Saturday, August 31, 2013

Treaties' Consorts' Retort

Honor Thy Love,
a circle complete.

In trust find respect,
in belief know faith,
in time the sign,
a Vest that Men have kept.

In date of a Century turn,
a new age delivers,
the Lives of Whom have Met,
a Keep of an Ancient Zest.

Sent to search,
death a lurch,
the reveal will be,
it's Real!!

Witness Home,
testify exist,
the missed will focus this.

The Crown a Hallow set,
the magnet of a test,
the end is 'The Continue'
the War Song Bewailed!!

The Ancient Path to Road,
the light will only show,
the truth of innocent appeal,
the rote of a scripted stow.

Desire lost to lust,
the enemy never dust,
out of the ash,
the Tell to Rise and speak of trace as Albatross.

Upon the Day of doom,
the gloom of great repair,
a snare to trap will state a fact,
the Law of Reason tracked.

The flower blooming confides,
I know the You in eye,
the Sight of due enhances Suit,
romance becomes the tie.

Worlds apart will Watch,
the timing is a plot,
the talk is noise, the sound is Laud,
develops truth, the root a boot,
a Coat-of-Arms Exists!!

The Rail will Road to Train,
the Conductor's whistle blows,
the blasting chord, an airtight tone,
where Heir's will show their thrown.

The bricked appeal,
a mortared fire,
the flames will burn so incredibly hot,
that red is blue in thought,
the temper of the Plot!!

Exampling Flames have sought,
the Hour of which is Taught,
the Law of a Congressional Lot!!


Storming into what is felt,
the Ink of Truth is set,
a nature of complete,
 the One of Two in the Triad Steep.

The growing magnetic grip,
makes the sweat start to drip,
as the guitar strums a tip,
the ecstasy of such a trip.

The ache inside a Man does keep,
 the revelry high and continues to try,
a Thousand years of You and I,
the calculation of this Ride!!

The story so old,
the Ancient Called Fold,
the Fire of a Flame burns Blue,
in the depths of a midnight Coup!!

The Battles, the Wars, the Endless days,
the production of a magical play,
separate halves in lives that last,
a point of know return,
a Path.

The Torch lit and Cupid whipped,
I just admit there is a Knight,
a lord, a plight, an equal Might,
 completely ignites like dynamite!!

Written in Times of Plato's Reign,
destiny is the fate of say,
the eyes of such, a certain touch,
the distance of, he sings, instructs,
'We' do belong, a human trait.

The chances of, as desire tugs,
my  heart strings play, this is the day!!

The shine across Millennia's loss,
the tunes of truth, the sound of roots,
I know it's you, explosive too!!

Traveling through the lives to view,
ahead is the most amazing truth,
a lifelong understanding with you.

The total whole of an elemental Roll,
a script of a fighter's pull,
to answer no question,
the proof of the test in,
a Love so Blest it's Hymned.