Sunday, November 16, 2014


Train preparation as the quest of the flight in touch the find of the straddle remains,
as the desk of comprehension is the Conscious gut to the ill starch of leg pants to zipped,
in the Thought of exclaim as the shocker of the move inch dark milo as Haulers dial.

the be Bell of duster in the ring of the shake take notice as the rotary inks the brain in bale,
a wire to the string on the stand of Self completes storage as held to the body rail forted,
a measure of the caliber of Dawn shooting commerce riding the taggers in sweet arrive in choir.

Burdened bottle on the number is task with and While in transfer to stretch in the Cosmic roar,
a connection wrist handle disconnecting the corn to physics with Energy on the Sprites of sigh,
an echo effect thorough ways of Mind dutch with a say in patience of reminders in past Comes.

Further deaf yet constraint of only Shire is the body Stable to the arena of the sight on patron,
a sender with the talent in the gear of the spin as the shift tell growth with a rib in the Win,
frost with the Cocktail and Umbrella with a staff Mortal are the Feats to corner angles light!!

Death by marrow of the richness in delights is indeed the locker listed on the telephones stirrup,
less that confine texting all the shite is born to stimulation ask Pleasure of the kite,
strung by the running spool does the reel Rite to the sideways of gearing's on the Poles of a bite!!

Right between the eyes a brow for the sign the Third aye in the dream to spake the lot a spline,
set at the Arms of science in the dish of composition to division of the stick on the Comet picked,
shells with windows capture a curtain with The Apron Be's,
not a chore but rather knowing Hey I got a Leads!!

Clippers On The Mortals Of Flesh & Body Shades

Like The Mathematics An Addition Is Missing^The Ribbon To Announce Information Cause^It's A Hello Tale

Trouble me a Knot on the measure of the depth to the calculations of Speeds thought in reversal,
on that count to Mass those Objects in the Cup of a chalice on the Eyes of darkness to the fight,
in the verbal Calmers I will echo not the Landers but the walking Talls to announce their Found,
on the self balance of the seat to the bareback ride I will temper the World with this primordial shine,
by ways of this blinding Boards to Sight the Galaxy on a galactical ride to the sphere of the Realms!!

Charge the freeze of nostril to the intelligence to Know the dress of reprisals on the Fly,
zipper that to the Velcro attach at the stick of the skin dog tagged with listen action,
marble the ring with the Throw as a Handsome Stand of Fleet banking the Standards,
ask the double ridge as the Match is in the squall of Hollering a platforms Sole,
in this talent a Measure with the Thickest Track to trail my vernal copy with admission.

Aptly stranded from the Elemental Film of record in the width of the Minds capacity in Asset,
on that barn of Stable ranching the saddler to the Cinch of bridle on the bit of Control,
rogue I am in deafness I speak with carving the skull of Thought to fire the Park to Dawn in midst,
for the example other would be a show to time that existence is from a Scribble not the by design,
map this Coarse to throttle the gage with gears set to Spin with champion on the lanes of Quarter.

Norse a Mountain and bring the sweat of nothing for those signature forced sign downs with debt,
release the sheets that are in the basement sellers on the Catholic dungeons of towering clasp,
hobble this to the Robe of the Pope in the part of only a Voted position with the Voice of quirk,
stick with The Strictest order in the Coats off the Ancient chisel upon the Toppers of straw times.

for in Stance of Versing the purchase to the back pocketed brought the Thunder to sight Creation,
in the invest of the spinal screaming the Tap exhaust of my burning words to Smoke the soak,
as the synchronicity shouts with Peace of Fringed added those jeans right up to my lust for Man,
scratch that appeal driven with every take of the Clatter chomping on the finer attires life,
just bringing the strike into the plain Obvious intention of shaking with the temptations to bred Full.

Grand this Score to those Laws of the Divine at the Feats of the notes brought forward on the let,
Creation barked the big bang to grasp the advent in with logic touching the Arson of strider's,
for tires burning on the Turns of the tracks at the shoes of the slow boiling of the frogs hopping Toads,
stool that tot Umbrella tale the Staff of the Crisscross with The Star on the Spinners sound,
as the dolphin speaking Penguin formal platter with the Walrus on the learn of a Seal spanking Clap,
crude that to the Dinosaur Tribe in the size of nautical parts evolving with Comets Scene.

