Thursday, June 5, 2014

Draw Me A Hi

The Industrial Volume Heats The Columns,
frigg the create to the design of responsive,
appealing the to the silence of the quiets of Accords.

Storming the kaleidoscope the Window of Panes,
shattering the mirrors of the Carnival groats,
blest to be the Man that a rescued Maids,

Curr as I due the scoundrel whom shewed,
tor my life from my limbering bodily frame,
the rocket to these readily clanes.

Shrugged ton inferior split in thus lay,
the elemental Vase that watered with Span,
fevered the grounds to reason understands!!

Wilds are the Nature of the Winds in be Core,
trees in a bough offer lulling to swings,
across the river on Tire in Ring.

Rubber the Band in Hornets brands,
stingers of sexual reals grouping to scan,
lilt to the Surf of the truth of One Man!!

Twistered to Language Text to the Burts,
the shrink of the Character leaves all things in reaps,
in the midst of the captions the Scrib states it's Beaks.

Heads in so lowered the bow is to Cell,
tagged the spic-n-dee-span of the key,
belching the bile with credits in shrilled.

Radar these brawls to founders of Falls,
close task in Venue for the Save of more Lives,
commercials now teaching talk to your kids,
what losses have Ages been to this intrepid demised. 

Tincture Life Shooting Death

Gather you're thus Served the Tongue of the Destines in Vat of Grange,
shifting Shadows of Shaping the Realms In~widst thee Marrow Vie bronze,
reactory this Glass of Fated Brew to the Steed of Nasting the Statute of Rhind,
Nether goest 'til Vow of Grown didst Thou built the Stones Veach Bones.

Carved amongst the Populous Prouds vied in Efforts of Strides for be it a Riddle,
take it a Rhyme to the Knowing of Dine with the Platter of Humanity in Vines,
Thorns to the Brow of the Read Est Bark to the Louds in a Value Deny,
Measured be From the Mouth of the Lung battered in Isolate to Forced Froms.

Encited  Thou Presents Invasion to Recompensed Humanity Chose Secretive lows,
bore of the Wells scoured for Fells Inn Origined bye the Trough of a Universal loft,
Captured in Violence Reduced to the Thrush brothing Thy Countenance for Trades,
Hours knot Ticking whilst Moments Evolve Yes to the Cravings that Dogs do not Cow!!

Barf Vomits Blood Water secretes Sheds Too Roof the Bravado In the Already Dead,
Pride increased Decides to Holds forming Dies a Tribal Rebuke Kites Bring,
Clatter the Revealed to Known for the Zeal an Insignia Remains in the Hand of the Brain,
Frothy Inclines to downright Truths Society Entombed a Living Human Deaming.

Person to Factor fractious in After the Matter sewed Darkened to Evident a Sun,
Product via Garb the Cloak on the Lars stepping on Mars to Venus it's Clear,
Moon in the Scene a Vibrance to Mean thru Communication the Trigger is Stream,
rivered in flowing as Kangaroo keeping Koala to the Tasmanian Beam.

Rib to Unnatural the Deposit of Filts travel to Islands built for their Skilt,
Stands too the Talls in a Reverent Cape Called bearing the Comb Of the Ball,
Frail Hearth Fire temperature Higher Flames of the Twice Burned open the Bye,
compliment duc to the Hose of the Suck showing the Surf as the grubs of the Guts!!

Mic X'ed to Extended the Treed to Burrow the Sate to a Eight-legged Pate,
Mugs Too the Mead poring with Greeds an Apply shown the Smoke in a Park of a Toke,
Country breed backs triggering Trax that Rail the Facts in 'If's'  Two 'Take-Backs'
Vile in Breast the Small are Not Test in the Grossed of Cames took Our Innocence as Blames.


Belch Me down gargle Me swallow drink the dream it's the borrow,
flint the Lock Weed the Key to Whole the Tarrow tubered,
squash the Veg in explicitly fed to ooze the ounces in the bled,
file the pots seek the wrought its all while beads are caughts.

Churn the barrel to the Pied of Piping in with Singular strides,
quest beget the query lept in pringled crisps to dunk the fought,
machine be rhined in heavily timed to run the screens be wind,
Jem the brass to jeweling dashed the squid in worms of Octopy.

