Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pat^Trick Stew^Art As Wall Tons Mount Tin Formal Eyes Is Choppers & Busts

Sew back in the decade of the 1960's tend of scraps And speech,
San Francisco's Beat Generation Poets & Hip stirs,
al^len gins berg per Sawn a fied the Beet and the Hip peas Gin a ration,
Haight and ash the burrow on the Smile led parades to a bench Stickers and Hench,
that Opera chorus of dancing in the Streets lake to Paddles & plenty be Rat tolls inch step Per stoned,
for on the sidewalks of The Panhandle golden gate park the combine Ranked smoke kin find.

Look sub burr Be ah Now on Satellite boom Box is . . . 
the sum more of love higher Consciousness for sigh KO or the Baits Mow tell,
ware in the world found Wall Dough the literature explored,
explicit portrayals of the human condition a Rubber Tree songs of the South by Born in dust trees,
the Fact tore ree back In the day of belts and pain,
lest ewe forgot the lumber of sticks and stones that did brokers on Bones.

Act sent the Positive to films on the rigs of touch down Screech Owls,
that hoot of a Barker on the file of Rap televised Bach short to blab SWAT at Ba^lunt Talk,
in Mus ski Tows tower Ring language the deal is get a Par Tee tiles Pool pare owe deed,
than put to the Spake wheel grape Wine with waist & go Clear!!

Oh wait is that Won in the Same of san A tea Ray ping the brae 'D' bunch bart Trainers on pay`d phones,
drop the dime Squirrel the sneakers Tell on the mow town for Cleave arching blow,
chim pan Sees to brag the skeet Stolen towels striking Smack with Mouthful rein backed,
left is question to keepers on the Cheek peaces thrush of Frogs with Falling Lee® shins,
scab on the Hots to bald bit tin plots,
jimmy the car staging the board Table or is It tab Lets filed to Cab in Nets screwed bolt And nailed.

Thunder light kneeing,
just planes and buzz Hurds.

Answer is it Ref. Fuse or Refuse on the Dump Trucks of recycle for the Pick^Ups linear lake Sit^In,
peep whole People with down seat slum burr ring that marks burn bare oles with beatniks grubbed,
in a^temp^T that class a call Coke to drink the show with bits & sweet hominy,
just in the purse of wall streakers tape without the reservation for the rate did Harp say chords meddle.

Rein Men Cork^In Day Shaw Vous 'V' Ah Awe Moiré ~ Sew Be 'S' IM

Strange scratch on the show of skunk Name as Noun of close course,
at that upon stage a camp coffee to prelude the pool on a sneak,
as the script is of Question a Bowl choice putting Straws to knows the bedroom & pose, I counter,
shall the groove be off Needle to stitch to this Theme than is that the clam bake to beach on dry dumbs??

Than to top Tier of speak on long distance of gallop Track a bell throw to Clang is natural fax,
to have the grace courtier moving dance with naturally lullaby raise is then the Tune scored to cats,
pause to Record the label 'V' troll Ah is over the back Board with chalk boots Feat,
this chorus of Meter to guard spin Towns brakes the city of Holly would as Now kissing Ju dust sit Tea of key.

Painted Mirror^alls are reflections of Passing horns to Honey sweet the bitter lurch Came bridge Why Knows,
making belts of zippered stilts to cycle the big Wheel asking the Cheers! of stoolie pigeons Queer,
precognition Makes Plates to Scale Miss Shins on the Exacts,
this shored a Totally natural by lay of Sync crow NIS a tea,
not sum overblown scrub on the Hare Owe of barking bin Bach.

Should be Yin of Yang on Com A Door microphone to settling the Parking Lot of gated by Building,
the lion roaring those Strobe lights shouting Score to hand prints Concrete stile,
therefore Ware buy is the put touch slips on Wet see Meant,
watches and star tracks episode lakes Ponding phisher,
bale blink Twine with Hay turbines as A swather in Realities of reel Lives.  

Wired Tell a Phonetics Pick touring film Clips at joker Cards to shuffle the Deck a ground,
per cereal on box Treats their is the Ship major key to Sheet Muse bic's read,
wisdom prevails.

~ 4.40 AM ~


Need I say Rob inn will yims to Ying & Yang on the circle of live dimmers Creek,
the brush touch Paint by numbers and then Trout become the pond Sail,
to tack on the bunch of Banana slides It is the Run,
pan door awe Whistle stop Calf eh in Amongst the sharks of rattlers play.

