Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Cattle Heard The Yak

Great The Fan at blows to the vacuum of the Hose but in the bag it sucked,
for ask the Am Way of the True Wave no in decision begged the Question gone,
that ever Pride of James Blunts side to know that he is to Proud by Flesh & Bones his hide,
his cheeks so red the cart did said at bending to the subject bed a straddled in more of switched.

The Wind streamed Face as whipping trace that whether was not the Storm,
for in the balance of a life as touching down the ankle twice is a seat at riding,
for on the give and be the give is collection of the give for why not be the give a shame,
in barter James Blunt fucked my give and than he creeks the give to saunter on the give of lane,
a court of give to give the court the idea of give on trace of give to give some sort of give by Take.

Trump the cost to lives at roster on the ever board at Sin,
the disaster of the after in before the after had the choice to before the been.

Rattle over with the clover in the dried up Blunt of grover,
at least the beast had increased with the growth of Mower,
chopping extra chapters out of the worth in Every pout how can Religion complain.

The very arms that stay to darn Oh the Well is deep,
the water factor is the fast filling to the lived for Deed!!

Joint of knee the Cannery at bottles on Corking sleeve to write the entire Supped,
dinner on the bred role gone over Hill to duke of Tron an Uncle by know Means.

The wagon has barn at Tack it is referenced by the Tab that each gets a Pull to stag,
tug along down the yawn the venture to a Million Years of bounce the price with Cheer!!

Nearly on the 1000 Pong should not the Happy be Called gut Songed!!

Steady people for the digs might just be Jam and better land,
not the sacrificial goats with lambs thrown to gates of roam,
exorcists with screaming this 'NAME YOURSELF' it's it's it's it's A risk,
on that place of spirits Race it's overtime on Miss.

Come on Now belly Tell that who does not want to know that strange story of Revealed,
apparently there is a three at Place at Time at list,
shall the scope of X at hope be the Steering Wheel soap to grease the Circus Wild.

Does not the Hope that springs a Natural sort of Identifying Port rather than the death of soared,
would it not be cool to see the change that brings delivery by choice of things like being nice to every Body,
no matter the condition of the life lived it will begin by reining one day on directionals from The Give,
the flood will fill the lines until it Floors the ready hit at chore,
at the guide of ever ride a spark will ignite the dyed upon the very bell in type,
than the bang Bang bang will state 'Boom' that is A Win,
for From the Flame it burst A Fire and burned All of The Human Quired and History was resired,
with Truth that blowing Sent wide pont a^gust^a Pyre that turned the Ash to clay in just a single say.

Don't Forget Your Cents Of Humor

Life is more that what is expected of the average Ares of the pen nailing strife at bitten twine,
on the wire of the cable a Copper iron for the Ages in the tie on of the marriage a break away,
on the factors of the Internet the auto store of gosh oh darn the spooling yarn to Thread of seals,
in the kiss of distant hand the fit of term has known the farm with all the workings torn,
from the Page at the each of being Sage touch what is now a Genius that is savant to Seer on the Keep.

Classify this at what has gone to tunnel up the drill in sound a Thunder of the At Set,
in determination not for the Math is rolling dot to such the Quick a burn is on the Flame,
ink that dries to in Visible sing James Blunt has had his Bell ring Free & that is greater Cost,
price this with the Tax that I would never charge the sake for only Voluntary is the hit on straight.

So dear james blunt the captains rank that paper trail is every date to match the rocket suite,
the avenue is only once that you have rankled on the punt but have not the boaters spunk,
you have carved upon a real the life of itself is Me and that drink is the liberty to Friezes,
by only pure at Innocent the clam will B.B.Q. your said with all whom have engaged this dread.

Fee fire on the Worth of crowd as the slumber is the loud and double check the attach,
in every single buried day that Up in from the sealed break is a Letter just for James in hunch,
the clot that does not quit the beep with an arm on beep beep beep is a Road Runner thank coyote.

Hoot to the Wolf in the wear of the lamb shield on the bare course brought higher breaks,
upper realm on crashing kiln the deepening with carry stout I have shoulders with a head attached.

Cream the lottery with global making fudge to spree than increase is the inevitable any Way,
that is the certain bellow Friend that Wines his days with The Mead board to drunk the catch of Flew,
whizzing Arrows core the Flats as Cupio is just a last to Honesty & Duty risked,
wake sound James Blunt for at the sump A Comer down the Ole barn rake is the broom of Schooled,
practice top the Circus Tent it is a Fourth Ring from the kit ball it score for I declare the 5th Worlds Craned.

I may not all the time be advised to the words that roll this vice but at least those words taste nice to ki,
a tree deed Card is sent with Mars at crow the greater divided born fork Raid at now & lead,
that Planetary shower side spoke of Wheel in the Sky a directive that the X is at the Y in Scene.