Prize the taught to breathe a shot for with this feathered Lot,
squirm in Ancient Breast of Scot the kinky treasured the Astro Knot,
based in strength the tanked did rinse the soap of stuck in spending sense,
a flavorful spice to investment Nice go Crowd you're funny Face.

Swim the tides in Inisheer the heights from which you lept,
leave your gear a top the steer the sign of real frets,
know orders to jump like you as Minds do truth in lines of dues,
Teak the would in can and should for this World is full Account!!

Wipe you're dirt came from skirt and pissed at the said truce,
as I can dress appropriate Vest the Kilt I say is dirk,
the Crest I bare born full terror to sides I all ready move,
dance the dark it's much to start of pretty hardily viewed.

Lie amongst the Clover ride the Wagons of the Plains,
true to form the Crow says Corn a Kernel not a Cream,
mash the matter make a platter of delicious edibles proved.


Compass Knots To Nautical Poed

How brash this World to Curtsy you're Death,
the Righteous prey in Priestly Cloaks,
as the specialty kilns the barbs to lights upon,
the Shoulder of the Strings to the Latter in the Rings,
a breach of bitter sweet to the Honey Trickle Served.

Toast you're grains to shattering branches the embers of the Brains,
sync this worse to synapse burst for Cell Phones take the Selfies Cursed,
prow the finger to the sick in the sink of concrete lick,
swallow hard to open throat the Ill with Society is Societies Sick.

Brawn these natures to statutes takers the bid of such reputes,
cast those understood to pros the profit of the prick,
Needle hole to strip equip and foul the empty gross equipped,
wallet pockets twitch to skee the Tunnel in the buy of Fee!!

Rally broads to Red Beings Neats the equaling in each a Treat,
to pluck up the wheat in Leek a straw of bogs in Mat,
Jee Ve Ra the enter Law an able and the Whip,
lash the port to deck the forth to place the Mark of Saw.

Whilst the Keep doth shroud the Coe belt the buckle in a Prose,
Standing true the base of Due a Walk to the Isle of Mann in Stewed,
girth the increased revelry to ancient bursts of shale to blue,
take the ray use copper tops to Pyramid you're through.

Xylophone chord to empty chored the Music says to prove,
lay this note at feet of broke the Rogue is left in corrective lope,
jar the pickled cucumber in birth the sperm is yoke,
the joke of Virginity is were stroked in processes jokes.

Know cleansing is requirement as Innocence is deer,
the fawn with spots a simplicity in Lots to Peek the point in spook,
grapple to the handled bar a musical in Flute,
to gold the Violin bows bid for knees are saved for keep.

Mach in life the in be choice decide a basic fact of stoss,
longitude in latitude speaking extremes in movements dude,
the View begets the Property does bet that strikes are stripes of claim.

Desirous For búnde



Skew the skates to the Mounds of Dates,
the consider of all the hate piled in the tombs all over the exacts,
to skilled for life, to evil to live, to intelligent to keep, so isolate the Meets.

Tesla today everywhere whom does this benefit,
the Man, the Origin, the Country or the People,
because Tesla died in a Flea bitten Hotel,
a one room stay in isolation from Society,
forced or procured by jealousy.

Century in Now, 1000 years of Now, I am 8 in State of Now,
kept at bay in the force of complete isolation,
last person I physically touched or physically touched my skin,
I cannot date the when.

I write like the Moon in bright made sprite,
the Sun gathers to bless the strides,
the birds capture my every sigh,
I have a Cat named Mouse and a Dog named Nero,
that is all I speak with.

Caged by birth raised with worth the truth of the girth is,
I am not the only one in this country that is a born slave,
it's called White Slavery natural born of course.

Beat us, blame us, rape us, kick us, can us, kill us,
gosh that is an awful Lot.

We are People, We will Rise Again, We will have Our Place,
know this spreads to many an ear, many a reads, and I plead notes to do,
informing those in same boats, how to oar, how to float, how to know, that Society knows too.

Fortunate We are to Make it to Any Age,
let alone the number of the decade where the Moon goes Red,
a Sign of the Dread in the Modern Day Lead.

