Sunday, August 24, 2014

Roller Ball

Fluid write showing flow inking tight the words of sew a trace fires to peace the lane type,
pen of rainbow sudden strike the keys of fingers speak while site is collection on the kite,
string to real ships that fill in the Cargo the lilt is skill,
loading freight turns Trains at state.

Demand supply the alive purchased day the walk of clay molding pressure only rare for each,
merging appearance with storage of shrink casts out on the World link spanking Minds of blink.

Midday broom decks the sink for lunch behaves towards forward think both Way,
elevator ride to pea in translation the Middle key merges method to a leap the tangle fray.

Thread a metaphor call it smile name a adjective say it's Methodical crave a dinner know the flood,
at the base it's mercury jug in the glass of tempature`d hug 'The Door' is stubbing a Mendicant lug,
why the vapor what in taper fudge and flowers now the shaker know receipt has a Branch.

In hearts of pumping pulse in running vain is frigid to coming something same Inn ask Can,
lids crepes butter lemon squeeze or does in Cocktail forged of freeze barrel oh barrel in glug,
burbling blanks to straight of Thanks verbal carriage goes spinal stairage shaking at the thump.

Down bottom ban the ticker burn hand proviso sparked right out of land,
stern recycle the entry stand how long does it take for a Ten minute plan?,
is that Clock done with T.V. no said the days of wriggle tree,
time it with the big fat tip Que the clue it's Monopoly Too. 

Loft Hey

An odd X even is streaming my Mind in the thought of think to Time in past more than three,
the Year to point had a scene today the breeze is singing steep as if the World is a bing,
chime goes the docile a flip to ring not the swim for that was Team,
in the Anchor of a feign that strange in Weird is feeling beam.

To the shoulder a bulb is light shored the fork to answer core,
in the gut it spoke of snore to spring the hinge from a done door.

Should the Vast in poke crew being take the shout and burn about,
did fact in Shed of cast prelude to Message of the last,
in evidence I knew what where for aye the set was up to catch,
in familiar the touch broke brain with words that Sentence that Eyes do strain.

In mute the silence a Watch did speak to tell on how this planets Hell,
the phone connection to reverse the ball does the bounce present as Call.

Found that taken used in sign my belly grumped that shift Assault,
to freeway of life in living does the Exit yield the dive,
real water is depth perceive,
jump the bridge it's side ways ream,
walk the brick the mortar chips,
plaster of paris speaks of tip.

Shredded bin the closed detail dialing Fish a basket whale,
number book a near in bale camera photo the Shopped in Tale,
ocean bearings the creek of care tidal warming rises lair,
atop the binoculars that focus sight Narrows channel to Tower flight.

Far from problem the felt is tight moreover shown the Scoundrel nights,
to be of a character find discernment readies the tearing line,
staged at fit a dork to trait the Flipper of the Sea is spray,
relative thrown the bus a stone that Tunnel of a Blinders gave.

Stolen Art A Fax


Should Electricity pop the junction of Plug in the thrown of A Switch the eclectics do hitch,
audible language that barks like a Dog to hand throwing signs flipping the log,
the stomp of the reach in night at a shock will trip upon chairs the Table atop,
crashing the banging to identify dark in the bright sun it's difficult to start,
the game of Telephone in a readable part two ask the Screen issues a formulate cart,
talking the piece a Natural in stare works to the mouth now Announcements in Nair.

The razor Type speed that eyeballs direct a glancing to particular levels of kept,
dialect asking the deliver envelopes speaking the answer on locale a term dancer,
docking the swipe invitational plight a Que by Computer is the lap of now life.

A Satellite speech via remote in the bleach soaping a shore with an Opus of more,
taking the job of what Sundials core a Shadow of angle points kelping form store,
moss to the wet a dag rare of crop Equestrian jump built to fly over shop,
rails are poles cut force a clean painted with stripes the Solid approach is a lane did,
the timing of Three stride out in the see grows with the speak core balance is key.

Increase the impulsion or half in the halt squeeze on the sponge try ringing a leak,
shot down not ever for Reins are our meet connection to length a stirrup shorts link,
long for the Flat Work helps leg to inspire buckle Two holes up the Stadium is Fair,
now in the hole punch leathers are true 'cause when you go 'Cross-Country' it's four on the full,
all for the Seat seat for the All the true question is when like has a trend it Stalls to a send.

