Monday, November 10, 2014


Stead 'The Grant' of the Sphinx for in the rise of Eyes,
the blind behave to Mystery within the fortunes hind,
as touch the grains of Sand of drawn to know the counted Soles at daze,
a berry for the liquor laced and Match amongst the base!!

Treat to the Knowledge vase that Tree of sort to Nash,
write upon the Venture forth the Cause in sawn the leaf.

Supple is the saddle wears that Oils on the stick,
with Castille of a bar that Value is of shoulder Thighs to Watch the stitch to speak,
roasting on the spit of Fire dialect in sleet,
a traveler in the Morning done to string the suns of Reest,
spreading in the freeze of came Run litter to the chain,
link Inn logs to dovetailed pause that counter of the Foggy Frogs.

Midst the clamber of the lip sample with the dosed inked bone,
a Tale from the Envelope that accent to the Clay,
blinks that Vapor with such stip. mark the Mind equipped,
strain to Master of the sleigh and park the Christmas law,
in these parts of moved to start accommodate no fear to hear,
frost for Members of the coat that curries are the brushes lank!!

Be bridge built to by Sent this portion is the Riddle lane bowling on the lot,
pew to shark a Row of art in Pyramids of World charts as the Streamlines list,
point compass place to Arms of trace at The Tack it's pilings chaff weathering the storage mace,
Oceans spray with whales heir changing breathing for the share to this I clam to Curling.

Skate the barnacles on the Hub that gear to auto mechanical plugged Jar the dirt teach Ice,
with spinal tap a chilling fact each synapse to the Flame of last eternal hour pier.

Risk nothing in this scene ask nothing for the steam put coals to wealth the shoveling,
wit the work as only shirt that sweat is dust to bringing sought as dawn is grace with cheers,
lock no Sail with a Mast for in the Solemn swearing vow a person parts the Fleet.

Walls that left the Night in slip those Ships in sight of score,
I charge the loss to Alba docks that sank before the fear,
soldiers on the plight of War will spark a New to slants of Soar this be the promise form,
addition trunks subtraction as division in the Vast of lines to Token with a kier,
thereby stating brow to sign that beach of letter to the priest is more None of The Done.  

Justified Dee Nigh Ability

Urban Legends

Cast those Eyes upon the slight in the Hand of written tan the whippings of the Creamery in sure,
okay said the Muster of the Fleet on completes that is the bay of the grazers lead to spelling Tell,
so on top of that bolster of the pillow as the Ewe and not the I in that I flock to breeze in Rite,
for the flame in Halt of same does catch the Victor in the sight of only proof of Task to earth,
all do go the wait of Toe as in the Harp of Ole Hotel in the vacancy this bell with ding upon the Song.

Ring this message as the leap of know Faith for that is speak at the Apron of this bib,
drool a string to bash the lane and in that Vista pull over for Train in preparation of your brain,
as the picture worth of Words a Thousand Years to touch the skirt of What shall be electrics girth,
in this Hold to in the shell my gift to Arch the foot in Fell the Origin of the greatest Sell,
a purpose for the Masters will be balanced by the Seats invested to that gossips pill.

Swallow down the ills of puke for the certain of the Chose in this I talent All the Goods of Rice,
to the salt no shoulders Well in the depth of part to Hell for on the Outer Clocks in climbs a Cliff,
note to this a Card to post with the Stamp of all pass Course a singular Thought or the More's,
your belief my innocence in the sentence of this Mist is frost beyond to Understand the Walk,
no Cycle for that Ragtime Share in the Magazine of blare it's plain, it's simple, it's knot complex.

Until the perfection of the Sockets in the lights above those Rockets does blast the ignition Talk-It,
for on those Columns of curtain blocks the Interviewer must be Jocks in comprehending Mind,
as the echo is of Timely information for the Science of discovery on the Cell until the might is gel,
the dish of Satellite of can will go be the Thrifty lands to spring the Mountains as the span in Bach,
as Music is the paraphrased in the stanza of the Maze come with Me I'll do the fates in Sirens dockets.

Scribe with care or kindness Fair for should the Cash be Cows of glare than Red is Mule to pane,
the Watch of stride with circle Ayes is not the lines of party Cries as that would be the Wake,
in touch the Stone of chisel loan as Writ is something of a Phone in platter of the Ashes sewn.

Ring around the rosy Pockets full of nosey Intel is the charge of Fees with the counter liberties,
sharp are Angles dull are blinds cart before the Horse has ride is Harness with the Reign,
in such the Yoke to Saddle broke barefoot in the Concerts start has brighter Fish to fly,
like knowing Water fresh to Ocean as the Bears of guest in notion the Seasonal of always,
for as the Instant is the moments add the Minutes with the Ours take receipt of Shipping's treat.

