Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Equation is Simply "Time!" (Written in 2005/2006)

Blind sided in a quiet field, a peace that was found, blown away by that moment of reality. Recovery is something we do to survive. But as we begin to stand I become nearly stifled by all that surrounds me. How can history repeat itself so easily? Communication and sharing are my own weaknesses, trust is my enemy!! My own heart is buried in a deep and dark grave with no marker for fear of recognition. Afraid to be born again, yet dreading an eternity of loneliness. My mind is in a whirlwind of disastrous proportion.
This is all voluntary! The secret of the universe is "choice", to do or not to do, this is one of our choices. These are thoughts, idea's and beliefs that are scored on my very being. Choice is a freedom that provides Time the opportunity to determine the outcome. To remove the freedom of choice and replace that with destiny or any other absolute will only, in turn, allow Time to deliver an outcome anyway. The outcome will reveal that the presumption "to know" or have knowledge of and understanding of any specific act is only ignorance and the allowance of such will perpetuate it. The understanding and belief in the freedom of choice will be subject to the same determination and outcome that "time" will provide. It is these provisions in time and the acknowledgement that the unknown has become known; the fact that dreams have become reality in the past. It would stand to reason that our imagination's are the key. This understanding will provide our minds with the ability and nourishment to grow. Our continued growth and ability to change has proven to be the key to our success, however we seem to be embracing a total domination of our minds. Understanding that self pity, hate, anger, love, purpose, passion, doubt, negativity, are just a few that I will mention however you can add in what ever will bring you to the understanding that these are innately part of our very structure as human beings. If you can accept that, then you will accept that the answer to questions in general will evolve at the rate of our ability to ask the question. Just as in mathematics', a problem is presented that will need to be solved, a solution is required. This allows the understanding needed for our minds to be able to realize that it is the actual problem that will deliver the answer.

The equation in whole is simply time. This is  when an approach to understanding will present itself. Nourishment throughout our lifetime is required by our bodies to grow and then to maintain us in order to function at any level of activity. This is the nourishment for our minds, thinking, believing and imagining. I am only the mind that is delivering a message for other minds to have more specific stimulation that ignite the fire of compassion, understanding, forgiveness, belief and convictions.