Bang the Electric out like a light What is the Time the rakes said to lines,
in the sweep of the hay for stray of the lay know bedding was shavings a Wood stop to stay,
I'll go to grain Room the Oats of the Corn as The World looks to hand-held for digits a phone,
Wow in the stable the munching was sweet Watch for the nicker it's a Tell tail sweep,
time for A.M. at the Call of the heard hi Noon is grazing the gather of Verb look it's a local Vibration.

The Park Migration Weight The Phone


If you speak with Tomorrow at yesterdays news the Address is the carrot of a stick Time at chest,
sting the extension to Ages of Mention the Walls of a tumbler key striking a Thunder,
ink lightening the finger a thumbnail lead thus in the purse draw the Palm is a creed,
to note from the deep an Orca ask beach scratching the stones riding atone,
taught sliding to purchase that fluke bigs it knack feeding on Meat that shingles the stack,
a Whale of swum to vast in a lung spouts depth to the distance that Oxygen wrung.

Yet on these Top trails in Ocean thru Sky a birth to direction part Elephant in lie,
ivory the grow to Antlers that joe length tail Land show reef in a tram,
alive in the bustle the language is clan be side each a witness to futures in brand,
the safe Crow a vault to informational bolt with birds in a Flock the flamingo is Talk,
inch the Miles to development of pile ask Smoke on the burn does the Mind dash born,
equal to journey a Wolf on the lone trekking the Country by Ancient grown bone.

Explain, explain the voices of tame not in consider are the simple in litter,
spinal tap fear of naturally clear bread is the toast the dunks cookie to boast,
flour or butter the Ingredients bake put to the oven the gas can do sake,
atop the grill on the heat of a cake electricity flows on Colanders grate,
the Element hots as the fire of tray does than the condition change in per gave,
belief in a dip the Valley of rip burials covering a mystery in ship.

Mess Haul shown Corn the patsy brings smell repeaters that point to the aspect of well,
rots to discover in worth of the bell the bridge that goes land does fertilize still,
therefore identity from Nose to the brow is tune to the Eyes of the now hand of shroud,
in Record on the Phonograph the scratch did just bump vision the Compact disc. it ......
a needle to arm verses laser beam read now playing this backwards is trouble to feed,
mechanical gears auto rotation the Standard Transmission is barefooting the station. 

Directional Nerves Serve Too Trades

As television airs the product of day spoken News or recording the Views of the say,
the interview Mic of the basic of channel a Video playing to announce what is saddle,
flipping the scenes as it is called flow the referral to Prepare is the Pub don't see know,
trained to journal the repeat is audio do the terms still include a ........

As presidents speech or the pope is hello across of the world are the Sayers a told,
in front of the mirror a Camera lend yet on the scale their eyes are a send,
glancing to written be it Monitor spend words to be prompt breathing it in,
a rest stop for space the comma in share an explanation is what I ask to be fair.

To make mention specifics the election by Vote said to be the best for the Soap,
an Opera on Live or the dialect tried in decision just marks the check light to dye,
as the second to first in this case scenario supports the church in exorcisms breech,
can than we demand the name of the hand that wrote the heard for the Pope on the land.

For certain the President has those sentences wrote yet whom does the toll by author of stoke,
is therefore the reader possessed by the speak saying the verse to the other in beat,
should you understand the basic of can flip to the Mass in assumptions that plan,
does than a streamer of Consciousness band to the Auto in pilot a Mind in the slam.

Readily I have been told I can't ran to the simple of spelling the charge of a grand,
been told that within my body of shade the echo is stunning a share to a Cray,
in birth to the earth on the dirt of this clay exposure to strange has been living each day,
first you are not good enough to be say shot second for first third Time is the brae.

Appropriate name for the Planet we trait learning essentially we're walking the tray,
as work in the Plough is a change on the Watch the X at Zenith moreover is Stock,
however per lands the Mars or the prams the obvious name that Earth should did claim,
makes being the raised to know of a Crane all in the law of 'Dirt Planets' that gray.