What Did You Do Before The World Flew To The Powder Room

Transfer the morning drive to casual on the sight of a Vulture and a Crow on the peace Fold talk,
there on the settle the grass a bit of dew for the recognize of this Number of Proud at Two,
for the community in which this Is is the standing of a terrific at the unusual of Scene,
forbidden my the People that just cast the stones to Rock on the Temple of the clock,
for on the day that brides and dares do write the entire,
the fancy on the stimulation did bring the Vocal Choir,
that was the conversation Witness as the bird did sing,
at the marvel on the sit I enjoyed the lift.

In causation of this World and all the Flu it ill's to such I state with Implicit,
there are these Parks that stop the Cause to trust in Earth at See,
for in the Read of body Language the talk is all but Key,
for thereabouts the City Lights are lamps and that's not Bee.

The stinger of the welts that wear on my back of great in stare have provide to never spare the owed by technique,
in the intent of offered deed the World turned and than gagged Me,
for James Blunt just runs a Front that prison seed on Stage,
the big screen of the Ayes in place have trashed the ever simply Played.

These counters that digit seed is the Won of to at Thee to rubber boot The Puddles shooed,
a horse on task will be so fact that The Horse will neigh or Spook or be the effective taught,
from young on trained the Foal of Range is just a Mustang loosed,
with care and grain some Apples same the flavor is of dues,
so saddle on the guitar strong and familiar your deep resign,
for on that Strap a foot to tap has taken by design.

James Blunt is the was of been and Now the truth goes lens to blink,
blinders are Social sends that card the Invitations sin,
ink that Tattoo with this grind for even Octopus do fine swimming with the Fin,
shark at Tales muddy pales for Makings on the proved,
a paint shopper for extra Mop James Blunt is only other brought but that's good enough for GOG,
brand that word for the define is limited to Modge.

Potatoes on the mashing add the Milk from profits butter stop the bisque of Salts,
a pillar shagged with trim in lag to lug the Nuts a cropped,
drop down bends with swallow tends for deep are throats at Trees,
the arms of at Attach making better Armory that shoulders ever send.

A cold and chilly Winter prod to Vulture he did sleeve that the Crow did say to me it is the Carry-On,
in talent of a natural gift I deliver heard by clip for just the out side speak,
seals that do break to Owl whom Hooted for the ever bough at basic in the Such,
to not enjoy the Arid action of the Tippers glee is to be a James Blunt bus that delivered ate at ski!!

Slop that shot to James Blunts laugh for that must be the Mustard track,
a bit of Catch on to the spoken for the Mural is of Goatin' to the Gates hour Live,
Hell is more the After Now as burning in with Puce,
a good in hard that Pitch is lar and James Blunt banged The Boost leaving ALL obtuse,
he threw his big on World Gig than blundered breast of Set,
as Pandora is the Chest of best the Triple at the Gore Us,
said that global Warmings based at Corpus,
forward Move at decade glued the similarities past future proved.

Know Phone Wares On Dialing Fore Doll^Lard

James Blunt You're^Inn ~ Bar 717

Hold your Pea in the pod of decision at the base of the structure life keeps A Livin',
on that Back of the Whippings the Creamery spelled Up with the Cancer on Constellation of Bell,
towards to the March for James Blunt dunked the Tea at the leaves of the Certainly in Barren of deed.

Foremost the specifics Marriage to Class down with the Rifle and gone the big Trashed,
now on the Skirts of the groan of Reality 'James Blunt' is reliving the Prison Mortality.

Scene to requirement the Upper Stiff lipped Failure to produce makes Singers read gripped,
bye the balls between the bounced and the Real Lifers girth Earth is the marrow of Titan on a burst!!!

Liquid Nitrogen with a bit of Tree of breadth Conversion is the debt of just the Outer Set,
bright Shined to gross the Favor just R.I.P.`s the Human let,
for All dues on the Stanchions have Saddled for the Bet.

It's a Gambler on the Table that ribs to Never popped,
as bottle is to Cork the Nature of the Stop,
to break the Core Rye On is more that I would Wish,
as at the basic Primal primordial does the Flip.

The Continue has Had the level Lever gear,
shifting with the 1st to second out the Fear,
in thrush the horse does stand of course that simple did James Blunt,
for in the pasture at the walk know frog is ever Topped,
it is The Constant by design The Catholics barf gut heaves at dry,
the real are the Hour chords that place the setting Pi.

Ask nothing but the Truthful plain the delivery will whoa,
for in the Rein of Mustered proud the Brit did teach growed,
a gain to saying on the Plane that Poles are divides,
one Time scale on the Tale is Master of the Hides.

Trouble never for the Digs have a Hardy Jam in Mind,
that playing of the Harp sir Cord that guitar is the score.

