Monday, December 31, 2012

Men Will Measure, And Place The Balance On: "Your Lore Of, More, More, More"

The Depth of Tragedy,
a dismal discussion,
breezed "Through On The News."

A 'Common Fare'
instead of considered,
"A Snare!"

So quickly,
it is accepted,
the Death of Another.

As part of the day,
seemingly Humdrum,
then skipped-over.

Proceed with,
The Frivolous News of the Day,

Numb You Are!!

Blind you have become,
Mute You Are Not!!

For this,
You would have to Give-Way,
not Instruction,
just birth.

Aware You are not,
children disappear,
despair of who?

Laws Enacted,
A Crime Will Ensue,
not to report,
death, disappearance or misplaced,
A Child at Too.

just buried record,
hidden from ready view.

No difference shapes from indifference,
of "Knew."

or is it,

Is the Word:
Quoted in the Stanza of this Verse?

a blurb,
an excerpt from,
and the proof of,
a Christians' lore.


*"What is it that causes such pain and injury to those that have a problem or have a conflict with the way we live? ...

To destroy America, if America is to be undone, 
then it is also to deny that idea of self-evident truth, 
that all men are created equal. 

That has to be trashed.
 We have to deny every opposition to despotic government,
 because that’s what we represent. 

We oppose despotic government first, 
do we not, in the Declaration?

 We also deny the people the ability to govern themselves. 

We absolutely deny.

 “Deny” means to reject the thought, to reject it absolutely. 

 And I said, 
“What is our way of life?” 

Only this week,
 or the last two weeks, 
did I arrive at maybe some answer that I can be satisfied with. 

You may not be satisfied with it, 
but I’m a happy camper.

 Something that satisfies my old soul,
 that I could say “that’s it for me

(first-generation American-born).

To be continued...

The American Way of Life (Part 4 of 28)
Part 4: of a 28-part series

3) The third idea to define the American way of life, is this: that individual lives are resting. 

So, we are progressing. We are demonstrating in the right sense
 (or illustrating in our diverse ways)."


{Read it Yourself 'cause it just makes me..SICK, the Site will not let me even Copy & Paste for You}


Support the Christian View?

You shall be Due:
Shock and Horror shall become,
Your Lore.

For I,
merely rejected,
this Cursed Point of,
destroy or,
We shall be the Nightmare,
of Your Dreams.

The Air You Breath so freely,
shall become the smothering cloak,
of the dirt inside Your lungs...

and before We're done,
not only shall You,
Never Run,
You shall have never begun.


A Tell,
may take the moments of the day,
to chose.

Wisdom over Threats of..

with an Issuance of a Life,
of Strife,
as Oppose to a,
darkened grave with a Marker,
you are forced to make.

Not knowing?

You were Their,
First Mistake.

Buried deep,
in Gardens,
 we Weep.

As the,
General Public,
will not believe.

For Proof is a Need:

" How do you do? "
the things you must,
if You are Taken,
in a,
Christian, Trust.

Cling to the Sanity of Who?

In the End,
Forges this Now.

Many Men,
will beat too.

Seeking Truth,
All that Must be,
to do.

"What does not Kill You,
Makes You Stronger."

A Personal Testimony,
to Whom I May become,
or quite possibly,
already Am,
in this,
The Actuality of this Tortuous Throw of,

the Survival of only,


I'm Predisposed.

No Apology;
 "To Know,"
is just the;

Case Of Sage Coming To Age

not the exhaust of this,

"A Christian Rape"

 Body, Mind, Soul.

Signed by Rote,

an experiment:
based on One,

my Claim,
not aim.


*Katherine Dang, Philomath Foundation

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Pagan Record Of More

The Danger, the Fright, the Fear,
inhabits not Me,
but what is near.

Positive Outcomes,
for any given Scenario,
seem unclear,
almost a Hoax.

A Dangerous Ground,
to rely upon,
or Stand when,
Reporting is Lacking Integrity,
of "What has Been."

A Collective Repair,
non-existent in society.

As Hatred Bleeds,
our need to Rage,
"Becomes You."

Pulled-OUT-of School,
Wisdom Challenged,
by 'Whom?'

