Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Grave In-Site

To discover,
the dead rising,
when Hell is to crowded for Them,
would cause dismay in any end.

For if the Tombs,
in Life did speak,
would it not Creak?

No Flesh & Blood,
to circulate,
just the Skeletal remain to debate.

What if the Grave does Mark?

With words and names in plain sight,
to read a might?

Identify a given life,
to birth or in order,
to sum a calculated fight.

Should such Account,
be paved with insight,
not fright,
so 'We' may live not again,
but Continue in a Win.

Could 'We' than touch upon the Verse,
a prophecy, rehearsed,
in Religions upon this Earth.

When 'The Dead' do Rise,
as a sign of final goodbyes,
Enlightenment could awake,
a sleeping state.

Not the bones in Graves,
But Men and Women who have been,
to jolt,
 Too 'A-Wake!'

Does this Looming idea,
settle fear,
or engage interpretation,
as so near.

As it seems,
dead do walk and even talk,
speaking of life not here,
creating a circle of truths,
to root.

It is even said,
in Religions Text,
that One shall return again,
to die for their sin.

Is Reincarnation or an Understanding of Been,
dead rising,
too Life again?

In the flesh,
with memories of debts,
moved to improve lives we recount,
as opportunities to re-sound,
In-Order to Go-Round,
a completion if found.

Could the Religions Text,
refer to waking from a slumber of blindness?

Enlightenment to Accept,
a challenging state,
of Kept-in-tact,
too Remember,
 each and every fact.

To ensure,
Peace upon an End,
in a Continue to begin A-knew!

Is a better way,
to steady our day,
with comfort that the present dead can
Rest In Peace,
not be woke,
so Some can see Their release.

A Riddler's Rite!!

A Deed Called Life?

Only in 'The Site,'
on my mind,
I See,
what may have been,
related to Me!

A War,
a Decree,
an awful end,
to an Ancient Life!

An Orphan of Such-A-War,
compelled to bare,
I know of what's now done.

To watch as Swords are Spears thrown,
Killing All I know to Be!

I'm Told; 


'Hide amongst the Old Devise,
a Tree is Planted for Your Life.

Be of No-Dismay,
a Tale of Whoa!

Be of what We-Seethe,
not free; Too trust.'

I Face,
"A Singular-Destiny? I Cry! Why Me?"


..the bloodied fields of Past Memories,

'look to See,
what will not traverse:
Join and in this, Tell, You are no mistake.



Turning to Duty,
I began the walk of,

All Dead

I miss so much,
what must have loved me.

To Press-Upon,
my life,
Survival-of Such,
as if to Hug-Me,
with the Arms I no longer feel.

What Evidence is there,
in these Memories-of Horror?

There is no faith,
in this World,
I'm Placed.

Forced into Silence,
an empty existence,
for I do hold to,
 a genetic view.


Repressed Memories,
are not forgotten times,
for Cause shall Raise in the Inherited,
a Rite-to-Save.

Search a concrete night,
a place entombed to be,
"The Rings of Gold"
that fired-me!

I Pine my Loss,
felt for gain,
I find only sane to say:

A Stated-Life,
Witnessed Death,
A War of All in a Total Fall!

What good are these Memories?
What is it that they say?

Encompassed point,
North, South, East, West?

A needle spins,
in this Universal Play

Passed Life

The Pull of a Scene,
in memory,
the sight of such,
not Panic,
just Stowed.

A Kindness,
in this Hand-of-Fate,
my destiny,
by No-Mistake!

To Hope,
I will not be Alone,
for Eternity,
in thus I'm shown.

A Credence,
a History,
in which I See,
a Battle that Orphaned me!

In Ancient Time,
where War-met-Plan.

I have Sight,
in memory,
a Rite?

Can this be the same Knight?
Left with Him,
to Survive this Plight?

All I See,
are Sails in an Oceans Lake.

A giant Pond,
where all is gone.

In confusion,
not despair,
led my life,
from Hear-Too-Stare.

I Ponder meaning of such a place,
of this I rate.

Such a Great-Full Sea of Missed,
that I mention,
am I this?

Think it Odd,
thought it Strange,
memories of just rearranged.

Silence burns,
this seared appeal,
my life so far,
does seem Surreal.

In such a Heritage,
I do not worry,
for this plan,
does not seem hurried.

A Man

is the One,
of Two-sent-Through,
to saturate all of Who?

He is the Strength,
healed my path,
Four Millennia,
He's been a Fact.

Not just in Been,
I See Too,
He's Free-to-Well,
All that Blew!

Is this Story in History,