Grains in oats of soaking folk the Bridle on the curb of joke is really more to Theirs,
in the worth of every Rogue the horse is clever to the rub and sincerity is that post,
challenge nothing for that is wise in the Ears it's be a Tribe to each the look of state,
in Hello the good and by traveling on the side by side is Hitched to be a Stoke,
horseshoe Nails on the hoof in the Ring it's forge to bait that Fire of the Hammering!!

Jewels on necklace brace the Lets be not of the Nestle Chests as melting in the spice,
chocolate spread the Acorn dread is not the smile on the form moreover it's the Taste,
classic to the Marshmallow in the Graham Cracker of the meld it's the stick to base of chill,
former pick to whats the Fix the add it Up to bank the rich of the Scales Fetch.

Run the bounce to ball a Count in the Venue of said for done grasping nothing key,
cages that bar to Ton is much like Vacancy in bum that private tech that just ain't Set.

A Sun Burst

Custom Fit

Character of After`Math in the additional of the Verse to the perk on the Filter crib,
in the bars of the lines to the touching respond ask the Purser did He kissed or barf along,
trust is my enemy forth this to the Call as the quest of the Finders is held in the Fees!!

Scrap to the Metal of the handle on the Scene in the Motors of the biking to the Petals relief,
wrap around the Old Oak Tree the factors for this Theme the garden in the Courtiers of stream,
dream to trip the dippings roast with a hand in dropping creamed send to the Address come.

Which is the burns of Plum to sample of the Crass perfect the litter in the chum and bait be Conned fun,
in blister of the newly fit the tall boots bye restrain,
for Dehners are the E.Volgel brands that make Cobblers by the pund,
all in the reason of the Wooden Shoe to Done!!

Hang the shingle from the Roof for there is a Rooster on the spook,
in the Hen of chicken Pen a laying of the Talkers smack to spoon the boiled Eggs by fax,
in the print of Sheds to Comb the sheets that spoke of stuff,
filling in the passing sponge to aptly known the *Jung!!

As script to bee the Hive to bun in artist on the run,
stamp the forehead without a brow is it Make-Up or the Tau,
fork the settings to the Tab and Jump oh pound the Wow,
deliver with the Sealed clap and Audience is Sup!!

Straight to stark the bridge of jar for in the depth of daytime while 'The Soap' of bang a Cow,
milking is the Dairy's short for stools and jugs of How,
in the pull to Squeeze of leap it is the know the Vow,
for no that is Not the Answer it's more like Learn to Sow!!

In eating of the drinking Up the bottom of the Glasses Port a navel for the bride,
in chance to spring the riding rigged for Wooden Horse is dau,
as my youth in this the Truth I rode to be a Stout,
as gaining comprehension sane began to Route the Food.

In each a separate Corners of the Mind,
a spark to connection via sparking Clever by the Kind,
type to sped the Verse not version in the Head,
for without body legs will be the shakiest of all to see,
for sprawling class that logic Caste a plaster of the Sheets,
magazine the freaky keys and loop it back with Tracks,
either corking to the stab of Now it's darkness with a Bag!!

Leg Oh's

Border scorch to the flab of the puts for the phat of the lands are in the tropics of The Write,
upon the boar of the Horn touch Toots a banker for the Former and the Caption ask the place,
curtain tells the eye strain as the Stains in litter Race intro. greats to Plaster the blush of bombs read gaze,
as the Chicken in the Lay House has gone to set the Egg in the clutch of settle the Cooker of a case,
should the Cluck go Teller formal is The Thumb be careful on dimensions for Gladiators crumb!!

Shaped by Cellars lasting to Rifle in the courts,
liberty of less will come to be the bell of leads,
arbors of the Jewel in stone The Amber of the say,
is rubies on the Triangle and squares amongst the Clone!!

Drones that fire into ground the Nuclear of Adams show the apple in the throat`ole goes,
artistic claims the Constipation of the mind in framing Nations a sink hole on the Flame,
but to the grace of Greater Scenes a singular to Sear keens to clever Pigeons Hold!!

In the spelling of the Fold the Grift to dragons Fire soled to be the glass of Stain,
from down upon the Underverse to top that extra further burst an Example of the Told,
be leary on these tracks of sawn for jagged can be Edges dawn the Horizon of the East,
for truth to speak the Nobles leak that Echo of the chapel creek in Churchill of the Crow@!!

Astronauts to snotty foughts are suites that clamped the prose,
in deed of Even on the clasp The Key is in the knows,
wire to the String of knot for in the Speed of Measures,
a ship from Norse to Viking Hot is Atlas at it's Pleasure!!

Slip that Nautical logic scorn to Perforate the Ages lore as to the Breath of Shire born,
in fountains as the Water Score to that Mountain on the door Threshold me a Fact,
it is the Remainder of the Past come to Take the World to Task,
Yore Blanchard!!  

I Called The Other One And He Said He Couldn't Talk Right Now

In a dream on the last Evening of post for the sleep was of speaking to sleeve,
I met and knew a Man some Ten Years ago the decade of sense in branch of the Show,
so as to the dream I had while I woke in the home of my past to the Presence of stoke,
this Man had moved in upon my life with his vote taking for granted the House of my loan.