Graduates Past,
declare and I paste:

*The Outcome of American Christian Education - Katherine Dang, Philomath Foundation
Every philosophy or view of education has its own peculiar set of consequences which are eventually revealed in the lives, character, and conscience of its pupils.
In an education with an emphasis on Biblical reasoning, i.e. American Christian education, individual self education begins to occur around the ages of ten through twelve. With adequate guidance the pupil develops a growing capacity to read, reason, write, and research on his own. Herein is the necessity for self-teaching texts and guides. When the Biblical foundations are laid in the childhood years, the path of reasoning and the inspiration for learning is established for individual self teaching. As children are taught to walk on their own, to eat their meals on their own, to dress themselves on their own, and to work on their own, why are we not expectant that they be taught to learn on their own? Is it not reasonable to expect that self-teaching be an outcome of one’s education?
An invaluable consequence of American Christian Education is the pupil’s acquiring the art of self-government or the skill of Biblical reasoning. When children are regularly exercised in their own ability to read and reason, to deduce principles from ideas, to draw inferences and correct conclusions, and then to articulate and write them, this then is the essence of original scholarship.
In truth, one’s own education is his first individual enterprise, the first step towards his pursuit of happiness or his own vocation and livelihood. From God is mankind given a title to his own happiness, his own enjoyment of the fruits of his own labor. Parents and teachers owe the pupil only the rudiments, the first fundamental principles or foundations of life and learning. The pupil owes it to himself to build upon these foundations to reach maturity and adulthood. His years of youth are his years of building and engaging in the self-enterprise of pursuing his own happiness or livelihood.
American Christian Education is a new deal when one considers the conventional aim, content, and approach to education of today. While America is awash with socialism, American Christian Education is the antidote for modern socialism. American Christian Education creates cutting-edge generations, generations not socialized, trained, and accustomed to thinking and acting only as a part of some group. Individuals knowing how to be independently dependent upon the absolute principles of all of life and living will begin the undoing of socialism in America.

Raped of my own education,
my Family Supports,
this Avid Idea,
Practiced on Me.

Left to my own devices,
Evolution took Pity,
made me learn nothing more than,
Turn Away,
from this Ignorance of the Day.

I State,
I Am and You will be Due,
upon Humanity.


Sincerely Yours,
A Seer, A Sage, A Genius Savant, A Prodigy & Probably More,
not the OUT-COME of a christian Take,
but the
Natural Gifts Bestowed upon MY Life by Creation Herself at Birth,
not here,
but in the Bosom of Her Heir.

With More Than Pride,
I State,
The Continue
A Very Personal Roar!!


*The Characteristics of American Christian Education - Katherine Dang, Philomath Foundation

When teaching is distressful for the instructor how much more distressful does it then become for the learner? How unjust is this outcome for the poor individual who is a novice at the feet of someone supposedly learned but driven to demonstrate his competence by demanding that his learners perform an arbitrarily determined degree of competence within arbitrarily determined constraints of time?
If the teacher is driven to teach, then does he not become a virtual taskmaster of his students; and they become burdened with heavy, unreasonable loads to bear? The injustice is so much the greater offense when the novice is but a child.
Biblical education by definition is easy and light. Scripture tells us how children are taught: "For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little." Isaiah 28:10. When one is taught the principles by which to reason in a given subject, and then consistently exercised in reasoning from principles, then he becomes free from, and independent of, rote learning.
American Christian education affords the training of individual reasoning in which one may come to his own correct conclusions in any given subject. Below are what may be identifiable characteristics of American Christian education:

1. Liberty for the individual to reflect, believe, and follow principles -- as opposed to enslavement to the strict letter of imposed, formulated, standardized answers.

2. Lessons are suited to one’s capacity; given an easy yoke to bear; one is not being given more than he can bear -- as opposed to straining under a heavy burden of unreasonable compliance to an arbitrarily standardized load of work.

3. Simple, uncomplicated principles and ideas to master -- as opposed to having to master by rote an overwhelming amount of minute facts and information.

* Katherine Dang of the Philomath Foundation
   (copy & paste the following address into a browser for more information)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

To Whom I Care, 'The Men of B.D.S.M'


Too Plan Ones' Life,
is to Know Strife,
not Sin!!

In This,
I believe in only what will be,
not 'What' has Been,
to Awful of a Thought,
would be a sin to me.

Expression of what I have been Gifted Naturally,
should Cause Difference,
amongst the indifference,
Upon the Earth.

The Excitement I feel,
is to know,
"I have Won."

