Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The journey of another, you might be in Hell too!!

A beginning and an end of a journey is how we measure the distance we travel.  I am tired of the Judges that insult and disable the Wares you carry with you.  Constantly questioning, then discouraging while the cripple your Bank Account.  Answers they want, a Free Ride they try to steal by Ways of watching you when you sleep.  Eyes open or closed you feel the breath on the back of your Neck, tick, tick, tick, they whisper with binoculars in hand.  What Country, what County, Container!!

Madness surrounds a journey full of peril, cruelty is abundant. Selfishness and Envy surrounds this Trip. Yet the judge, they comment on your actions, your reactions or your beliefs or the way you may hold another accountable for deeds of horrors that they have committed!!

No one knows how far another has traveled, especially when the Journey began when Man destroyed the earth and made the Universe go black.  Flushed-out of the bottom into Darkness, Emptiness and Fear.  Flushed hurting and crying, searching in a blackness for my Match to light the Way.  I shiver with the Thought of what Man has done and how close it seems He wants to do it Again.

I have been called so many things, I have had to hide in a place that I do not want to be.  No Home, No Name, No Mother, No Father, No Shelter from this Storm. So in this lair I reside until a Way is cleared.  I am hated, and despised, anger surrounds me, conspiring to scare me to move.  My laughter is lost, my fear has retired, stillness becomes me.

I listen, I cry, I call, I scream, I look, I send, I am lost in Time.  My soul is trapped, my Mate is gone, my Journey is long, I want my family with me and I don't want to be Here.  I am sick of the scrutiny and I am not even known to You.  I have no name, I am my Father's creation and I am called a bastard child.  What an insult to a man that has a heart of gold and stayed the Course until The End.

I will not explain because I do not care, I am nothing in all of this, nothing at All, I am nobody and yet I am trapped.  Still they Judge and Point and Presume to know that which that cannot have any understanding because the do not know me.  Locked up in Hell, parasites surround me to ensure I don't escape.  Yet you judge.  Sickness and Apathy washes over the World and yet nobody see's death lurking at the door.  An end will come, this is true, they cannot stop what will be, I just know I am totally sick of this apathy.

Judge this journey, Judge my anger, Judge me, I don't care anymore. Believe what you want, point at what you will and remember you are also in Hell!!