With blatant disregard for the Mortgage I paid with absolute attire this Man behaved like a pope,
moving the belongings to accommodate spoke taking me over to control all the choke,
in smashing my Self hitting my life this Man did things that made poison look soaked,
with food and with drink with the flavor of ice this Man filled my days my eats and my nights.

The drumming of subject to the factor of grease this Man oiled gears just to scam on the Pad,
this Man took to causing pain and then shammed, this Man took to repeating the process of slam,
this Man was the barrel with rifles like hands that loaded the bullets with a Con gamers grand,
this Man did process baking the slack to point a finger and not realize the Grad.!!

For in my Home in the face of this storm my Pictures did hang with Mirrors framing doors,
the cruise around walk to the pool out in the Garden a gazebo with porch swing and a path for the garbage,
the front door was barred but this Man would not leave insisting in silence that all this was leaps,
as if to suggest that the rent never gave was the fashion of having this Man walk to impress.

In the dream of just last to the waking of now these strange shags on sassy are in hello's of the starch,
for in the dreaming state of truth believe, I said to this Man in plainly as key,
"Why did You piss on the Wall and then leave?"

As the bedding was used to sop up the spray the Wall was soaking from the urine laid tray,
again I said to this Man as he waltzed into the next room from hall to the gultch,
I did glare with definite ways to discover the Groused.

In the weirds of not really as this Man had his back to the place that the dogs should bite on the jack,
but to the fortune of optical view the posture reflection of mere was the identity clear,
for on the sight of this Mans back to me, his eyes were perked forward but expressed was the smear,
rolling his eyes to the back of his head to barter my question with oh well go drop dead!!

I went round the corner and said with the candor of being particularly frank with my Self,
in that moment of sickness and ill I reached out to swipe my hand through this Man and his Tell,
for I thought in the Wake of the sleep on that shall that I was in the dream of this rapid Hotel,
as I swooped my hand through the body of fill sure in enough it was a holograms Cell.

The matrix of simple to the outer complex for I just said thank full and got up to go best,
in these plastered apparents the copy ensued for I did walk in to the Front of the best in soon,
looked to the windows of my house in this dream said to the space I should open those Means,
as the shutters were lovely and the lighting so same I know that the glass of the sight is a grain.

At the moment of reveal I rise to the strain sure to the basis I walk to the set,
there on my porch Scout is a bell, Mouse was meowing for water and Shell,
I stood to just get the idea of the lift for I have made coffee and the Coffee is sip,
sharp to the resting in the tunes on the box in that it's Morning and the dawn is the Locs.

The time is 5:26 on the Clock,
the date is November 10th on the Frock,
the Year is Two Thousand and Fourteen at Dock,
what's in the Cause of the leads that I Talked.


Ate Track Cassette ~ Bytes

The Highest Understanding is not the greatest Mountain in the valley,
compiling pressure to the impact is The Shale while shattering disciplines,
touch the grounds with care in breaking the sludge stills the steep of signal,
step to stuck in slants of slop while eyes are on the climbing Feet.

Process of construction to the bearings of collapse as introducing The Keys,
igniting passion to task the flavor inching towards the selling of emotional trading,
first it is of Sake second to Fill third in the Mill and four to count the Sill,
a sort of Hymn appointment with know kneeling just adding the Mind Bends.

Scope to the cellular communication as the body of The Language on venue,
market the price with a ticket to capture inking the ride as pleasure,
stimulating with lust as The Capture of thoughts to down the Watch,
in systematic retrievals the compass needles into a Triangle of spinning locations.

Hint to a navigational Proper as the text to a brother in shipping lanes at Sea,
disappearance and storms of caliber arrangements makes avoidance in complete of the strange,
mapping a personal advertised scatter with additional versions form the settings of gum,
rubber trees exist as does the equipped to back the tracking slops with elbows in shot.

Migration of the Flock with an orders to sought will be Have in a trend of tend in bees,
stung or the sting is the hook to the bring with subtraction Honey as the beast in the bunny,
sharping jagged torn paper from the blanks to fly the arm with slumming for the charm,
events that spring to mean a sling than lull the crowds to sleep in Spring is in deed a Season awl.

Whom will speak a lyric with the Musical in cleric as the chapter Verse to explanators in the Cold,
should Actors be the paid in Script than moving into politics that is the most strange of them All,
yet on the honest of the trip to basic for the treasure slip is the difference really difference Mold,
'cause unless the desire hits to meet a person Sit to Fit the temper of the Worlds has it's moles.

Making which is out of trades in Traits to seek the constants state controlling out to Upped,
lifting from the School of speech with a bit of laugh to leap around the Stagger cause it's staged,
logically a human being is a Person by the seeds that the planters place to peoples poled,
a phone be Sides to thumbs in rides The Cliques to produce the basket feeds in Starts chose.

Free Press