Freedom to hang-upon,
that which,
will support all the guilt,
people run from.

To be Thankful,
for who I have become,
is to share with only,
whom would understand and be wise,
while entering a life,
of not change but require.

This B.D.S.M. Girl,
is Grateful,
to the Men whom loved her,
so readily and without lacking.

The Void of Love,
caused by my own birth,
is the Allowance to Be.

An Introduction to the Treasure,
"These Men."

Bestowed upon 'My Life'
so many years ago,
a Faith and Religious Order,
the Oldest Factor,
an Artistry of Nature.

Your Toll,
will come due.

Mine has been paid,
as I move,
I work as to not,
calculate upon my Life...


The Breath of Such,
is my Allowance,

' To See '

There is,
no Why, just 'cause.

My Understanding of Cruelty is,
"I don't need to; You Do."

Countless Terms,
Set the Measure,
which will never balance what has been done.

Only the Innocent,
will do what is Correct,
not necessarily right,
for that may cause a Sharp Left.


...that I know,
is not my Life,
merely for,
Reasons of Taught,
not bought.

The Men,
that I believe do love,
not Traditionally.

I 'See' this in the Everlasting though,
a Lurid Approach,
an Eternal Flow,
of; Drove.

To not be late,
for the Change which is Afoot,

in this..

"The Continue"
a deserved end,
for Sum.

A Calculation,
which only Men of B.D.S.M.,
Total for Sin,
not been.

A Gift of Presence,
not Wrapped,
for Sake.

'Cause in The End,
it's all about Them,
not fright but a light,
 'See Sage.'

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Secular Reign of 'The Rune of Men,' A Script Of 'Old Past'

In 'The Collective Grind' of,
No More Than Men,
I give,
Way to the Conscious Mind,
not the,
 "Deadly Kind".

Reasons of,
' I do not Sign "
but Speak.

the Resistance,
is now,
Felt & Seen.

As only,
the rebellious stand of women,
to destroy.

Lacking a Sense,
to 'Know.'

I pronouce,

Men of Knew!!

no longer strides the horizon,
but Walks Amongst,
with nothing more than,
' what you do. '

I am a Streaming Being,
a Sage and/or a Seer,
at best:

through what I write,
in the Luxury of Free Expression of?

Cursed Though

I express,
not my own 'Rebel,'
but the,

 "Nature of Felt."

A True & Redeeming fact,
nurturing what is lacking,
an Oracle.


the Mounting Community,
of Known.

Belief in what I have heard,
the Declare of Women,
"Rise against each and every Religious View of Man."

Keeping their Own,

A Monstrous Approach of,
never share to the only,
True Faith.

The Innocence of Believe,
in Anything,
it is the Sum of Only One Thing,
a Power Play for; 

'The Death' of Man Himself.

Be it Correct,
not right.

For that Requires,
a Turn & Not,
a Straight-Forward Approach.

of run or,
a defensive act:

simply known,
Left is death, i.e.,
making it a Destination,
not an empty Action,
upon known.

Just as "Good"
is not the opposite of,

I Stare,
at the Ignorance of the Offense,
and the Assumptions of,
the Spoken Tongue.

Changing definitions of Such,
have removed the cougar,
from it's Home,
and made it,
in Essence,
Me, a Girl to Prey Upon,
not rely on.

as Disparaging Remarks,
are cast-out,
upon My Verse,
I Stop.

I Stare.

I wonder,
then, 'I dare!'

Who are You?
Disrespecting All?

Know not,
Your Own Frailty,
towards Men.

for Them,
it shall be a,
"When, Win!"

The Like Minded,
merely Kowtow.

To the Knowledge,
that 'Correct'
is accepted,
not reducing this to more than:

It is..

a Voice from a Streaming Sage,
a Prodigy,
and more than likely or,
probably More!!

To Copyright,
the Words of Men,
I Wish.

Will Prove to only be,
the Evidential Support of the Christian Bitch,
a Port from the Impending..

Right of Men,
and the,
 Actual Reign Thereof.

Bow not to any Man,
a Curtsy will do,
as Support in a Balance of,
"Know When."

To loose the Noose,
of the Chord,
of Sung,
will drop Your Tone.

Release Your Weapon,
of Mass Destruction towards such a Vile Means,
of which,
Women Support.

