Sunday, November 22, 2015

This placement of the trace of a creek to the rivers mild on that burst of the seasons choice,
as the midst of World sits in with the tags to serve the pretty seat of Earth as a singing pleat,
the dance on the waves is the scene of the sand on dials of shores,
these simple whales that have an ocean to discuss the conversation of the salt in a puddles rein,
from the base of the port to that beauty of a shallow breadth,
oh for the planets on the Movement in the Reins.

Broad strokes to space Surface in a Universe so fragmented that Moons sway to lights angled,
the breathing thunder strides the touch of ears to special invitation to that wonder of the sky,
as the grass of the Plains on the buffalo leaves it is the Elephants in the Coffee House on tablets swatch.

Pleased to be of the Timex yet saddened by the eyes that prefer no real shoulder to hand hold the storms,
as the roles of the thermal increased the find was as treasured as the note to self,
calculate the Modern address as the blink of an eye is now the screen in its lie,
as soft product to the bricks and mortal store fell to the type of key buttons with a enter for score,
as this breezes to a snapshots hymn it is the clam shells at oyster bay with no seam,
the loss of conversation for the voice of better rings just on the fantastic sound of the reads,
with trust as the schooling of Bert the Turtle sings it is the safety that has been lost at a bean,
the warming words of a human vernacular not to busy to enjoy that good cup of coffee over Tea,
for with the tunnels on strange to that trend of the gum the prefer is to go go sunny,
the anxious will speed to tile for the grout,
I will know of the Spout as that is the Fixture of a Waters fountain to Conversation Mountain,
just in the simplicity of believing that eye to eye is the blessing of the sparkle that it brings,
a real life.

The Simplest Things Often Bring The Delivery A Roan

However the missing piece is as found as the dial on this phones text is to the correction of a transition,
the bell on the Tong of the salad toss with tomatoes and cucumber spread is indicative of gentlemen,
the ankle to that Swallow on the Kettle of a whistle is nigh the at virtue on 'The Continue' as day,
so is night to the hour of a calm at the door of an answer to the berth of the map is to take a Chart,
for on the grid touch the Sextant once known as the minute time on the feat of this earth.

To jacket the place with a sphere is to tax Mars with nothing rather the dance of beauty to skim,
grace and treasure is the Pluto of Mercury to Jupiter on the futures,
sound is the threshold to sail the last letter on with cadence at charmed,
the shelf to the library often referenced the Brain is a Mind on the handle to stable of Barn,
a pasture on the range of life is the wild venue of Tack verses bridle at choice bit.

These coming grape Vines is as Cheers swayed to the tempo off the Bar Stool of years,
in the telephone directory of mirror thought the reflection is at a movie on the breadth of its act,
feather to the duck as the writers of the scribe come through to idea that ideas often cry,
tiers upon the stacks of word to penny trace is the coin for the fair ease priced.

Blankets on the quilting is yet another stitch yes in the comfort it is the covers wake,
for on the said of dreams to Wishbone the terrier on the big dog corn aye is but the cloth of torn,
trusting the cause to the festival of lock is the key to the foundation of footing to this write,
the World to date has many on the Hoof for the frog it is knowing that shoes are in the forge or barefoot in the rein.

What Is The Defining Difference Between M&M's & Skittles Besides Location On The Shelf, The Taste Or The Preference??

Drive this left turn to the known of a berth on a Harbor in reality of a throw,
as the pen to the yard is tone what is the phone on the text ding,
shale on the dirts grave is the tempo of this verse to that brain matter on design with a stew,
making the method of operate to the film without the box of the office on the inks,
just than the tune bravado Trumpets to the Turn^up of the double T on a perfect date,
that November of the Christmas package wrapped with a dimple Tip,

Shackle the Video with the Noise on the booked at the Theme joke discuss burps Counter raised,
from the Candle on the Sing even Comes in the Moons shine to Hymn,
that grease on the oil of what is the Pan,
a whistler to the conversation of the map other than the bored Nouns name to say loop shinned,
drips of the opera with a tax to open for bridles on bits of deed,
how quaint the bark spoke to redwood in the pine of the shores slate,
Mountain Morning dew could not have described description of dictionary to Bars raid!!

Single on the Tale of a Spear at the Sword of dust Tin knee Anchors this tray,
service with a smile is the grin I have brought with time on the stand,
so slow to the boil of the frogs on the toad stools of a Cocktails suffering shiny smight,
to that the underverse of the save so shall ewe say not a message than mouth wash is appropriations,
for this is the save of those roads that rode to the simple not the Scope.

Make that Pave Mint speak to the Books on The Volumes of their Lives in channel Surfing stipend,
bank the waist to the Mind as the tune is of the spoken soap to the Zoo on Geary picture Wall,
that is the Jack Tar Hotel with the lobby and the Fair colds of what is the Crossing of enter sections shoulder fee,
ground hard to the know of a walk on the hot days in condition how is ever And ever is long lasting.

