Wednesday, September 2, 2015

So I have woken up in the mid of night 1.08 AM.  Playing on the television is V for Vendetta and while I did nothing my computer got a mind of its own and began to flick about.  The site it settled on was and what do you know it was playing the most appropriate song to sing wherever we go, shine on!!

Strange tea.

The funny thing about the write of this laptops same is that it is on a loop on that site, so I must add in the famous Edge of Tomorrow quote, "get up maggot", it really shouts in the louds of a common thread.  To gauge such happening as just takes place is a palace of the castle strike.  Towards the difference is that song came to town on the tool bar at and on its own cadence of curiosities.

One could always fathom the unfathomable to charge the electricity with air.  The valve of the Matrix speaking clear or it is just the stroke of luck to remember the passing dance.  This is put to a plate of license for the dollar signs plus the zz repeated to the 666 by rhythm to the reins, oh for the strange!!

Sew a cup of tea.

Touch thought of odd it read and wonder the feed, I did.  Than on the production of such a ladle I spoon the Moon as the sunshine in the delight of the lane.  For on the smallest fraction of the muliple of grain is the said.  Trip on the journey of this earth to shallow the desire to society and their control of whom meets where and how.

Scones and poppies the Tales and the woes, it really is just a show of the greatest worth on a worlds blow.  The whole of platters to the shelves of torment, for it is volcanic on a mold of Go.  Shall the dance be of a lonely planet than the music on the radio gives host each and everyday to the channels of death.  No longer are the rest in sheets of slate but the discovery of a ride on the tar that oils the laws to jerk the trials to tribulations.

A kettle steaming.

The posts being read at the same time on my blogs venue were the following, credits at the marrow of this blogs bone :


and it jumped to this page repeatedly when the entire computer screen began to jig about :

The pleasure of brewing tea.

Odd hits to speak a dial on the feeling, just had one.  Nothing was on the key boards formula for the winner of detailz just the screen and the saver of rings, for in truth I was morning the vacancy at heart.  Oh for the mend on the break of day!!

Last two docketed :


Cheers to the Thriller its a Comics runner to the read!!

On to this Post Script of the one I put to license with the above Nine is number 10.  I thought I included it but after I re-read my entry I saw the post missing, so here you go and as the public loves to say X marks the spot I will say that it also stands for the Number Ten on this hit of a play!!