To not be caught,
not found,
this is their,

Invoking a 'Twisted-Tongue' 
of which,
They Speak,
so eloquently,
With and About,
to Friends & Foe...


Blasting this,
ambitious but cowardly,
Approach to Win:

I Ask,
"Win What?"

To Answer,
without a question,
is to State so Simply,
yet complicates,
Their so Obvious Reaction,
to such a reasoned and viable,

"The destruction of Men, for the Sake of Them."
a Women's dim.

Then "The Laughter" is always evident,
through Their casual return,
to nothing more than; Burn.

Their Wish,
not mine.

Fuming at 'this girls' Verse,
I say,

"I know before I can, however, it is most definitely, A Curse, not a Plan!"

To Bow out Gracefully,
from the plotting,
of every,

just enhances,
the Strength that I must Embrace Naturally,
to say,
I believe that the,

 Loss of Faith,
leads to the,
Loss of Innocence,

which in-turn is the,
Final-Death of Life-Itself,
something counted on by,
these fouled women,
not relied upon,
like Men.

Their Mistake,
shall be 'My Gain.'

I release my Own,
to 'NO,'
be Knot Your-Self,
for "Why?"

That would be knowing an end,
in this,
Our Begin in this,

The Continue.

For Men!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Council Of Men

Along The Change of Men,
comes a 'Setting of Rudeness,'
as the Attire Worn by Women.

I beseech each,
to Care not for Your-Self,
bestow this Upon what is Afoot.

The Rising Tide of Known,
will come to bring to an end,
a Deadly Reign of,
"The Blues."

A Depression.

Sat on by the Filth of what has Been,
deceit and robbery of the Brain.


Let 'The Rule of Thumb' Replace such Chaotic Means of Women!!


With "No Sight,"
certainly "No Thought,"
Women have Rambled to 'Know Acclaim.'

In Speech, in Action,
Found in the Chore of the Daily Grind,
Women have made,
'Mincemeat of Others.'

"I'll never be caught,"
"It's all in your head."

Which One,
I Proclaim!

The One that Seats the Ancient Mind?
The One that Only States,
"Men are Kind."

Humanity should HALT, to NO:


There Always is....
Why not Trust the Action,
of those that Exhibit the Ability to Know.

Without Judgement,
retaining the Wisdom to Act,
not React.

A Treasured State of Love,
not seen, but,
Understood by this Sage,
A Vision to a 'Seer.'

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Recluse By Force Not Nature

a Man and His Require,
for a Higher Site of 'See.'

In this,
'No Fight,'
but "Right."

Turn Left & Know the Door,
to Fright,
not Fraught by Lack of a Dignified Design,
of Correction.

To 'Be an Announcement,'
not a Pronouncement of Shame.

shall be a Plead,
from Those indifferent to different.

that laughter after,
such Appeal,
will by Rite,
bring 'Onto the Jester,'
a play of...

"Known by Proxy"

..not immediacy.

Challenging Nothing,
Receiving Everything,
I Gladly,
offer a Crucifiction Again:

To gain "Sight of a 'Seer'"

and 'A Sage's',
inherent Right,
is to spin.

As the World Turns,
knot like or UN-like,
the Universe,
in a begin.

Say 'Hello' to Men,
not Man,
for that has been made merely a Kind.

All for Humanity,
to place blame on the backs of.

To "Engage a Whip,"
made slick by the blood it Meets in Repose,
I Challenge,
any to Dis-Robe and Meat Me!!

Not in the 'Sound of Dish,'
but the,
"Real of Do!!"

double-dog Dare You Too.

A Simple,
yet Complete Thought,
to Touch,
not declare.

In the Sight of Nothingness,
I State,
to All Men Out There,

"Hey, What You do not 'See,' is what I do and Due, well."

I need not know,
a Lair of a B.D.S.M. REQUIRE,
'Be A Dungeon in Keep.'

what only a Vulture,
would reap.

I will Wrought for Loki,
the Boss of Me.

To Train Knot,
to Meet Death's Keeper,
to 'Gain Sight,'
of the Impending Demise,


 "What Will Be,"


"What Has Been,"

And of;

"What is," the,
 Tumultuous Turmoil,
of this,
the begin of,

'The Continue'

for Me & Mine!!

Shout NOT,
for Simple Verse,
I nurse.

To Exclaim,
the Excellence of Been.

Seen and Due,
to Know it is Now.