Religious Tabulations the Leaf of an Order,
the stated remains in the Set of the Sordid,
'cause Society will not HALT the Christians from Exorcisms,
the blacker of the blackest is still just Black!!

I 'Justly" Gotta Ass Marriage of Convenience or Avoidance TO REALITY!! Post Script To Reveal Whipped

The End is Beginning to look to a Coast,
traveled through Journeys of Ancients in Been,
clock Me to Clicker the Wick of a Tick,
the Talk of the Dreamer is a Block in a Stock!!

Pilings of Proper to Pie the Fruit Cup,
dangerous WAS a Song JAMES BLUNT tied Erupt,
beds to the railing the stair wells are Prides,
Roareds to the Video the Dancing of Press,
bummer the Actor sits in distress.

Shaken bye bites of the Imperial Brights?,
or could be haunting the dates and the Rite??

Clique to the Powerful the Sprew in the will be Free,
as JAMES BLUNTS Engagements to Years of Knot Spayed,
oh wait my lovely for the days on approach,
Announced He so Did in the Interview Lid,
" I love my life as a musician, so I'm driven to keep on writing and performing."
Tuck ~ Tuck ~Tuck When do you Fuck?
"Neglecting friendships. I've been on the road for eight of the past ten years, so I've missed weddings..."
Strategy for Impending Dues?
"I was a reconnaissance officer in the Army for six years, so I know about trying not to be seen!"
So Hope of Bedding the Past Future Testing?
"Success should not be measured by fame and fortune, but by happiness and friendships."
Inquiry into the Song Bonfire Heart...Album Moon Landing, your Intended??
"That I'm a romantic! Like a lot of men, I'm uncomfortable talking about emotions - I prefer to put them into my songs."
It is understood that Men have desires you have Lusts?
"I'd wake up à deux (with his fiancée Sofia) and watch the sunrise from an atoll off Belize in Central America, then go scuba diving. 
I'd have breakfast at NoMad hotel in New York with friends - eggs and corned beef hash. I'd spend the morning skiing the Vallée Blanche in Chamonix, then lunch would be a drive-through takeaway from In-N-Out Burger on Mulholland Drive in LA. 
I'd be in a convertible and order a Double-Double Animal Style. I'd then park up and eat while looking at the view. After that I'd head to Mexico to surf at Puerto Escondido and stay there until the sun went down. The evening would be at home in Ibiza with Sofia and friends. 
We'd have dinner at a local restaurant - I'd have fresh fish and start with a few cold beers, then some decent wine. After dinner we'd all head to Pacha nightclub, where I'd hit the vodka and dance. 
That normally goes on until dawn and then it's back to mine for a party. We usually crash out at 11am, which is a bit more than 24 hours, but hopefully that's OK!"


Generally they say that the Writings on the Wall,
so beware of the Man that seems to Plan,
never to be current but a Torrent in stands.

The ability to Rock with The Role of such Bolds,
well all I can say is that Bill Graham had his Way,
the language of explicitness to Contracts that are Paved,
with who will be raising the Pony in the turns??

à deux

Intimidation the Factor of this short Loan,
the Number Nine and Eleven to Bone,
the birth of a Natural in '65 shown,
that 22 be a Chapter of an Operators Tone!!

Bush made the Rapture a Horrible Sign,
for in the buried I feel a brine,
the Salt of the Wounds of the Ones in the Boom,
I speak of no laughter as now he is Soons.

To Capture the Picture I watched Live on T.V.,
the terror to the Fall was a questionable Halls,
to skip to the Air I saw the scare,
but in the Ashes the Numbers did Tear.

Apart from the Hidden in Lies of the Done,
why were their conversations so killed like a shun,
Theories run Ramp -It to Wars of unknown,
but mostly they've made it so the Call is a Raid.

So how does One express the Threats for such bets,
that in the Hear after the before was a debt,
to clarify Central Intelligence Met,
the day and the date of the vernacular rates.

To shut out the Liberty of birthing such Says,
I cannot say it is the N.S.A. in a Play.

Counter the Fed to the Country of dread,
a personal subject for 9/11 is met,
within Numerology the Student of Stars,
is the Astronomical that Keeps us apart.

Should verses be voices in past future known,
would countenance improve or move to dethrone,
the Cycle of Wheels in Ancients declared,
that Poetry often does present these type stairs.