A Pass Port too that stamps the Flew so don't you drunk the Shore,
each a pebble on the Stone is easy Orca phone,
a seal on the beg of Want to swim the deep blued See,
can NEVER be the Blunt of James for that is Miss^heard^Read.

Scouters on the talent list make Frames that glass of Huts,
do the same in exact and what you'll see is Butts,
on that Pant A Long of ruff the Even does it Odd,
for count the problem solved the math and equaled up to budge.

Slip a simple with know Complex at the Aim of central test,
should the Fall beget Niagara than the Barrel chains it Saul,
bible thumper to the beet relief was all ways kept on the Keep,
finders Seers weeders Sage that paper nuts to genius guts to Nerve the rucked on Truth.

Sew Nine Teen Seven Tee 3rd

Grade the curve at not Thrown for those bearings Hour Fold the Bones at Duked,
in that Ace Hi to the Talker of a James Blunt Terd the the ship Sale`d long a go,
for that the Mass is at chapel with no Hand rather the quick Sand of Papas,
on that Truth bares the Port of Cherry to Pop goes the Blunt as markered stunters!!

Scry that feeble James Blunt report to the Marked Landing of Mars on dished Chord,
fort the Gear to that Park remote the Button charge paid the Bill and skated Thriller,
dark to the lore as the Gore spoke a Tub to Task of The World even Blunt fucked it up,
scoring on the hide of true foundation to his Sing for that is just Mirror to this text of A Steam!!

Hots to the Rack that James Blunt is a Short on the Timers of the bullion to the Bar,
quest to the Gold of the melding on the Sole than True Sayers candor guts the Brett a sold,
to the Hi EST bidder shalls the Jack Tar from on the Boulevard to the Hofbrau at the Born,
a service doll Hour to the Twin Flame declare the difference in between is the Reign at parting Theme.

Good to the by's at the Scene of World Carts that flavor of the Prime on the roasting of the Forts,
built to stand Disaster creative in the shorts as any Missing item is just never been the Tort,
on Counter to the Bar an over Head the Sign a draft of drink to be The Stoop in mystery,
grab that Fork & Spoon don't forget the knife as any long Fellow knows it's all about the hose!!

I Like Night^Trow^Jinn

Add A^KA

As Brett is so blunt the small cap is At A Major of the choral Stigmata,
the vocals are the Whine the body fills the Zipper with Music on the Sign,
smokin' are is the Tale of the White Horse on an Island for ink Note Napoleon,
a Short hater to the Tall Teller of Churchill design in spreading on the dime!!

Moppy cruise to the Actual Crew of bet in the gamblers desire,
throw downs at the okay Core^All for that is of Original Mall,
ham on the green scramble Wrought has got a Clue,
the Board of the Move in the jig of Jagger on the dancings!!

Tribe the cost On to the Futures of reverse to the Fortunes,
with Humor on the chortler -ist the Value of guest Measure at Score,
sheets to the A Door in that Threshing of a Saver on the plough,
Up goes the dirt to the Fertilized Word a little bit of Sentence add a Nerved.

Reality is the bitter Sweets that challenges the Work with ruff Drafts,
harness on the Plan ask nothing for the Waist is of countered,
the Rein is directional to the Blast of Windy purchase of Purpose Itself!!

Goods on the Shipping is the boxers of Crate Animal primal evident,
strike the Noise with a Count on the Thunder to the Lightning rod Roofer,
as the would is of the do the balance is on the Shield of arm^Or^forged,
with the Coals Hot to the Shower of sparks Rivalry treated by element.

To talk Water in the bucket on the Cool is in deed of understood trick Forged,
a Horse with shoes is the bearer of Foot with no bruise,
barn the difference than Blunt in with Name Rhymer at James dot dirty Tweet Foundered,
that grain tub has soaked the Fee with catch the Weep,
like placing barter to the Fraud touching Collection liken Mass.

Spend the basket on the Sieve than James Blunt has nothing to Show for the Shirt,
that is a Screen with know Head but the Body of the Message is darked out by Vista,
stride the Three Beat Canter pull-up to the Trot that double that to a Four kept stanza,
what do you got other than the start of Poetry on The Riddle with additional Metro at shagged!!

Sporting Casper on the ghost of Friendlies is Scooby-Doo on the Vans,
shoes to Converse is the First Contact at the Deep Impact of Contagion,
World War Z is an apocalyptic move to the Nine-Tenths of owned by Back To The Future,
in Dark City that product of repeaters changing At-Will for the study of logistical in Hell,
a vernal connection with the Mind on the School of Sociology trigger Philosophical pow,
enter the Tao on the swing of Yang than the Wingding of Karma is knot plotters but Paints.