An Advancement of Sage,
that makes,
'No Day.'

will just say,


The 'Ruler' Shall Reign In An Appropriate Forum In The After

the Failing of Tomorrow's Way's,
will 'Cause the World's Religions',
to raise question of,

"What to Do?'

In a World,
full of Negativity & Sane.

The Eventual View of Christianity,
it's 'Call to being Insane',
will be
what makes the Spiritual Reign...

"....down upon each and every one of your Manor's."

No Longer,
will it be a 'Secular Rule,"
of, do it, or....,

"You Will Be Due,"
a christian verse of RUDE.

KNOW!! shall be a brotherhood of,
 'Titanic Men.'

The Fall will be You,
in addition to should.

As Women Cry Foul,
a Lady will Accept,
with Gratitude and Grace,
this New found Lead.

She shall No-Longer,
live in Fear & Guilt,
of All that is so,
Very, Very, Near.

A "Conscious Choice,"
to obey as oppose to rebel.

will cast down upon the fanatic,
a Knew Rule.

A Choice of Due

To Cast-Out,
Amongst these Men,
shall not be Pearls to Swine,
Gems to Shine.

Lighting the Path,
to the Enlightened Ones,
a well & kept secret to hide.

..or Run, in My Case.

No more Mouths,
to Spout such a Blare of,

" I won't Tell!! "

for the 'Gag Ball'
shall be their belle,
and it Tolls the Eleventh Hour done.

It has thus waned,
Creating a Time with "No Measure."

To Counter the Thought of Sage or Seer,
I Exclaim,
' a natural affair,'
between not one but,
Two Flames,
of dare.

Oh My Dear Bluntie,

You might get Sum,
after Fall of...,
all that have deceived their Stay,
with denial of the existence of such a beautiful sight.

A Global Review,

Due; Over.


The Pope says,

The Dali-Lama is Retired.


the Muslim Brother-Hood,
"You are My sibling in Review."

not rivalry, but new.


! Prey Thee !

an endless yet,
lofty begin

Thursday, December 20, 2012

'The Why' Does Not Confuse Me, Rather Eludes You....

The Words that People Spew,
are the Garbage,
of what Humanity never Cleans-Up!!

Clinging to Obsessiveness,
making You liable,
for Speech-Itself.

To be Sorry,
for such Foul Demonstrations,
of Your,
Poisonous Verse,
is not Only Counterproductive to Thought It-Self.

In addition to that statement,
I include this also.

Admission of Your Guilt,
uttering such Ill-Repute in the First Place,
is a selfish-state of affairs,
not 'An Apology,'
to repair.

To Destroy,
with such Exact & Pointedly Clear Attacks,
is just Offensive,
not deadly in the end.

That which does not kill Us,
makes us 'Better.'

Rage to Recover

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An Affair of the Throw

the Moon of the Stars!!

Peering down,
as 'she' moves across our lit sky,
I Sigh.

As I seek all but her Vail,
I Ponder in her Wonderment.

The Vast yet Spacial Design,
of our universe,
aligns itself with Death,
a Reprieve from a Listless Life,
of knot.

the very daily venture of such Awe,
inspiring this Muse,
collecting the Tangle of it's Inhabitants,
making a Web of Deceitful Lies;

I stare.

To gain Insight,
into a View of the Ages,
is truly miraculous,
in Nature.

A Sight to Behold,
not turn from,
to Say,
"Oh, Well, It's the Moon."

Truth be Known!!

I guess,
not to often,
I'm Supposing,
You are correct in an Off,
but Beat-Up Manner.

The very Sense,
of such Bewilderment,
Wilds the Inner-Me to Know,
I am Wild,
in whole.

A State of Being,
not a Fractious Accord.

The Sum of Ones-Self,
can be found,
should the Belief of Acceptance,
be Understood.

To Quarter,
would be an ambition to assume,
the corrections in your wrongs.


a simple division of Your,
Known Divisive Guilt,
of the unknown becoming 'knew.'

An Uncomfortable Tale of Woe,
not completion.

To "See"

.....the beauty that is Our surround,
instead of filling what you 'Say' is not there,
with a Negativity or "Your" Foul Blare,
would indeed be a 'Call to Arms,'
and not an,
"Oh Darn!"

An Everlasting Appeal of,
'Shut the Fuck-Up'
Listen to Your Man,
or for that matter:

"Listen to Men!!"