As the City of Hi Rises exercises Classical bdsm I skit the chew,
toe back to the day of the boots on the stable of social exchange via intellectuals knack,
in this vernacular feel the heat of the warming words to structure this venue as Squirt,
a soft drinks love to the Coke a Cola of the chalk on this pass,
right on the correct bit to bridle the cheek with a knows band on the sphere of Solar us,
so deep in your gut feel this gin sun dust on the land of the special edition of planetary rare,
for I normal this travel as the sight is more's to the journal of cork proud on the pride of a dune,
make the spice on this earths worm in the ears of the plugs in their but,
as that is just a punctuation to the accent of a scribe on this scribble at the brew of a fact beans rice.

What is the sticky Wicket should the fence with the eyes be on the Sky,
the shoulders with feet attached on the place that most die to gross the profess shin Ole skit,
as the further is stride on the taste of the language in the stretch of a single step said,
try this on that Movie sip of the Seat its a gallop pull to raised upon the chess of checkers in the game,
called life.

The Girth That Fits An English Saddle Is A Spurs Cinch Of Coffee At The Circle Y

Stride with I on the balance of the Half-halt on the ride to a Course,
is it the California Stall on the Barn in the Stability of the Only Earth on display,
shall the Solar venture turn to the deep shore of what is a Wisdom to the Mountains strain,
well on the rolling rocks touch the pebble of that storm to the Fire in the Flames of a day,
nigh the shirt is the found in the pen of the Window of a eyes ration to the cold shoulders spin,
record the dock as the Ocean is timely with its raise to the Sea Shores of that Alaska freeze,
this is the Inks in the storm of the Posting of mirror to that Dressage Arena on land at bring.

Saddle for the sand in the depth the footing is the Standard to the Dunes of deserts Ice,
a pasture to a gathering of the Ponies on the Cheshire appropriate to the Creeks of lo Bose,
studio scale of virtue with a touching Classic on the poles to painted as the Water banks a splash,
there about the Cross-Country to the Kentucky Derby,
Oh but a learn on the Ranch to the style of a Track at the racecourse of a New,
horseshoes to bare Feat in the great of the Trophy on the Audio of the radio Speech,
yet on the Sale was not the Block it is the Twilight of only Note,
not the make-UP to a drama of the perk to a grind on the Coffee Tab let of the Elephants rose.

Ant a shale to talk the Claw of the Lions roar in the Coyote on the yip of the Howling Wolf at the score,
dig in the scoop from the ice cream fact or reed of the plan It shape of what is the Wares of the brae,
honk as the Moose no that can't be write as the does not a Goose know the duck feather piece,
the shaft on the qwill of the Inkwell of Pegasus on the flight of this sentence to scope by ped. a state,
in with the Inch measure A Rule this is night the Com A Door to thrush spacial recognition to that plate.

Piled at the bedrock of any circular Perpendicular square is the Pyramid of the Sphinx by grain,
as the oats of the baking sands upon the Time of ankle is shores that Cactus supper to a drink on Parade,
down the Flashflood to that stoop of a Camp per the setting of a dinner with a good chase on the Sham pane,
so as The Biscuit is a minor on the choice to the actual event of a gentleman affair I horse the shoe to Tack Tile.
touch the grace of not the use of lawn as a porch word for the flew is of Rubics on speech and Say,
but for the greater tomorrow and that Noun spake of whom would Wish a bone for the Turkey is on Week,
instead I gather only the stand as the land of the tense to the avenue of what is a Can.

The Shoulders Carriage Is A Car Tunes Hand Shaking Clear Lead

As all in the course of Humanity on the trace of a World on the verse are capable of understanding prose,
the written letter to the Vent of the language has brought to a Front the perfection of label Record,
on the groove is the sound to touchdown on the games of Mankind as the stereo typical swan,
as the geese in the duck ponds on the heels of a quilt in the feather preen of a stitch to darn,
in and upon the order of Natural cadence the rein of water at while dawn is in the Horizon of speak,
compass from the direction of shall the Waves of the Ocean dance is not a question of time men shin,
for as the sands of clock to know the Charts of sound often tickle during Calms or In the Eye of a Storm.

Detail the vast purchase of the Worlds venture to be of say Shingles to address,
the purpose of bother is not to ground a disposal of refuge as the dig in a thorn,
rather the opposite as what is in the Channel of comprehension drove this curious from a hinge,
does the simplicity of inquiry to the ability to be of a drive only put to dust imagine with skate,
or in the infinite equation of word by penny dollar begin to calculate the Mint itself by a through,
on with the Horses to harness a light with that shore to the Anchor with no verse to the depth of Knot.