So how must we feel with a Universal reveal,
if the very in Proof reveals it's Real,
to Sonic the Moon in Redness of Bloom,
the Songs of the Breathing in Sigal of Doom.

To be of reverence I speak with increase,
remove what has created this wrinkled release,
heeling to Presidents that State with a Capital,
Wares are the Changes in Dungeons of Cames!!

As I do worry an Incredible Feat,
the Message that makes my insides just Weep,
the crash was so fast the Albatross Ash,
how can we escape such a day in the Bashed!!

Do we seek out the shall or bury placate,
'cause lives are in realizing the empty of State,
an Umbrella, the Emergency Broadcast System, Sirens Alarms,
yet on this particular towering spake,
I saw nothing accept the spreading of more in the Same.

Death by Proxy, Death by Done, Death by Saying, Death by Name,
in 9 and 11 equaling the Same,
a Worldwide Full of Ways to just Blame,
and the Call to Arms is the insult to Barns.

The Horbarton Hots

Pardon the Ignorance Circulate Treed,
in the Whites of the Eyes it is Dilation of Wide,
ride to the Shaft the Elevator Wised,
to Low in the Vocal,
a Deep Throated Shows!!

Trip not to the Written for in this it's Know,
grasp to Your Self the Fall is the Well,
sync to the rhythm of the Riddle in Spell,
Words that Create are often Inn Scrawled!!

Vees to the Visa of Charging the Call,
broth to the boil in Frogs of the Smalls,
toads to Success for Training is Lest,
Crated for Trusting That available Crest!!

Squirm to the Worms shall the Bitter in Sweet,
smells to in-shadows the Echos of Lets,
sperm to the Bone in the Whale of Few,
shirks in the Shoulders Prevails to Poles!!

Switch in the Flip an On seek Oft View,
interesting Living as you RIP off the shoots,
to grips upon Seeds of the Bones in the leads,
Why May I Ask to Question the Fast.

SPEAK YOU'RE NAMED Possessioniers Claim,
Tell Us The Strain of You're Madder of FACT,
to the Catholics of Laned I perfect this Address,
Wares are the Cycle of Robes in a Nest.

Warm to Jibbing Over the Clod,
dirt is the living in scantily knods,
tieing the wrists to CELL PHONES exist,
liken to barreling the Streaker reads Lists.

The Wooden of Wined dines to the Circ.,
the Decking of Porch prudenced the Court,
tray to the Served the Berk of the Sword,
Supes to the Quality of Many Consorts!!

Personal Votes from Cardinal Popes,
smokin' in black or White in the Hopes,
what of the Grey in Matters of Black,
is the Kettle the slicker of Slaps??

Fires of Dragons Flights in the Knight,
the Lance of the Thunder in the Arms of just Rites,
no Visit did Come for the Ticket to Ride,
in clarification I liken to Rye!!

The Staff of the Wheat to the Bread of the Sheets,
double up twist in the Art of the Be,
Ing to the strumming of legs in the coming,
not walking but running the Mind of the Stunning!!

Numbers Wide Ruled

The Producers had Names:

Jack Hardly and Me Has Means,
the Script of the Credits ran to the Gamete,
Action to the Black Mass the Circling of Lives,
cut it must be better to enhance the looks from SP.ED,
up the the spoke lower the gurt increase the gunny,
broke the dread.

Ready Action the spin in Threads of know decides,
snap the plaquered Que the Line,
in Infinity I speak of Times!!

Music Lulls the Black & White Keys a Grand in Mozart Chopin is Start,
swinging in the Groupers shite forthwith here Come the Naked light,
breasting cycles to perform a Gin,
is these Stills or Forms from Spend.

Do not Wise to Temptations Lend,
it the depth you'll loose from Send,
a Sensing Calculative Response to Fonts,
the Capital completes with Deeds to Please.

The Caption sewn Sub-Titled to Conversations I've had,
I was the listened they were the Brad,
flying to Central the Stave of the Glads,
deep in the foundling of no Man can Have,
Pennies to Shalling Dollars to Rim,
it all Adds to Traction whilst I am a Sieve!!

Transliteral to The Game movements in Sane,
counter the Problem in after befored,
drive to the Person evidence in Floored,
Jumps are for Horses,
Buildings for Sports!!