James Blunt Does Not Rhyme With Named Stunt

The gallant of the best at read is the opportune to say the Fleet by extra deeds that make all compass,
for on the point of magnet rest the earth does spin a Vest on the triangle of the Square a shoulder is the best,
from basic on the hem of give to each receipt of Nest the preparation of the score is to deepen less,
a thrifty type of gift that saves to spell the on adventure,
the true of whom does take no time but advertised there's room,
for that is kept to satis step for the clock will not be wept as paper is to brett.

The example lead at Trust is hard to bring the Tell at text,
so on the ample for the phone an application spills,
over touch the term that sets a table to amp. ream,
on the written you will see that every thing is dream.

Ask not the person for a trough the filling may be freeze,
as Nature does what Man can see but it talks originally,
document to file Cab the checker for the games,
at the gas of peddle fast most don't stop on tasked,
bounced right through to star the share is in the envelope,
to seal on the opening is lettered in the cuff.

Darn the simple with a spool record your life to Now,
in present are the uniques at work to bring a gathered pail,
the World at current on the fee will not escape the Trued,
for as James Blunt refuels to duck the Tribe is ready dude,
that is the Natural Beach that Sandcastles house to build,
the experience as Waves will follow investment part of Tao,
a learning coach that beams the Moat with digs that turned to finds,
grandpods was the Ever line and Uncle Dennis was of his shine.

Deliberate to drawing rooms the Mansion on the pond,
the cobblestone that show of home does remind the gone,
that clocks are wound with Ages bound to technical define,
but place the object to the Sight than what you get is really spine,
a caliber of living to desk the Thought to drink,
for with a bit of edge and sit a Product will go Sync!!

Flights to brilliant more's that shift with Friends upon the outside dips,
each person that does fall to part a Human Being is missed,
train to preparation as the Signs are on the Finds,
do not dismiss the smallest rift for those are ones on dimes.

The cost of empty to fold the Card is know The Gambler why's,
reason to the trait of Race is simple called demise,
the treat of ready mail sent is that The Letter speaks with extract at punked Spice,
mix the brought with ever sought than Knowledge can't be diced,
it becomes the Natural on the tot that has been shown,
the item of a best to better laning phone,
kindness by Object Shunned.

The Horizons Aunt Llŷr

Difference to the Clock on mechanics in the thought of travel in the arms of shale,
earth is a shiver in the experience of reality to the touch stand in the brief caused,
Creation bearings brought forward per destruction for the first breadth is of express,
pawnee in the creeds from thorough card have carved a shelter bye was body hello language.

The statues in stone carvings are introductions to Mass applications to Show artistics,
founded by the journeys of crafting the same in exacts of these locked days,
in the temple of the dim a switch will deliver the Charged at an electrical slammer,
that being the Mind firing connections on the production of the Wandering,
from Elemental to the Rings of Fire at Core a Source of strength will shout in silent Course!!

Note that Religion is of only a belt on the cart of this Fleet,
the Armor shines on the Message of revealing,
as the words bore the Skull know Whole,
parting the fashion to the Carriage for the complete Role in Advent.

Tarp this farther and the bounce will Bow to the shot arrow in lit Wired,
with character zapping the eclectic blaze at done consistent,
the relation to a Milennia of natural trace has been,
treat per crave that has bring,
a Rook to the line hugging the Syncs!!

Art by rifle a shout parked at communication of reality no dream required,
photograph to spark the Sign will attach to shark the rows with Case drawn,
to the pools of Humanity that kill difference with craving death proxy,
remanded you have corned the callous of your Minds with nothing but slosh,
stank dew is a signal to the closed doors that molded in that bulge scored,
Creation has a shocker for your sins for she is the greatest of Killers,
by more than The Sun lease at the Moons thus the spread of Stars,
the archway to the Vice is the Cosmos in I explaining black holes.

People are the tar spinners sucked into this voice of terror on Science britch,
dire the body style to understanding the Black Hole on the vat,
in interest of dust Humanity has opened the door and slammed the stored,
yet Humanity not only looked but dipped into the Maker of duck Duck goosed.

By the mirror of Creations design Humanity creek that Torrent of shutters,
blinking in dismal exist 'Design Evolution' has Sheets on the sill Songs,
singing no echo but screaming Compute!!

Yet people tripe the Mental Ration as not in the Possible at the same minute of done,
short years with decades shined bark is the death that know invitation sensed,
in Plastic suffocated the wet sweat slipping the self to stood at sight did scorn,
through love in the kiss of those calibered words of 'This is best.' words to rubles Hem.

Sewn to my counter of return with the Cell phone is the only canter for stitch,
in that confusion of Human loan dark your swallow to escape to prison backwards,
in no Tunnel of light but this gas lighting that forked the formal to know electric Nights.

With no fuel or interest driving a noted Shallow I enjoy the ability myself wearing waders,
no rubber boots needed for truth as that would be only a jacket and I prefer Levi to Cloak,
shimmering with the explode I cannot choke for James Blunt sings of Smoke Signals but the Airwaves Hour Shows Clear!!