Cosmic base me the shale as the Volcano of the gem stones Amber in the jades of the diamonds pire,
spark that ignite to molten lava laughing back at humanities incapacity to halt the Flower in spotters,
born to move that fountain on the shot rocks in the roles from guiding the constant of Mass in style,
a restaurant's meet with the grounds of sheet as the Ocean awaits the cooling with shocker sleep,
in the steam on the flow it is the inking lines of the carve holding such magma of more landed from.

Down in the Up surge is the glory of the Maker in explore to the very turf Man runs upon in sleeve,
for with ever in Nature on the Speak it is the River Wilds that warn the Plateau of the shedders,
the bridge to familiar the ferment at the Valley looking for The Falls on a desert in dry Timers,
at Trace to dought is a Taste of the Trough for the thirstier Travel of the Sun on a Moon states rests of Arrow!!

Shotwells Pony Stand

Derailment Shouts Scratch Mi

Breathe me a breeze and Scene eternity in Infinities storm to the shallow of Humanities choke,
people locked on letters of Scrolls left to guide not kill the death of breath itself,
for the school of lives in the temple of the walkers on this trade of bumps and scraps,
trait the persons closure to the task of evolution saying it is a Town in the sities denial of sword,
forged by the ankles to bend in the Heel are riding the joint to speak a Shade an tighten the girth on the venture of the Unicorn of Waving delight to the rising tide shoring me a skate to gift the Sky on the shores of the boundless brothing of Soles that sing to gift the word to the Verse of the stations idea.

Conceptual this to James and the hear of my ear to a single HIT form toe to bounce the frames of these lenses to shake from the base as the quiver in the shake of excitement to tale the fable of completes,
a sending with the dragons to breadth Humanity to a Sale of your body in the prison of bearing noted,
no Cycle resists the Ages as the Chapel of the arms in the embrace of the twister in the torrents,
for that would be the dam to the creek not yet showered by the clouds to rain in with downpours.

Trace me a stick with the Blunt pens that write in the flakes of cowards and liars to task that a speed,
to broke by default on the Proxy of my hand scribbling the technique of lung in action,
suck the host of a tongue that Roles to the Creed of the pact in the squirrel of Anut in a bean!1

Scurry the string with that gallop in the trots from the Ass touch ride to the Mule born kick,
slamming the print to the shoe of Hoof to scribe the brand as a Treat by no Trick,
introduction dawn by relief of the outside porch on my very own reside to this Morning Hi,
for it is there in that present account of view no vision can repeal for the Sky of Red in displaying my sound.

Draped as the pic, to delivery this Rick for the scale my Uncle in the dinner of conserve,
as the ketchup to the blood of the Hot Dogs Ham serving Mustard to the seeds by puss of this land,
come to the nature of the bottled noise by Means of the script playing Richter ready ripped,
tearing at crossing the spherical Myth to never dabble  in with Thought but to sate that it's trust.

Tractor me a Trailer to plow your breaking heats to the fertile environment of my Meet with zone,
handsome me an Erotic to the taste of the spice in with the planetary measure of the Cosmos,
felt by the place to shift the shale to the stone of Gibraltar in the soak of that Source in See!!

Shackles made to Creation on the girth of Evolution tightening my speak to reach into your bowels of sink,
anchor that chain with the strand of the element you may be a person on board not a corpse in bleed,
sake the flesh covered bones to familiar Clover on the pasture of this extinction Feet.

Mach that to the Testify of witness with the guts in the belly of my number calling to brake your horror,
on the negative of the stream to the Canon at photo`d the graph on the grids are lines of no dismiss,
as in Each of the canyons on the Maker of example to the scale of the Cave in painting longs,
bark that to the Coffee Table books Holds,
in freeze the Still Frame of National Geographic brought me the News of life in Living Reals.

Sew this thread to the death of the case on the Vase breaking water to the shells dusting Clams,
muscle the Iodine in the oyster stir to scratch the absurds to skill the fact of the Herds,
free me on the Plains in text Tiles that scope the say to show me the Fail and press the Succeeds,
mark your Apocalyptic criminal read definitions to the truth of an Account of define in Tape wormers,
video the brass with that left right to the approach of the revealing in Greece to tuck Rome to Egypt and pound!!