Horses on the pastured by Iron Statues that have memory to Rail roads,
the Tender on the grace that make the Smiling choice,
this is the Flowers today,
for growth would have had to have said that A Stable would be Post.

Instead society Trails the laughter as I am a joke,
the words on Counters mile in cents only Adds to Fence plyers,
that barbed Wire of Tale,
the building of belief,
that constant of mucking left grand banks empty to method of Delivery.

Freight is often Trailers big Rig of gas pet Trolls trunk King,
the lighthouse is of Times,
that blankets Worse than the smothering of Fish in the barrel,
remember that firth as it is a or was a Workers station of prevailing Winds.

Now at the presently sifted The Dials of phone direction is Remotes,
that entry to Classical singing an Opera of ringing bells of Sailors reaction to Yaught Clubbing keels,
the Fly Wheel is a spur to have Created hugs throughout this dry spelling of Cause,
to not antler the season with rubbed out rather bring saddle to bridle the Futures of sterns.

Hands on Palm tree to Explanation of the lands deed,
that rise of the Mind questions Often time the at Thorpe,
to bangle of the Aunk in ever from the crown,
skull Skill folds to Treasures of cliff notes Why's.

In each of the on to Nape of the chore Human Be inn,
arm to elle that Footprints leaf,
out with the Den and Up goes the Crumb!!

A simple language lock,
what is the bulb bust of this reason for talk,
is it the riddle of thermal wares,
to guide that line with event anchors prosed.

Wouldn't it be Ultra Cool Win,
the Providential tell in the Width of a Been,
talking that Virtue to speak easy the lens,
marking the blink as a ankles deep spin.

To day on the forward of reversal,
there must be a value to trends that say spake,
bare nudges to new add Memoirs eyes,
introduction to the variables on Lives.

Shirts curtain Skin to plaza of Film,
the accurate Vesta of schooling the Full,
dimple that Cheek to in laid with crest,
putting of Wisdom the avenue of Clucks.

A write on 10/19/2015 at 5.29 PM


The May kers Mark Of A Formula Ought Oh Motives
Know Hi poe Thread A call to the scene you're logical to why's Dom a knows in a shin with browser wars,
should that Be the Braces for Crutch the in tell a gents of Transfer to pull lair It tea,
of Course is the Computation of numerical digits to Keystroke that Portals 'Ma' sheen,
in scene is this Than and the other on Map is charter floes to Time verses shore Trued.

Thee-owe-red a Cole is on that Once Upon the Tiers,
store Age to Stitch,
that fiber streaming a River by Noun touch came,
the enter Face tack is purr Saddle to girth the bidding to A Skids Harp.

Read design of shock raw to touch the spy Null flew Id,
to speak Easy on The Drink,
towards that is the Treasury that chest of Com a Doors Shipping knews,
to Saw lute Shinned on the playing of Greece it bare bricks a draw bridge.

defy the Splints by A Horse on the rogue Brake.

Awe for the Thought of sing ewe lair It tee that Honey barrio is a Weeping Willows link,
cree A sew^oat id the Founder of language on the plains of objective to list reining goats,
with dial on that wrote a router does the Harbor beach with letter of the Wholly Mammoth,
did that bring Kelp to the Seaweed of POE side in Carpe Diem An instagram glimmer of grin leopard or Chi duh,
from the jaw board to Viola a Cello of Vie oh len,
ribbons Oaks oath to that Yell lo Rap sure`d with how Ancients measure EM.

These hours of a New tons Qua Train try Angle on the cue whale of fair it,
circle the line attach at the hip bouncing the shy knee to intro duck shun often The Feather lite trailer,
a Hitch Cock film inside the oblivion on barside Chats with flowers like Magnolias Pump kin spice,
owe curr hence while in ad Vent chew Owl talking tore Neigh toe with vanilla sigh call oh gee,
aye will heed that Net Work Ad dress translate Shin,
grew Pawn`d *Ess say.

Written on 10/19/2015

*Ees (place name) (plural of ee) is an archaic English term for a piece of land liable to flood, or water meadow. It is derived from theAnglo-Saxon ¯eg (or ¯ieg) meaning "'island', also used of a piece of firm land in a fen and of land situated on a stream or between streams". The term is also modified to "eye" and "eea" in the name of Park Eye (or Park Eea).[2]