know from far below.
Feel between... the lie,
to know the desire comes from deep inside.

Moving in on such a sin,
I say, "Knot Too."
For in this simple, I complicate you, true?

Seduction demands a Man to press upon,
to work towards a Heavenly Degree,
but it is the Devil in me which grounds the Man I see!!

To be more thought and never bought,
to see a design towards what is hot,
you will be burnt into my mind,
the state you are, the very same kind.

I shall be the One of few who says to you,
"Yes Sir, No Sir, Three bags full Sir."
Surreal is the deal,
 you strike when you wheel,
 the mind of another and it is not hard, it's real.

I mine so deep,
it hardens, from thought to desire, I leap.
Not for me 'cause,
I trade up for simple sexual desire.

In a place that is not welcoming,
you must come to know release.
From Me? Know.
So, sweetly do I say,
"Oh Lord, dear Man, I watched your show, your band."

And in the end, Mr. James Blunt you are,
with such excitement, un-repressed and un-scarred,
on stage or in a car,
it is the Denims, it is the boots, the t-shirts are mean,
but you are the loot and you do declare,
"I'll be your Man!"

In excellence, I accept,
in greed of what I am lusting after.
I congratulate myself in sin and press towards you,
what you do, to declare War on Sensuality too!

As you stand, My Piano Man.
Arms outstretched is your plan,
acceptance of, is my command.

At the end of what you've done,
I will not wake, nor will I run!
I ride the Wave of what you've made,
my mind is complimenting in equal time
of what is so fine.

You on Stage.

I dream in reality and live in liberty,
to excite myself without delight,
but to achieve such heights,
I do; Just by what I like.

You dear Sir,
would be so tight,
I just might,
but prowess in such a Knight.
Mistakes the days for points of view,
instead of times to look for you.
I drink it in and gladly sin,
to know that to the avail of myself I am true.
Happily for you.

Raise the board,
for wanting more,
will come from "My Lord."
Deep from far, far from Me,
I fall back, I swoon for thee.
Reality catches myself in tune,
to finish what never starts,
with Concerts in the Park
that you delivered from the heart.

Appeasing, don't you think,
My dear Bluntie,
please blink.

 Never forget to be
who you are or what you chose,
for you will always have me.
Set Zero,
I never lose.

P.S. Why would you remember this? Why I kept it I will never know, but the passion still does flow when it comes to questions from others about you and what you do. I cannot help myself, it is what bothers me, as if I know you or you know me, it is in what is said that raises these verses from within.
Billy thought I deleted it all. Tell him or whomever runs your site of late, that I have not broken the rules to join and post, ever since I was kicked off by him after arguing over a Goose, and of course there must have been a Gander to fight over.

James Blunt music description from me to a person on his site; my name; set_zero;

Posted: Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:22 pm Post subject:

You seem to be asking a question that has been asked before but not answered. If this is true than I shall tell you the truth and nothing but the truth because I am no one at all and this music is played for everyone.

Understanding that the music you are hearing is the invitation to ALL and covers the genre of Time, in order to encompass the complexity of not just music but the actual soul itself, then you can begin to understand that this is not new my friend but the oldest of the most ancient tunes ever to be recorded in time. This is truly amazing!!

You are actually hearing the music of time calling all the religions of this earth and all the universe together, truly unheard of in any verse, anywhere. You are standing on an earth that is the most fortunate, most incredible, most well versed place ever to exist in this free state of mind.

His music is his own, coming from a source within himself, it is new, it is old, it is original, it is composition, it is artistic, it is a quantum ballet of the magnetic force that he actually is.

You should be truly knowing that this does not exist, this is played by no other than the man that he is, just like Mozart, just like Leonardo, just like ever other man in history that was before there time, this man is in his time and I am here to speak to you and absolutely everyone else on this earth and so is he.

We don't know one another, he and I, I am not sure why I feel that I can explain things that are truly not known but time is funny that way and so is the way this world does things.