Checker this Flag to the Win of Man at the most personal Note of no climb for this is a Gate,
and the apron of the Horizon just shouts to the Scale of these wanna be lacking notes that I can only attempt to rhyme,
for a I am a sorry excuse for these expressives for I am held at such a pore in this broken core,
that my list of this try is a poor excuse for the honesty of the work that a Man could do in a blink of my life on the Rack of Tremble,
so shallow my week to the fact that Mathematical is an Ancient Mind of not I for I am just a conduit for creations evolutionary spell.

Seductive By The Wave Of Femurs

Start this sail with I in the agree I shall scene in the verse of a breath a say,
involve the shoulders of the chill on the flicker of Humanities sleeping eyes,
as the grace of slain by remorse grains the weight on the lids shallow the slept,
touch this single liberty to the source of the Elemental on this trip journey,
across the vast divide to join the sky in a breeze of the stills that the wind feels,
for on the flame in the eternal core the first slumber of rest in fire came by ways of a slight.

There in the settles of breathe my self was a flame that would breadth the keen,
on those arms in the made Creation spared the owe to know of darkness in warmth of light,
as the space was a simple seen on the ease of beautiful for this life was this energy to sleeve,
there in the recognition of a breeze I knew lust for I had been ever gently brushed by touch,
the most incredible sensuality to envelope the desire of never known to done with goose bump return.

The worth of these spices have developed the senses telling of sailing lives by introduction,
a slumber in the special it is that frame of truth to believe Innocence is no dream but reality!!

Crowd your doubt and shove it into the Erecton of your next exit from born to hug eternity living Infinitely,
the square of your whole offends my natural tame engaging the roar of the beast in Man to speak Thor.

I rise The Hammer in the Nine Realms to discuss nothing but State it out,
on those Borns there is a short burn with that shape but the regard is a Sound,
flying in with the Storm of Odin's Heart in my beating chest to blood my Veins!!

Shift your callous feet scrape the file ladder these Words to scratch the Mind to anchor,
on the drop of the Volcanic Apply twitch the swipe to entry of checked off,
scramble no eggs for even the chickens lay with consistency of a day to a week for duty,
pass it off one play or another however until you reach the farm and visit the accomplish you are only bye,
for the energy that one single chicken on such a duck move would be a goose chase to Swan it proud.

Grow Up to the sphere of beyond these fringed laws to cycle the Source of flight,
on those replies Soar to the Height of a rockets wish and fuels design,
porch your drowning desires to task the dunk of this Teabag Hand Made by the leaves,
for every Season strikes to calendar the Time in the sigh of the change that shares the Air!!

Waste snot to the drool on my lister to channel no think for life is full to the brim of brews,
but lives are angular measurements of the learn to witness what is the testimony of crumbs.

Butcher the Crane as you have storked the pocket Kangaroo to Panda the Tasmanian in View,
the evolving placements bring the Doors to already Sung died and played on for the lather,
age it off to the mystery of death by jealousy brought by explanation 27th Year,
and while the drugs are blaming Alcohol and the liquor blames the Port remember the bride,
for in every Exit an entry certificate that death shouts to Tasking excused.

Contrive with the founders of explain than match it with the Bic in my hand to light the cash,
as that tune of the decades brought to the Public the ability to know that Santana's alive,
spreading the music to kids like I making today the delivery of the beating I would like to church,
on the verse of the altar to the whom has crushed in width buried in denial and risen by slain,
my best friend fell to the rope of his own Hanging but it is People who kicked the chair dead in scorn.

Room us a beat and talk a show kiss my Answer for Sex is the handle to tackle this grip of lore,
a Real sees that it is in the fragments of the left that seek to do the Pansexual byte in the Mids,
I have experienced in first the brain fires of humanities desires as the chainers scowl their laws to breast,
the sex in the holds of torture with the pounding of Christian porn to excite the dead to speak,
hence the fulfillment game of 'speak and tell' your name,
 See Men.

Corneal Stone Revealing A Living Trust