Shack to the Parks where Freedom did spark,
Oil Cans provide the Fire was Why,
sticks and stones can break any bones,
but lose your Home than the Country will Dome!!

New York, New York the Waldorf Hot Tell,
travel to basement the Subway is Bell,
tracks that hold more than Rats or entrapped,
an Alligator that grows is a White Buffalo!!

Blue me an Ocean a Lake or a Plough,
check not the difference but the same in just brow,
raise to the Drum, the Staff or the Wow,
the Masai have a rhythm that Calls me to Loud!! 

The Skins of Shall differ in Sunburnt to Strain,
the Clift of the Notes are the simple of Trains,
Intelligence is Learning the Indigenous Route,
roust me a big Spit I'll turn right in sits.

Butter this Bred for the lather likes Sweat,
heat up the Pots for the Bramble is Lots,
shiver the Goose to the Gander in trots,
Gray to the Mirror for I am the Knot.

Pan Piping Logs When Negativity Talks A Toon In The Drawn Makes Words In The Dawning...the age of Aquarius!! Treble Cleft

There are Gifts in lyrical Pose those Talks I'll leave to Rose,
the obvious of the Round Table know,
a Talent is in Truth the Predisposed.

To Roam the Talent in an Interesting Bloom,
producers must give Way to Boom,
the Clock of never rushed buts Soon,
evidence the Way with amazing in Play!!

Try to Venture through the Scene,
discomfort rarely if ever being,
the hand of many so the Team,
smitten with Men that seek the Means.

The Knight of Appealing the broad in Throws,
the See's of drank the Swallow Crows,
a Beacon too the Ships in Doe's,
a Stag must certainly feelings Trow.

Freakish appearance of simple Toasts,
cheers to Music and the Host,
the black of the backs ground evenly hoe,
a Voice in Comfort 'tis what I soak!!

Stripping through Natures braking a spoke,
story fills with all this lope,
a Walk to the Woulds in the Cans & the Wills,
chance be signal the Sign of Poe.

Ed in the Guard I speak to the Sparr,
 you learn as you grow to the Birch I would sew,
the lessons of Taught in the Value of Knots,
Keeper of the Treasure is believing the lows!!

Credence kelp Moss the Grassy Hill loss,
a card in the deck said please do not fret,
the Screen Door with Glass said in a Fast,
better to preference Notables strengths.

The Irish the Pubs of Dublin Addressed,
the plugging and fisting to seek a grit chest,
the marching to See is the Country Side blest?,
or does it come down to the jealousy sounds??

The knocks of the triple times double up Crest,
a Mind of the middle bore to a Test,
so Angry I get it's moreover the rest,
shaking their verse in the Tail rehearsed.

The shaggy English Sheep dogs hair-cuts to Mess,
the Groom is a Measure to Life in a Breast,
should the Hour of Pushed in the Nower,
why then the Words would be the I do's.

Collections of Corrective Notes to the Phew,
happiness tells that extremes in the brew,
my best invest was watching the Kept,
in factual understanding they've made it a .........Nest!!


Funny Thing On A Web Search Today The Tone Defining All Of The Way

Wake in the Night and Seek a Talk?,
glory be the Evening Me,
the speech of making every See,
the health of pieces falling from deeds,
recapturing loss in filling breeze!!

The Moon is not in Sight this why?,
wandering far working all lie,
scorching Sun in truth be Won,
a tip to how it's All Ways lung!!

Trip upon the Playing Field?,
no wealth in just a value,
hold to shoulders Head,
the Script is than the Read!!

Trees blow in Storms to show,
that windy days are the way,
that Nature plays with each a spake,
the honest in the twist of Fate!!

Give a hardy handy plause,
to the dandy filling Cause,
the Past in futuristic mörs,
presenting Numerical Lettered laws!!

Mind the sames in differences act,
a Score bye Scored the trigger back,
the Fire is a bulleted fact,
the brindle of the Paints in Tack!!

Too the Painted Horses brights,
to know that each Rider Mights,
crack the Codes of hidden tights,
the poetry in riddling Rites!!

A Classical In the Doing!!,
baeda~boom baeda~boom make Me some Room.