Answer saved to the para fill as the Mountain of a valley in the Comb of brush by number paints,
did the road tell a core to the scene in tack as did the Mind in the method of information scan print,
is the Hand of the digit so only in Flew that basic back to structure is for gotten to skill of eye full,
dark are the hours on the glass of the rinse with an exact measure of operation on tray,
service is a kindness as the simple invitation to polite conversation as per the paper sway of flower,
the Vase with a pretty little scratch to hold the glue of the ever on the balance of waters laughed,
yet what of the cup of tee at the Club of the party line with a dial of Box Soap true to the Zoo.

Skeleton Keys with the sing a Movie on a theater Piece chasing the Idea as the mouse had a peanuts  butter,
spread the bread to ample the Jam and at the seat a good warm cup of Milk to chocolate the spice,
deep within this Tell is the note to Cause and All sew to the effect of dismissal of a loans pea an know,
the Flute to a Clarinet with the Reeds ask the Trumpet nothing as a Symphony is an Orchestra,
well not exactly said the pen knee on the word by discussion to announce the Map to directions,
it was more towards the get off the shelf of the counter and big the swim of Men in concretes Washing Tons.

For the writer of the now in the yesterday of said has on reason put to the posture of a grid,
the suggestion to the straight and narrow of the Wisdom that Men of todays letter would be of staff,
for the fragment of the thread to a dust the jackets read I put to only intellect the bigger setting,
as the Tunnel Vision of most has been left to stand the friction it is the best of show that knows a doorbell,
for in the reality of life itself this has only brought a ride to the location as a present to startle come in kindness,
for the bearing of the truth is and will remain in the simple beginning of the Title of gentle sped,
the secret of the Universe is choice basic to the eyes of the faces that have never showed a come,
this is not a travel issue of Hay or the Woodstock of lets get to gather for the concert crop,
know rather piece Full to a field of why gentleman have stride to introduce a defining cadence over bots.

The Spinning Wheel To^Days Date Is The Web To Package The Words Upon The Enter Nets Bronze Of Spine Knee Cactus

Back to the cause of shoulder to the Tack of the bridle write,
as platters to the herb on the cane is of the not a tree for sugar is cream of method taste,
as the subject to the plant is of woven fiber to that rope around the nap thereby a shaws ice dish spatula,
to discussion of the fee boils on the Vine to Wine barrels Mind it is the trap at easy lane to cork,
the time on the line snots the wrapper putting bare ole to the mixture of grass left lights,
the decade of the drop.

At tax is the which doctor to the brake of the Renaissance on the plank dunk of Religious catholic sump,
to that is the abolish ears of the listen to that scry on the scribe of the java hut with spice to plywood,
the rumble seat is indicative of these daisy chains on the link with a channel of recipe,
down with the vetch to up comes the blessed??

No it was the drowning of absolute that supposedly showed the innocence as reproof,
to that the Public Square roared with twisting guts to the out door of razors on the hedge,
a fund event to populate a locale to the ever field of a file on parade.

This is the mirror reflection to the ankle shacks of Hobblers on the air waves course to jay^oles nest,
as per the venture is the advent of lock verses The Key to know the bars on the wrote of line,
this is perfect to task,
disturbing the peace,
a certain avenue sign to the 60's a gain,
for in the comprehension on the essay of Watching the figs grow to Forest a log as that Marsh ole law of words stone,
phone of correspondence is that rise on the counter to the entrepreneur of the floor ride,
as simple is sew does simply stitch to a corner store for candy or the rabbits foot to cycling.
for as a child the round the block brought a Nickel to a dime for the 25 cents as a dollar bill,
on the Saturday of An Allowance to a Week well job of Work & School,
the step pair rents rule on the far lean of a pen knees write to object^shin. 

For in so society crowd to daze the language has gone to the bones in dice see the try cycle for reality,
thumbs on Face Book to profiling the text with OMG on the left got a goat with the bill lead for skype.

This comes than to the trace element of only one charge on the Horse as a run away stick,
the reins for the buckle or the split length is as the Years traveled the change,
with good footing to dg as the sand beaches to an Oceans Wave it is the long shore man on the Union pick it fence,
to waltz the dancing bear is the Elephant on the long Mile of a temples Tell.

Gain to this the chorus that any can sell the Vitamin with no Cause to that bottles Festivals price,
for as the product of the saddle in the choice is as is the belief that fa sis shins touch the Tees light,
for that I Ram this throttle to say on the long more's speak a dragon for Mi a sing on The boss,
as those incredible Puff's grant the best of voice to match this gracious flight hug Mouse on the sight,
for in the miss and the Mr. Mister its like a virtue came to enable the send laugh at Tux twiced.

Gallop for the Rice on this the ankle days that know a bar^gain to the treat of cable on the car of life,
sing with the sky virtue that sprite to the drink of the say to a bisque,
the tomatoes of the cucumbers on this god for sake in Earth banks The dragon on the long style of sighing,
oh how the solar design has locked the at pine,
the places of natural understanding,
all with the walk and a gentle hello for the flame,
in the house of human it tea with the wonder of that cup left leaving a stock,
its really just a better lathe to shingle the cobblers nail,
for its in the palm.