Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Awe Dew

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cork the message on the text to a berg so Placid in lake the forge is it's stood.

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cloth for the clay wheel to space shifting for gears as the raise in a post.

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module mobile for that is a chime ringing the Mechanic for forward boar Wad,
goodbye is Hell^owe that switch of the Bar a count of B.D.S.M. and trigger the spar.

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Tick Pickery

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lesson to travel the reverse on the stick,
quick to be slow yet fast on the sip,
drinking the slop to put it a skit.

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the mention of day break to the symbol of cray,
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barbed wire fencing the plummet to earth,
dirt is still dirt and this is still ferk.

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Favor Ede

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