Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Turtles Song

Travel the bell towers came on language of the state of terminal on a Train stations rail,
to be in from the great space of comprehension of straits the Earth of hour manner in soil,
study to be breath in a breathing condition of the tree in a shade for the tight ends of case,
a library corn to the Maize in the from of wheat taste of Rye in the Mash produce of Cider.

Treated to grain the mugs and the tame global prehindered the living for gain,
a coin for the profit a term on the foot Principle ransom for base under pud,
to be found on the quarter of a turn take of Wood the frogs scrambled stove to spiders of Goods,
that is the boiling sweater with write on a net belch to the hops and crawling with Nook.

In the deep silk of thread sigh lip of bed a cushy be wander as the grips gander put,
these parades to a chin with valence of pretense the safe of the combo is avenue pocks,
dishing the at flap to rink through the take being that Peter of knobby at rocked,
perhaps all the value of price per the chase should be a reminder of apple at skates.

Getting to barrel the line age struck ground forest of detail is truth under bound,
hence the by changers that opened a way bringing the flutter of a breeze to the pervade,
weighted tracks that have sung me to text I place to the reason a bigger beat desk,
with absolute on the memory of found to the wonder of the sound I clarity.

These dazzles are as the star brights on the sheets of ancient message of in tells,
so the extra special to theme is knowing of the foundation that spark to a trireme,
of that is the singing to this Vesta of the Origin the flame in a fires keep in rowing,
how the lanes has a stream to the river of the Ocean in Waves of grands playing Ancient shay in the Sands.


In a spoken stream of a ultra stance of a dream that I was so intrigued by the scene,
I heard on the talk that in state of dream understanding the pieces fit to all say you,
for the purchase of thought to that chair of a tend that is an opportunity to more understanding,
to that is the great on the key board of strike finding the map found brain in a hot.

Should our dreams in the night hour of days sync be of untangle this is a better grace to explain,
as touch free to curious singing letter of plate to grasp the work as words alphabet to rate,
to combine the pictures of my Reel film Mind I special that dream to a Futuristic of signed,
how fantastic it is to write music in prose expressions by classic to modem of rose!!

A learning computation provide to worth of the existence at tide waving the shore of earth,
the compass of Navigation was a stride to the lung breathing with keys to barely be tea,
the capacity of note formal be said was the wow of a gallop with a ready tack bread,
no circus at string or bite that did circle the lines gave such brights Infinity made lead.

A breath of the shock to that bearing of grain brought incredible basis to the oracles vein,
to be so graced with the chorus of came all I can muster is the rein of the tack,
it was a tone of Tuning the breadth in a phonetic staff that held the cosmos in a cosmic loan,
that scene held my type in width of marrow with such depth to soak that phonics be sloan.

A computer of the mind on a technology of trace was given at the taste of a coral stone,
the brisk of my standing went to the dream I had with words that view within the core,
the One to the Zero flowing to Eight as the Line went to Circle then the Infinities sign to explain,
 the dream itself was similar exact the cadence held but it was a breathing machine by frame,
in that was the tell of the structure inlaid so simply it delivered the beauty in a case of inexhaustible placed.

At the thought of the ear that all this my tender of days unfinished speak is weird,
for to have such been be my brain working gears the travel of journal is mustard to seers',
the growth of my being is knowing of Ancients the order is system of deed analytic,
voice of the silents to musical vase the painting of audience in a anatomical pace.

Shavings And Saw Dust Stable Utensils Accident Philosophy!!

The reach of piece to bring the rein as the letters from the sheet are in the brought of sprains,
as the mind will belt the steer of life in chest it is a body still the blinking of the eyes in lending,
to obtain the prime of thought a stride in trees the paper trill of carted sticky parrots bill,

shores of forks the raise of ride on saddle is the girth of what tightens body on The Keys with chills,
over Millennium prose has charged the debt to Jaked those tilts of geometry in math at loaded coin.

Shapely brace in width of words from deal truth or familiar strobe the sky is a windows Crow,
as there are storms of change the different Rain sleet hail with driving snow as aye the flake a more,
flutter from the ice in some the geology of environment does Produce the ground as been frozen pound,
through atmosphere the Mountains Plains Valleys caves with baskets clay what is a Scroll.

Singing whittle a loggers list like the forest groves of rich also More's in dividends to bowl,
for as the soggy bottom soars touch the state of what is doors to Hills with treasure under score,
a shoulder crates a torque in spake conversation tone of grates with hat on skull the brains burr trade,
weather brings a sharp to core the explanation Seasons spell its how religion translates Latin.

Grace be of the Human Being delivering purpose without a hook to bait the neck Nailed torch,
the dance of list to in addition is learning that the music lifts a foot off the standing shingle,
an enjoyment with Mind attach is seeing ability on the tack is is rotting or breaking back,
expression smile that gentle touch the hug of Ages history gut said to be of care to pinging.

Pong is a Video Game the Net is silk trades that will court to big the bread & Circus streams,
rivers dry to flash floods crane an egg that baskets to the shed but work is working mucking,
a barn with stall the stable state is riding light horsemen strap to stirrups on eventing,
dressage Cross-Country stadium the Puissance or Jumpers days the World of arena.

Tax is sweat to farms the plow of ditches waist and waters route through drain age soaks The Drink,
wisdom latitude the route of base for fields show the pitch of lane should ground not just be take,
to be of strength with grooming cents the dandy brush a curry comb the body brush a coat,
the sponge a water brush stable rubber hoof pick hay or straw makes a wisp,
horses sing to my life as the work was all the work that daily jobs brought letters logged the bits & peace is.