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In The Sight of The Absolute

Drawing Closer to this,
'The Continue'

Excitement fills,
this Girl of a B.D.S.M. Require.

Can You Know?

the Begin of Your End?
I can!!


As You disrespect,
Snub & Discount,
more than 1000 Years of Reign,
I gladly speak:

666 is RULE

The Beast in Me,
says ever so gently,

'good luck'

for not One,
let a lone Four,
stop to HALT,

 !! NOW !!

Welcoming Neptune,
I say, 'how fortunate this girl must be.'

A Tactical Sine,
of All that WILL BE.


the Eventual,
'rule of thumb'


KNOW, that a stick is Measured in Love,
not the Complications of Rulers.

not Your-Self,
that is surely,
'too late.'

Met with a Singular Sight of True,
I know,
this is MY Independent View of All of You.

Catch Me?
(i think knot.)

I Believe,
'No Way!!'

a only Rite,
is a Stand made,
not a 'Might'

Turn Aside and be familiar,
'I Am Fast,'
never to be caught.

Put down or Told,
I may NEVER....
here I go.

To Ascend Alone:)

A daring flight,
when not One Person,
has Stood in an Audible Tone,
to Say,
'No Way'

Yea, I know!! 

in the Darkest Fare,
of Glacial Stars,
of Fun.


Who needs the dream,
when Lairs & Dungeons,
out of Eclairs?
they are ALL over Their.

Gotcha Good,
on this my Ware.

A Win,
not a Where,

'cause I'd rather be a Blast of 'Oh,'
than the RIP of Any of Them.

Cheers to Men!!

and say, 'O.K.'

'cause that is my Fair!!

I 'NO" myself,
free to reign,
on my own parade.

Neptune Speaks,
to be Scene,
A Play for Position,
not small,
rather First.

In the Line,
'To Begin,'
this Show.

A. B. C. & Z,
1, 2, 3, & Go!!

December 21st, 2012

Love Zeus 

See Ya Boys

Monday, December 17, 2012

Rear Viewing Of Seen, Knot Taught!!

What is Coming; Has Already, Begun '


In no Time,
for it has Accepted,
an End.

Of Know Delight,
for Sin has,
Driven Yet Again!!

 the Tomb of Been.

The Entry of,
my Now Friend,
has Announced,
an Exit to Begin.

The Beat Of A 'Knew Drum.'

In This,
Beating a Stride,
it has,
Hit a Turn.

To Over-Come,
your Indifference,
to the Ignorance of Stupidity;
Which should,
cause Discomfort,
not Pain!

As Respect,
to the Impending date,
Three-Rings Show.

Not One,
but Two, have been shot:
Straight through Too!!!

What Shall Be The Plea?

Challenge difference?

In this, the Reign of Religious Repair,
in a faith-less gulch is,
the Spirituality.

Lacking the Eyes,
that Sight with Liberty,
knot bondage of the sadists lair.

The Chains & The Leather,
curb binds not Mouths.

But Men,
to the Freedom,
needed to ,
Experience a Masochistic Ware.

Of What Manipulation?
or is it dare.

Entering the Blast,
of Know Past.

Here Our Cantankerous  Lie
of; Due!!

Relief may have been found,
mourn knot our End.

Find 'Lucky' in this,
it is charming,
in the Display of,

'My Turn to Yule my Tidings to Men'

Responsive to this Writ,
not yet: Rote.

Scene Stealing Hack,
this Removal of All DAT!!

To Re-Create,
what will be,
to an Un-Ending Reign,
of what already may be; You; I:

the Acceptance of,

'12-21-12 has all but begun'

Four to Saddle,
pairing Too!!

Collective of Rehearse,
an Active & Ready,


An 'Occult' of,
the Need,
tomorrow Arrived,
in Thirst of,


Post Script:

'There exists in the world today, and has existed for thousands of years, a body of enlightened humans united in what might be termed, an Order of the Quest. It is composed of those whose intellectual and spiritual perceptions have revealed to them that civilization has secret destiny..

The outcome of this 'secret destiny' is a World Order ruled by a King with supernatural powers.

This King was descended of a divine race; that is, he belonged to the Order of the Illumined for those who come to a state of wisdom then belong to a family of heroes-perfected human beings.'

Manly P. Hall 33° Mason, The Secret Destiny of America