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Number 5665

five thousand six hundred sixty five

Properties of the number 5665

Factorization5 * 11 * 103
Count of divisors8
Sum of divisors7488
Is prime?NO
Previous prime5659
Next prime5669
5665th prime55819
Is a Fibonacci number?NO
Is a Bell number?NO
Is a Catalan number?NO
Is a factorial?NO
Is a regular (Hamming) number?NO
Is a perfect number?NO
Polygonal number (s < 11)?NO
Square root75.266194270735
Natural logarithm8.6420621734621
Decimal logarithm3.7531999141994
Number 5665 is pronounced five thousand six hundred sixty five.

Number 5665 is a composite number.

Factors of 5665 are 5 * 11 *103.

Number 5665 has 8 divisors: 15115510351511335665.

Sum of the divisors is 7488.

Number 5665 is not a Fibonacci number.
It is not a Bell number.
Number 5665 is not a Catalan number.
Number 5665 is not a regular number (Hamming number).

It is a not factorial of any number.
Number 5665 is a deficient number and therefore is not a perfect number.
Binary numeral for number 5665 is 1011000100001.
Octal numeral is 13041.
Duodecimal value is 3341.
Hexadecimal representation is 1621.
Square of the number 5665 is 32092225.
Square root of the number 5665 is 75.266194270735.
Natural logarithm of 5665 is 8.6420621734621Decimal logarithm of the number 5665 is 3.7531999141994 Sine of 5665 is -0.65065416932135.
Cosine of the number 5665 is -0.75937418440762.
Tangent of the number 5665 is 0.85682945599332
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